Lush Mothers Day | What’s instore? 

A couple of weeks back I attended another bloggers evening at my local lush store. I love these evening as they are so much fun and consider myself very lucky to be regularly invited.

The theme on this occasion was Mothers Day. We got to check out all the new limited edition products, have a play and even make our own Bathbomb. 


I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite products from the range. 

  Rose Bombshell £3.95
This smells just like Lush’s rose jam shower gel, so if your a fan of that you will love this. 

As it fizzes away in your bath it turns the water a gorgeous shade of pink and releases yellow rose petals from its centre.  

This does have a strong floral scent though not in an old lady way. The addition of Sicilian lemon oil keeps it fresh.  

Lady Bird Bubble Bar £3.95

This has to be the cutest looking product ever released by Lush. I haven’t actually used mine yet as I’m reluctant to part with it. 

It’s peppermint scent is currently making by bedroom smell nice though. 

Flowering Tea Bubble Bar £4.95 

I am a huge tea drinker so the idea behind this product I love. It’s actually shaped like a teabag which looks ridiculously cute and has a very subtle lustre to it.

 On first sniff though I wasn’t a fan of the smell. It seemed very strong. Once in the bath though it is a light floral scent that is actually quite lovely. 

As this is a reusable bubble bar you are also going to get a good few baths out of it. 

This Sunflower bubble bar is huge! It has a fruity floral fragrance thanks to the inclusion of sunflower petals and Sicilian lemon oil. 

This is a very exclusive product as it is only available as part of the Mothers Day gift sets. The smallest set Ladybird retails for £15.50. 

Yes I know. Slightly annoying! I’m so tempted though. 

So those are my stand out products from this years mother day range. I feel the products developers have been very creative this year. A lot of the products actually look too good to use straight away. Maybe that’s my secret inner border speaking though?

Have you tried any of these products yet?