What is Kim Kardashian teaching our daughters?

Unless you were hiding under a rock last week, then you may have found it hard not to miss THAT naked Kim Kardashian picture on Instagram. She certainly sparked some controversy with the various Twitter feuds that followed. 

Yes not everyone was impressed with this latest stunt. Yet supprisingly it wasn’t a good day on Twitter for anyone voicing their disproval. With that in mind I am writing this post with the expectation of recieving some negative reactions to my views on this little saga. It’s okay though I have my thick skin primed and ready. 

Yup I disapprove with a capital D! Oh and I’ve already laid the law down with my 14 year old daughter that it’s not Okay. 

Before I go on though I just want to state I am not ‘Kardashian Hater’ or a prude for that matter. I have nothing against nudity but certainly wouldn’t post a naked picture of myself on my social media networks. No my Nan might see it for a start!! 

Oh and it’s got nothing to do with not feeling great about my body either. I’ve had three kids so there’s some wear and tear but thanks to some hard work in the gym I’m quite proud of my body. 

I would also like to think I’m open minded enough to understand that Kim was trying to be funny with the added caption “When your like I have nothing to wear” and to be fair to her also the picture had big black lines masking her lady bits. Nothing was actually on show. It was however what many would consider very sexually provocative. 

What I found more disappointing than the picture itself is the amount of young ladies that seemed to think it was okay to share such a picture on a public platform. They were very quick to call out anyone who didn’t appreciate Kim’s latest overshare. 

Am I overreacting because I’m a mum and just thinking;

 a) How would I feel if this was my daughter? 

b) What effect are such images having on her? 

Perhaps if I didn’t have a daughter I might have thought differently. 

I want to play Devils advocate and open up the question ‘what do the actions of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian teach our daughters?’ 

Are they saying that it is okay to post highly sexual naked pictures of yourself on social media for all and sundry to see or are they encouraging girls to be more confident about their bodies ? 

Most of The pro Kim arguments on Twitter, removing those unhelpful ‘your just jealous’ and ‘who are you’ comments centred primarily around the fact that Kim is a sexually confident women and proud of her body. Fine, great for Kim that she feels that way. I also don’t actually believe that her sharing such a picture is going to damage her personally in anyway. 

This isn’t the case though for many of her young female fans and this is what I personally had a problem with. 

What about the young girl in her bedroom copy catting her idol? Is she putting herself at risk? Could she be leaving herself open to bullying or becoming a victim of sexual abuse? Not to mention what future employers will think if they stumble across said pictures. 

Perhaps that’s is just the over protective mother in me speaking? 

I want to know from all generations, whether or not they felt as Kim suggested herself, that posting such a picture is empowering. Or is it setting us back several years in the fight to stop women just being seen as sexual objects rather than for their intelligence? 

Are celebrities promoting an importance on being seen as sexy rather than for intelligence? Point in case, the dumbing down of female cast members on TOWIE. 

Hello!! I’m from Essex and we are not all that daft, or glammed up everyday for that matter. 

Okay that’s a whole over post Katy, don’t even start!

So minor digression over, let me know your thoughts on this? 

Featured Image sourced from Rolling Stone Magazine


One thought on “What is Kim Kardashian teaching our daughters?”

  1. I agree with you and I don’t have a daughter, although I would still feel the same if it were a guy posting this kind of image (again I don’t have a son either).
    I don’t feel it is socially acceptable for images like this to be broadcast for the world to see. I also think it would be looked at completely differently again if it were the media who had manged to get hold of this image and had then published it, would anyone find that acceptable? I know that’s opening up a whole new can of worms but come on people. i’m not saying we should be hiding our bodies away but there are limits.

    x x

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