An afternoon of crafting | #VikingArtyParty

Last Saturday I was very fortunate to be able to attend the #VikingArtyParty held in The Gallery at Lumiere London.

This was such a fun afternoon and has left me very inspired. 

We had the opportunity to take part in three different craft workshops including calligraphy, origami and block printing,  all of which where led by some very talented people. 

There was a chance to meet and chat to fellow bloggers whislt indulging in plenty of tea and pastries to help fuel our creativity. Yum! 

image courtesy of Search Laboratory

For the activities we were split into to three groups. My groups first activity was modern calligraphy. 

 The class was led by Suzie who is a very talented Calligrapher and teaches classes at Tea & Crafting in Camden. She is super friendly and patient, which was a godsend as I am definitely not a natural Calligrapher. 

I’m determined to practice though as this is a skill I would love to have. We were able to take home the supplies to practice at home courtesy of Suzie’s high end stationers business Here you can find all the calligraphy equipment you should need including some pretty funky looking neon inks. She also offers a hand written calligraphy service for wedding invitations etc. 

Our next activity was Mindful Origami. The class was lead by Samual Tsang who is the author of The book of Mindful Origami (available from Amazon) and brains and talent behind hand crafted paper origami floral bouquets. 

The picture below shows a tulip bouquet but he is able to create so many other variations of flower that I urge you to check out his gallery in the link above. 

Now your probably thinking what the hell is mindful origami? 

I would describe it as using the art form of origami as a way of decluttering the mind and focusing on positive thoughts. You can find more about it though in Samual’s book. 

Our last activity was block printing. This was so much fun and is a simple yet effective way of decorating. Depending on the paint you used it can be done on most mediums including fabric, wood, card and even coated card like on our file boxes we created. 

I decided to print little lipsticks on mine. I’m very pleased with how they turned out. 

image courtesy of Search Laboratory

The class was led by Jane, founder of tea and crafting workshops. Located in Camden they offer all manor of workshops ranging from knitting, cake decorating, weaving, calligraphy, paper cutting and much more. They even offer hen parties. 

Of course I couldn’t fail to mention the events organisers from search laboratory, especially Jenny who invited me after meeting her at last weeks #bloggersball, and their sponsors Viking-direct. Viking are one of the UK’s largest stationary and office suppliers. They are also a great place to find and wide range of crafting supplies and supplied us all with a goody bag so we can try out some more crafting at home. 

I have an offer code to share with you that will save you 15% off any future purchase from Neon coloured calligraphy anyone? Yes please! 

It is SUPER15

This is valid until the end of August

All that’s left to say is a huge thank you to everyone involved in organising this event. It was such fun and has really inspired me to try out some different crafts. 

*Featured image credit – Search Laboratory

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    1. It really was a fun afternoon. I’m gonna need so much calligraphy practice though x

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