Living proof no frizz humidity shield | My hairs new best friend

Having recently had my hair cut into a little boxed bob I have had to adapt my hairstyling routine to suit my hairs new needs. 

It’s actually is a lot easier to look after my hair now but does require putting the effort in to blow dry my hair properly into its style. I can’t just throw the mess up into a top knot. It Stands to reason then I want my style to stay looking it’s best for as long as possible. 

That is why I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to try some haircare products from luxury brand Living Proof. 

The no frizz humidity shield finishing hairspray by Living Proof has fast become a firm favourite in haircare arsonal. 

My hair has a natural wave, add humidity and it likes to grow. Think a slightly less extreme version of Monica Gellers hair when the Friends clan visited Barbados. 

Fortunately with some careful styling my hair will behave itself to a degree. I say that because once Ive slept on it usually requires me repeating the whole styling process again. Not going to lie, I really can’t be bothered with that! 

Since using the no frizz humidity finishing spray I can actually get away without having to wash and style my hair everyday. I experience zero frizz, big claim I know. Yes it might look a bit flat but a quick spray of dry shampoo (also curtesy of living proof) to my roots adds the bounce back. 

The effectiveness of the products I put down to the brand focusing on a science led development team of expert stylists and biotech scientists. The outcome being high performance products using unique patented molecules that will change the way hair behaves. It does this without the use of sulfates, silicones and oils. 

My only bug bare has to be that having looked to find places to repurchase online it’s sold out. Whahhh! Nooooo! 

I suppose that must show how good it is but I need to have this in my life. Sure Space NK is one of the few that have it in stock, that’s the larger £20 can though , me I can honestly only afford the £11 60ml can at a stretch, and that is out of stock. Perhaps if I give my coffee habit up for a month? 

Anyways regardless of my own personal monetary dilemma this is a product I would splurge on it because most importantly it works. Not only that it smells lovely, think a light and refreshing perfume rather than hairspray. I shall keep stalking stockists for the smaller can. 

In the mean time though does anyone have any suggestions for a similar product that is a little more purse friendly?