The 30 minute non surgical facelift! 

Today I’ve been playing Guinea pig and have been trailing the Chin Up Mask that was sent to me by Libbie Club.

This is a firming and contouring kit for the chin and neck that is intended to be a 30 minute Non-Surgical facelift. It claims that you can lose up to 2cms off your neck and chin area. 

I was sent the trial pack that includes 2 masks a chin strap and a measuring tape. This retails for £29.99. A 10 pack refill pack of the masks retails for £59.99. 

They key ingredients include:

  •  Corum 9235 to assist in lifting and contouring.
  • Q10 Coenzyme which acts as an antioxidant and helps with cell renewal.
  • Vitamin E to help maintain healthy skin. 

This took me a few attempts to get the mask and chin strap in place correctly. It does come with written and some sketch instructions but they are not very clear, some photographs of the product in use would be more helpful. 

This I believe is the correct way to wear it. Yes…interesting look. According to my daughter I look like I’ve broken my jaw. 

It’s not too uncomfortable to wear. It does feel tight so if you are a bit wary of anything constricting around your neck you may not like this. 

It also feels very hot, the best way I can describe it is similar to deep heat. 

The big question is;

Does it actually work? 

Well I was sceptical, not going to lie! 

However I used the tape measure included before and after use (ear to ear under chin) 

Before – 21cms.

After – 19.5cms.

Holy crap it works!

 I have lost 1.5cms of chin chubbiness.

 I can’t say how long that will last for as I’ve only just used it, but I’m inclined to say the effects are temporary. It does suggest on the packaging for further improvement to use every other day. 

I have one more mask in my kit but I’m saving it for a pre special event perk up. I’m attending a wedding next week. 

If you fancy trying out the starter kit it is available from my Libbie Club page priced £29.99

Thanks for checking out , Bye for now, Katy x

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