Why I have voted to remain in the EU

I have just got home from my little trip to the polling station, where I casted my vote to remain as a member of the EU. This wasn’t an easy choice, my gut has been very much in the remain camp but In the run up to polling day my opinion has wobbled a bit. In fact until last night I was undecided. 

It is the notion of retaining our countries soverancy that would tug me towards the leave camp. I don’t like that key decisions about this country are made by politicians we haven’t voted for. 

Regardless of whether you have followed  the Brexit and remain campaigns it has been difficult to hide from the murky aspects of politics. There has been plenty of scare mongering, disturbingly racist  remarks from the far right extremist end of the leave campaign, compelling ideologist arguments for both sides. It’s all been a bit confusing really, hence my opinion has wobbled a bit over the past couple of weeks. 

In the end my decision came down to one key question. 

‘What is the governments contingency plan should we leave the EU and our economy suffers?’ 

When this has been put to the leave campaign, time and again, they couldn’t answer it. 

The cold hard reality is NOBODY has left the EU before. NOBODY knows what could happen to our economy should we leave. NOBODY can answer what they would do to reduce the risks. 

I consider the whole idea of voting leave as taking a chance on other peoples ideologies. I’m a fairly risk adverse person so for me  voting leave is not an option. It is too big a risk. 

Once we are out of the EU we can’t go back, well it would be very difficult to anyway. A Vote remain doesn’t mean that it can’t still be looked at again in the future with better preparation for those ‘What ifs?’. 

I’m not telling you which way to vote, that is entirely your decision. I just felt as an ‘undecided’ compelled to share how I came to my decision of remain. 

Regardless of whether you are stay or leave, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!