How to fake a sun kissed face with Boots Natural Collection

Who like me is not having a holiday this year? For your sakes I hope not many. 

Don’t feel too sorry for me, I had two fabulous holidays last year. We have just decided to be sensible with money in 2016. 

If like me you’re  not going abroad for some sun and feel you are going to miss out, fear not as I have the answer to creating the look of that post holiday glow thanks to Boots Natural Collection. 

To achieve this natural sun kissed look I used just four products from Natural  Collection.

  • Tinted Moisturiser – Natural
  • Pressed Powder – Warm
  • Sun Tint – Golden Glow 
  • Blushed cheeks – Pink Cloud

As with the whole of Boots natural collection all items are priced at the super purse friendly price of just £1.99. 

    The trick to achieving a natural looking glow is to use a light coverage product such as a tinted moisturiser. You want to even out your complexion whislt still being able to see your actual skin. 

    I then set it with the pressed powder to reduce any shine.

    To create that sun kissed effect, I used my real techniques finishing brush to sweep Sun Tint over all the areas of my face that would naturally catch the sun. 

    Finally a sweep of blushed cheeks across the apples of my cheeks added some colour. 

    This takes less than five minutes!

    Having not used many products from the natural collection range since my teenage years it was great to have the chance to be reintroduced to the brand. 

    Considering how inexpensive it is I have been impressed with the quality of the products. 

    The Sun Tint in particular stood out to me as it has a good level of pigmentation, doesn’t look orange on the skin and blends easily. 

    The products do lean a little bit towards the powdery side but as long as you remember to knock any excess product of your brush this isn’t a major problem. 

    Fingers crossed we get some sun in the UK this year. You never know I may even get an actual tan! 
    *post features PR samples.