Confession time | Addicted to my iPhone? 

My name is Katy and I’m addicted to my iPhone. Yup I have a terrible habit that I need to break. Honestly I would have so much more time in the day if it wasn’t for my unhealthy attachment to an inanimate object. 

I know I’m not the only one, my husband and kids are often just as bad. In order to get the teens to get any homework done I have to confiscate their phones. Well, what with all the games and apps and Internet access they are the perfect procrastination tool! 

Don’t even get me started on the number of times I’ve bickered with the husband about his phone usage. Sounds like a touch of the old pot calling the kettle black doesn’t it?  

My mornings start like this, wake up and grab a tea. Drink tea whislt scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin and WordPress and not to forget the News App, before I know I’m late for the school run. Bad Mummy! 

As a blogger it’s very easy to use the excuse that I’m working on promoting my online presence or being a good blogger and catching up with and supporting other people’s work. There comes a point though when it really is time to switch off otherwise I find I get nothing done and my mood can start to be affected. Not only that it’s terrible for my posture and the old aches and pains start to return in my neck and shoulders. 

I realised it really had become a problem when I found I had stopped reading. I used to be such a book worm and would devour book after book. This year I’ve read approximately four books, and two of those have been in the past month since I’ve started trying to restrict my phone usage. 

As ridiculous as it sounds I am having to make a conscious effort to break my smart phone habit. I can compare it to that of trying to give up smoking, it took a few attempts but I did that successfully in the end. So this really shouldn’t be a problem, right? 

The key to my success this time will be to keep my hands busy with more constructive activities such as knitting, colouring in or simply doing the ironing. Otherwise I find my self fidgeting and then reaching for my iPhone. I know that that works I just need to be stricter with myself. 

I’ve actually started leaving my phone in a different room to me, out of sight out of mind right? Well once I’ve got over the initial feeling like my right arms been cut off. 

I’m hoping if my kids see me less attached to my phone they will develop better habits too. You never know?  That and maybe the hubby will stop calling me a hypocrite when I moan at him for paying more attention to his phone then me?  Errr Awkward! 


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  1. I am the same. I am trying to give up my phone. I have restricted my usage as well. We are using our devices when the kids are in bed now instead of while they are up with us.

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