Starting the #30dayflatabschallenge

Today I wanted to share with you the latest fitness challenge that I am embarking on.  

My lack of exercise over the Christmas period is showing and consequently  I’m feeling a little bit ‘meh’. I’ve also been suffering from a distinct lack of motivation to actually do something about it so need something to kick me up the bumb a bit.

I don’t need to lose any weight but certainly could do with some toning of those muscles. 

Having seen this 30 day flat abs challenge on Pinterest I decide this would be a good way of easing myself back into a good exercise regime. 

I tried day one out yesterday morning, adding it into my usual gym exercises and it wasn’t too bad. The roll-up I could do no problem, the ankle reach fine but the double leg lift was a challenge. (It’s that dodgy hip again!!) Still I’m going to see how I get on with it. 

The full challenge schedule is shown in the picture below. It also sets goals for increasing your water intake. Which is great for me as I’m terrible at drinking water. 

source: via pinterest

So do you fancy joining me on this challenge? 

I shall keep you updated over the next month with how I’m getting on. 

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