#Facemask Friday | 111skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask 

A Skincare range developed with the help of research from space scientists, you say? I’m not kidding! Recently I had the chance to try out the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask from 111SKIN. It was one of the options available as part of the August You Beauty Box

111SKIN is the brain child of Harley Street plastic surgeon Dr.Y.Alendrides. It was developed in response to his patients needs for skincare products that would help heal sensitive skin post treatment. 

Through his research Dr.Y.Alendrides discovered that Skin ages more quickly in space due to the harsh environment astronauts skin is subjected to. This led to the collaboration and development of NaC Y2 formula. This formula was then offered to his Harley street patients as part of their post treatment. As its reputation and demand increased for the original NaC Y2 formula the 111SKIN range was born. 

The Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask retails for £20 so it’s definitely  worth nabbing it as part of this months you beauty box whislt you still can. 

The Mask itself has a unique gel like structure that claims to increase the absorbtion of its key ingredients better than a tissue mask. 

Helpfully I found that its gel texture helped to adhere them mask to my face better than a tradition tissue sheet mask would. It was also very cooling and soothing, particularly in this hot weather we have been having lately. 

The key ingredients include Arbutin, to brighten, Silk Amino Acids, to moisturise and nourish, lastly Centella Asiatica to stimulate the skins collagen production. 

Below are my before and after pictures I do feel my skin is looking much brighter in the after picture. My skin also felt much tighter. Oh and the small thing of looking like I’ve had a decent night sleep! The first picture really is horrendous ha ha! 

On the packaging It recommends that you use one of these masks three times a week if you want to see the best results. Ummmmm, nope not going to happen, that would be £60 a week! 

As a pre ‘special occasion’ treatment though this mask is lovely and one I would love to use again. It was so relaxing to lie back with it cooling and soothing my face whislt I had a nap. 

Hmmm when I’m feeling rich?