Life Lately | New Job, Triathlons and House guests

It’s been a while since I’ve done a life update post on Good job I’m here I am with one now then. 

So being the school holidays you would be forgiven for thinking life would have slowed down a little bit. Ha no such chance, it’s been busier than ever. Im still waiting for one of those days that I can doss about in some trackies doing nothing. Maybe when the kids go back to school in September…? 

Anyway, rambling winge over, I’ll tell you what’s been happening. 

I have a new job, yes finally! I actually have two more interviews this week so I feel like I have options. It’s been tough trying to get back to work after a two year break. Recently though I tweaked my CV which seems go have done the trick. Note to self….don’t mention any ill health, nope, you were raising your family. 

Hubby completed his triathlon on Sunday. He did so well and I’m super proud of him. It was crazy hot in London that afternoon and he was running through a cramped leg as well. 

Secondly he has done a great job of raising money for MacMillan cancer support, a charity that is close to my heart. Here is a cheeky plug for his fundraising page it’s not too late to sponsors him. 

My little Irish cousin Sophie is staying with us this week. I say little because she is just over a year older than my daughter. They actually have more in common and will be off doing mysterious teenage things together. We are going to do some fun things together as a family though which I’m looking forward to. 

Anyone that is reading this and maybe thinking what happened to your book review this Sunday? I’m still reading Bridget Jones, Mad about the boy.  In other words I’m already behind schedule on my summer reading challenge. I’m enjoying the book though, and my kids think I’m nuts as I keep bursting into spontaneous laughter as I’m reading it. It really is funny and I can relate to this Bridget far more than in Helen Fieldings earlier books. 


So that’s a little bit of what’s been going on in my life, besides running the kids to various holiday clubs. That’s just standard mummy life!