Take 3 Beauty Samples | The Lush Edit 2.0

 I had a great little selection of samples that I received with my last Lush Kitchen order, they were just enough for a little pampering session and provided fodder for a brand focused ‘take 3 beauty samples’ post. 


The samples I had were;

Aqua Marina, which is a face and body cleanser.

Yummy Mummy shower cream.

Cup O’ Coffee Face mask. 

Being samples, these will not be in depth product reviews but give you my first impressions of some products that are completely new to me. 

Aqua Marina Face & Body Cleanser – £6.95 The jury is still out on this cleanser. I like the idea that it is a mild cleanser but still has spot fighting properties thanks to the Irish Sea moss. My skin seams to like it so that is good.

I’m just not not sold on the texture. It feels a bit like the texture of Lush Fun, which I do not like. It also has visible pieces of sea moss in that feels a bit weird rubbing into your face. 

I have some sample left so am going to finish it before making up my mind whether I would purchase the full size. 

Yummy Mummy – First of all, the colour of this is so so good. It’s a deep purple with a lustre to it. Pretty!  It smells pretty darn good as well. 

I’m actually kicking myself that I didn’t pick up a bottle of this, it was limited edition and is sold out online now. Boo! My FOMO has been realised. 

When I worked as a coffee barista we would often joke about the exfoliating and anti oxidant properties of the coffe grouts. One day we were going to use it as a face mask. Well, Lush have done the hard work with this Cup O’coffee fresh face mask £6.75

Check out the picture below, it looks hilarious. Being a mum it reminded me of an dirty nappy. Sorry I know, gross! 

Thankfully it doesn’t smell that way. It does smell very strongly of coffee though. So if your not a fan of the smell you may find this hard to tolerate. 

What it does do is provide a really great exfoliating treatment without being too harsh. 

I happy to have tried this but I’m not sure if I would buy the full size as I much prefer ‘Don’t look at me know’ which I did a review of here.

Have you tried any of these products from Lush before? Are you fans, or not? img_0613