A Day in The Life Of?? Ummm?  | #BEDM Day 13

Today’s #BEDM promt was ‘A Day in The Life Of’.

 I originally thought, great, this ones easy?

Well not really. What is a typical day in my life? Um…It depends on which day you catch me on. 

You see I have many heads, not literally of course, I mean metaphorically. Today I’ve had my student head on, the dreaded EMA is looming for by latest OU module. 
Last Saturday I had my ‘blogger’ head on and got to attend a makeup brands event. 

Yesterday I had the ‘mums got shit to do’ head on. In others words, sort everyone else’s need out. 

For the past month I’ve had my ‘nurse’ head on, people really do need to stop being ill or injuring themselves!

 By Wednesday I finally got to remove that head, temporarily of course, to shove on my ‘work’ head. Yay mum gets a break! 

Ugh?? When did my life become about going to work for a break? Ha, when I had kids! 

Tonight I get to put my ‘I’m in a happy relationship’ head on. Yup the Husband and I are escaping. Whooh!!  Best warn the locals. Enough beers and You never know I might even put my ‘sexy’ head on? Ha Ha the Husband Wishes! 

Tomorrow is a good one! I get to just be a ‘girl having fun’. It’s Hen Do time! Queue fist pump!! 

So what’s a day in my life? Well I’d be darned If I knew? 

You know what? I bet I’m not the only to have so many versions on me. 

Bye for now, Katy x 


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