Foundation Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop | Review

I don’t very often purchase make-up from The Body Shop as to be quite frank as a make-up brand it doesn’t excite me. I’m always nipping into my local store though as I love their body butters and banana conditioner. This little gem of a product, foundation shade adjusting drops,  caught my interest recently though as unique problem solver that I needed in my life. Since trying it out I consider this a ‘must have’ in my collection.

I’m a pale girl, but not ivory pale, so can often find it difficult to find a foundation that matches perfectly. I also like to warm my complexion just a little bit but don’t want that tell tale slightly too orange look. These shade adjusting drops in lightening from The Body Shop have proven to be a bit of a game changer where my foundation is concerned.

The lightening drops contain a concentration of white and yellow pigments that help to neutralise any foundation that is too yellow or orange looking.

They come in a handy glass bottle with a dropper, meaning you have control over how much you are adding to your foundation and waste is minimal. The Body Shop recommend that 1 drop, added to the usual amount of foundation you would apply, will lighten by 1/2 a shade.

I usually put my foundation onto the back of my hand, add a good sized drop of the shade adjusting drops, before mixing with a finger and then applying with my usual brush. It can be a little messy but the results are worth it. I have tried using the drops in a couple of different foundations now and haven’t found that they have a negative affect the performance. It does perhaps thin it slightly by wear is still the same.

The drops are priced at £10 and as you use so little a bottle is going to last a long time. So, good value for money then in my opinion. If you are struggling to find your perfect foundation shade I highly recommend popping along to your local store and trying these lightening drops out.

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