Top Tips – Brush Cleaning On a Budget | #BEDM

With more and more people investing in good quality make-up brushes it is no surprise that many brands are also launching hygiene products and gadgets, to help keep those brushes clean and germ free. 

These can often come with a hefty price tag, but you don’t have to part with much money to keep your brushes in tip top shape. 

So here are my top tips for cleaning those brushes on a budget

1) Forget about  buying expensive brush shampoo, a mild baby shampoo does the job just as well as long as you are using hot water. 

2) Popular brands such as real tequniques have started launching brush cleansing palettes. These are designed to provide a textured surface to help deep clean your brushes. The Real Techniques palette will set you back £12.99. More than I want to spend!

I do see the benefit of having a tool to help with this so instead I  use a mini textured silicone face brush that cost me just £1 from Avon. I find it less fiddly than using the other alternative a brush egg. Unfortunately this exact brush is no longer for sale with Avon but a quick eBay search brings up loads of options for similar brushes at the same price. 

3) It’s better to dry your brushes upside down this way the water doesn’t gather in the brush and contribute to shedding bristles. Purchasing a holder for this is tempting though personally I can’t justify the expense at the moment. Instead I blue tack my brushes upside down to my mirror. Job done!  

Please excuse the terrible picture this was a tricky one to get. 

If you do feel you need a holder for your brushes though you can pick one up like the one pictured below for under five pounds on  eBay. 

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    1. Me too. That’s why I have so many brushes. If ones too dirty I add to the growing must clean pile and grab a clean one. Terrible habit lol!

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