John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter In-Shower Lightening Treatment | Does it Work? 

Over the years I’ve played with colour but always seem to come back to brown. Until fairly recently I would always take my hair darker. As I have got older this has been more difficult to keep on top of my roots as the brunette spectrum of my hair seems to be less dominant. A few of those greys are also creeping in. 
Not knowing how to deal with this It was easier to leave my hair alone. 

Consequently It’s been a very long time since I have coloured my hair. So much so that I had actually grown out and trimmed off any remnants of old colour. For a long time I’ve been my au natural bog standard brunette. Not gonna lie though I’ve been getting a bit bored. 

Now I’m what could be described as a bit of hairdressers tart, I don’t have a regular hairdresser. Instead I keep my eye out for the latest groupon voucher or trainee model session. Basically I hate paying out loads of money on my hair. Any hoo, I had a little chat with the last hairdresser I visited, and her tip was that it is easier to lighten hair to conceal greys than to go dark. 

Not ready to commit to highlights I saw the  brilliant brunette visibly brighter In-shower lightening treatment (phew mouthful) rrp £9.99 and decided that this was worth trying out as a more suitable option for me. 

This is a single use treatment that claims you will see a lighter shade of brunette after just one wash. As it works to lighten only the natural brunette spectrum of your hair it shouldn’t leave hair looking bleached, or that horrible orange shade us brunettes can go when we try to lighten our hair. Yup made that mistake in the past! 

The formula is made up of two different liquids that are kept separate until usage. 

To use all you do is apply the entire treatment to wet hair, leave for five minutes and then rinse. I used a 2 in 1 shampoo  and conditioner after as I wanted to make sure I had rinsed everything out. 

It is worth bearing in mind before using the treatment;

  1. It contains peroxide 
  2. It is a permanent product. 
  3. You should only use the treatment once a month. 

I found this really quick and easy to use plus It is far less messier than traditional hair dye. 

Below are my before and after pictures.

Ignore the fact that my hair desperately needs a cut, I hadn’t realised how badly till taking these pictures. 

As you can see this has certainly brightened up my shade of brunette. I’m actually really pleased with the outcome. 

If you are looking for a drastic change this won’t be for you as the effects are subtle. However if like me you want a very natural looking ‘perk up’ this product is perfect for you. 

I have already decided I shall be using the treatment again next month.