Lush Lover Lamp Review 

Seasonal products are what Lush does best. This valentines has seen some stunning product launches from the brand. 

When I saw a demonstration of  The Lover Lamp bath bomb £3.95, whilst instore, I just had to pick one up to try out for myself at home.  

This is a super pretty Bathbomb.  As it fizzes away tiny hearts are released from the core. 


The larger red hearts set within it are not only pretty but are made from organic cocoa butter.  As these slowly melt they created an indulgent and moisturising  bath. I actually picked these out of the bath and rubbed these directly into my skin leaving it feeling super soft. 

I found this to have a delicate but uplifting scent. I put this down to the Brazillian orange oil, as I always find orange scents have this effect on me. 

This is one of the more expensive Bathbombs from Lush, though If you were looking for a thoughtful valentines gift this is still cheaper than buying a single rose. I know what I would prefer to receive…this. 

What about you? Will it be red roses or a Bathbomb on your wish list? 

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