theBalm Nude’tude Palette review – It’s love!

theBalm is a brand that I absolutely love! The Nude’tude palette £29.99 is no exception to that rule. 

I’ve provided a link to Superdrug as though pricier it is guaranteed to be the real thing on sale. There are loads of sellers on eBay selling this far cheaper but you can never be certain that the item isn’t a cheap knock off. Any hoo, slight digression there. 

I’ve had this palette for some time now so have had a good chance to have a play with it. I thought it was about time then that I shared a review of the palette.  
The packaging is super cute, and actually is what first captured my interest in this palette. Opened up It has a retro feel and is just a little bit cheeky.  

The packaging itself is made of stiff card board, with a large mirror. Despite being made from cardboard it feels sturdy and well made. 

theBalm have included a small double ended brush with the palette. The brush itself is okay, it’s very soft but is so small it’s only really suitable for detailed work. Your going to have to reach for another brush for blending. 

The palette includes twelve shades, of which eight are varying shades of nude, as the name would suggest. I like that they have included some shades for smoking out you eyelook, should you wish to. 

Favourite shades for me have to be Selfish, a very pretty shimmery taupe, and Sultry, a perfect transitional shade. 

All of the shadows have a soft buttery texture and are nicely pigmented. The only shade that doesn’t quite live up to its promise is Silly. In the pan it looks like a beautiful shimmery chocolate brown, this doesn’t transition on the lid though as it lacks pigmentation. 

Overall though I’m in love with this palette and I have reached for it everyday this month. I’ve actually set myself the challenge to completely pan this palette in 2016, so it’s a good job I love it. 


shades used stubborn, sexy, snobby & an MUA single

shades used stand-offish, selfish, sophisticated


Have you tried anything from theBalm before? Do you have any recomendation for any of their other products I should try?