OOTD – It’s all about the Boots! | #BEDM day 16

So I fell off the #BEDM waggon a little bit. Damn busy social life and a minor thing such as an end of module assignment due this morning! That had been submitted now though, pheww! 

Yes I feel like a proper student right now. Out all weekend, hangovers and blearily trying to polish my essay. I was halfway responsible and did actually do most of that before the drinking commenced. 

Anyway that’s why I’ve been AWOL and I’m completely ill prepared for anything remotely constructive on here today, so instead your getting a ‘Outfit of the Day’post.

Man I love these boots! They look hot and best of all are totally comfortable. I’ve basically had them on most of the weekend. 
The swing dress was a bargain I picked up from Hollister back in March. It was in the sale and I think was just £12.99. They did have it in other colours but I do love a bit of grey. I can only find the burgundy version online at the moment. 

The dress Is made from stretchy ribbed material so it’s super comfy, hides and lumpy bits and gives the impression I’ve made an effort, especially when combined with the boots. 

I like that it’s short but not indecent, I’m too old for that now. 

Not going to lie I felt like a bit of a tit posing for these pictures on the way to the pub Friday night. Yes…a fashion blogger I am not. You probably would have found it hilarious watching me trying to do the casual walking away, looking over my shoulder thing. Thanks hubby for the perseverance!! There was nothing casual about it. 

I suppose I ought to tell you where the boots are from? They were from very.co.uk in the last month. I cannot find them on the website anymore but they do have a very similar pair here. 

In fact they are almost identical, they are just stupidly more expensive at £100. 

Hopefully now I’ve recovered from the weekend and all Uni work is now complete for the summer  (I’m air fist pumping right now) usual service can resume on schoolrunbeauty.com

Bye for now, Katy x