#MummyMonday | The One With The HUGE Phone Bill!

You’ve heard of that thing called karma right? Yes it really doesn’t forget. Twenty years on (roughly) it’s finally caught up with me. 

Yes it was my turn to receive that ridiculous phone bill curtesy of one of my little angels Grrrr! 

£295.64 to be exact, whaaattt??? 

When I looked at the bank and saw the amount debited from the account my first thought was ‘Oh my God! I’ve been a victim of fraud’. Further investigation though and it soon became apparent what had really happened. 

Turns out my son is a bit of a chatterbox. This wasn’t from data roaming or downloading too much, no he’d been having a good old chat on the phone with his mates. 

Now I was under the presumption that kids didn’t talk to each other anymore and instead occasionally grunted at each other over their iPhone screens, preferring to text instead. 

Well at least that’s what the experts like to tell us. No, you got it wrong experts, this kid can talk! 

Funnily enough I’ve managed not to loose my cool over this one. 

The Husband and I talked about how we where going to approach handling the excessive phone bill. Obviously it’s not acceptable for anyone to run up a phone bill that large. 

The easiest option would have been to confiscate the phone, have a rant and dock his pocket money. Only it dawned on us, was this partly our fault? 

When we sat and thought about it, we realised we never actually had much of a conversation with him about about how much calls outside of his price plan would cost. We just assumed he wouldn’t be on the phone talking for more than his 250 minutes a month. 

When he talks with us on the phone he’s a man of few words. A phone call lasts approximately 30 seconds consisting of asking permission for something, for a lift, or just to check he is doing something right with his diabetes care, often  followed by a swift hanging up and if I’m lucky a good bye. 

Our focus had been on ensuring that he understood that he wasn’t to use the Internet on his phone unless he was connected to Wifi. With unlimited texts included in his plan we thought we had  the risk of high phone bills covered. 

No the chatterbox snuck up on us. Maybe because he isn’t a girl we just didn’t imagine he would be spending ages on the phone talking to his mates? Rookie fail! It doesn’t matter whether they are male or female the potential to run up a phone bill is there. 

For now the phone has been confiscated whilst he is at home. As he is a type 1 diabetic we don’t feel it’s appropriate for him to not have the phone when he’s out and about. This is also the reason why he has a contract over a pay as you go. We don’t want to run the risk of him running out of credit and not being able to contact us if he his having a hypo for instance. 

I know you can cap a phone contract to avoid running up a huge bill, his elder sisters phone contract is capped. she has never run out of airtime. Mind you, she falls into the category of texting rather than talking to her friends. This option though still carries the risk of hitting the cap and not being able to contact us. So I don’t see this as the solution to avoiding this happening again. 

No for now I’m being Mean Mummy and have decided that he clearly isn’t responsible enough yet to be allowed a mobile phone all of  the time. So that means no more using the phone in the home as an IPod and for games and the Internet either. This way though I’m back in control of his phone usage. 

So that’s my latest mummy stress. What costly misdemeanours have your little cherubs got up to lately?