Meeting that person who challenges your comfort zone | #BEDM Day 19

Today’s post may come across as a little bit on the rambling side. In all honesty I’m not even sure where I’m going with this? Let’s just say this is a written version of me thinking out loud. About what? Well it my response to todays #BEDM prompt ‘out of your comfort zone’. 

I was trying to think of what to actually produce for this post and it got me thinking whether or not I actually do anything that pushes me outside of my safe little comfort zone. To be quite frank I’m quite happy there. 

 I’m definitely a creature of habit, suffer with shyness and am scared of anything that is remotely considered dangerous. Basically I’ve just listed you several things that would stop you trying anything new.

It’s a good job then that I met my husband because he is fearless, too much so in my opinion, and he has the injuries to prove it. Together though we balance each other. There’s no stopping him doing daft things but at least when I’m there he will take sensible measures to reduce the risk of seriously damaging himself. 

This picture? Case in point, he was at work and thought befriending a Rottweiler was a good idea. 

I can definitely say that there are things that I have done in life that I wouldn’t have If he wasn’t behind me giving me that encouraging nudge. 

I won’t lie, some of those times would have seen me getting the right blinking hump at him for being too pushy. Yes did I mention I’m also very stubborn!

I can give him credit though for me having experienced certain things in life that I wouldn’t have done if he wasn’t there being a little bit pushy. 

So I suppose your wondering what some of those thing are?

Riding a motorbike – Well strictly speaking riding pillion on the back of the husbands bike. 

I had always said I would never get on a motorbike. Well I do it often now, and even have my own leathers. 

I’m still true to my cautious side though anything above 60 and I’m screaming slow down! Girls not going to change completely, ha! 

Swimming with Sharks – We did this on our honeymoon in The Dominican Republic. I can’t remember what type of shark they actually were, definitely ones that are more interested in little fishes than me anyway. 

Still it was a shark and It took me so long to actually get in the water as I was terrified. I’m so glad I did that instead of the ‘spa boat trip’ I was trying to convince hubby to do as It was such an amazing experience! 

Attending Blog Events Alone  – OK I think I’m going to take the credit for this one. 

I find meeting new people and striking up a natural conversation horrendous. I just feel stupidly awkward. That is unless alcohol is involved and then I get verbal diarrhoea. 

This awkwardness is why it has taken me so many years to finally talk to other parents at the school gate. You see I couldn’t exactly turn up at the school gates with a glass of wine, could I? 

Anyway back to attending blog events, particularly without my side kick Ashliegh, really has encouraged me to get over that social awkwardness.

So in answer to my earlier pondering I do actually try to step out of my comfort zone I just need someone to hold my hand. Thank goodness hubby does that job so well.