Blogging Every Day In May | #BEDM 

Well Hello May!
Yes! I love May. Why? Well it really is the start of longer days, warmer weather and just for good measure two bank holidays!

This May you should also see a blog post from me every day. I’ve signed up to join Elizabeth from, and loads of other bloggers to participate in the Blog Everyday in May challenge.

I needed a bit of a kick up the bum as I have been a bit of a lazy blogger lately, so this is the perfect challenge for me. It’s also a great way of discovering new blogs to read. There are suggested topics for everyday so you might see something a little bit different to my usual style of post. This is good as it means I won’t be frantically wracking my brains for inspiration.

If you are a blogger and want to join in with the challenge you can sign up here. If not and just want to find some other interesting blogs to read there is a full list of sign ups with blog links. It literally takes about a minute and there are already loads of people signed up so you’ll be in good company.

Today’s topic suggestion is actually to either introduce yourself to the challenge or tell something new about yourself.

Well I shall leave you with this little titbit…wait I’m thinking……


I have a YouTube channel, not many of my friends and family actually know this as I’m kind of embarrassed to tell them. I worry they may think I’m narcissistic or something. The proverbial cats out the bag now anyway so here is a shameless link to one of my ‘get ready with me videos’ – cringe!

I actually love making videos and enjoy the interaction with other content creators that it brings. Most of my friends really aren’t interested in taking about make-up and beauty so this is another outlet to satisfy that need.

That’s all for today! Wish me luck with this challenge.


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    1. Excellent. I’ve just followed to keep up to date with your progress.

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