Diabetic Friendly Strawberry Milkshake | Recipe

Who doesn’t love a strawberry milkshake? My kids love them, however store bought milkshakes tend to be full of sugar. Not great then if like my Son you have diabetes.

This simple recipe for fresh strawberry milkshake is just as good, if not better than any store bought milkshake. Oh and best of all its diabetic friendly. 

All that is required is 3 ingredients and a good blender. 


300g Franks Diabetic Vanilla Icecream

250g strawberries 

400ml milk

Makes 4 small milkshakes 


Add all the ingredients to your blender, remembering to hull the strawberries. 

Blend until smooth.

Divide between 4 small milkshake glasses and enjoy. 

I told you that it was simple didn’t I. 

I’m off to experiment with different flavours. Peanut butter and banana anyone?