5 coconut based bath & body products worth trying 

I have a bit of a love for all things coconut related. Candles, beauty products and food, I love it all. Put it this way, I’d share my last Rolo but no ones getting a bite of my Bounty!

My love for coconut has meant I’ve tried my fair share of coconut based bath and body products. I actually realized this sat in the bath and everything on my shelf had coconut in the title. I told you I’m a bit obsessed.

So queue a bit of  bath time blog post inspiration and here I am sharing a round up of my 5 current favorites coconut bath and body products.

1. Queen of … Ooh la la Shaving Gel £2.99 superdrug 

It took me a little while to get used to this shaving gel as it doesn’t create a thick layer of foam typical of traditional canned shaving gels.

Instead what you get is thinner but creamy  and nourishing layer of protection for the skin.

The coconut and vanilla scent is fab. It also contains Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil which have soothing and healing properties. It is free from those nasty parabens and is not tested on animals.

My skin is left feeling super soft and smooth post shave. It must be love as I’ve just finished my fourth tube.

2 & 3. Avon naturals coconut & starfruit Shower gel and body lotion.

Last year I picked up Coconut water chill shower gel and body lotions from Bath & Bodyworks. They smelt amazing. Alas I can’t replace them because a) they’ve been discontinued and b) we don’t have a store in the UK.

This little duo from Avon though smells exactly the same. I did a little ‘Oh my freekin god!’ happy dance when I first smelt this. Naturally as soon as I see Avon discontinuing it I shall be stock piling it. Don’t judge me!

4. Palmer’s coconut oil formula deep conditioning protein pack £1.99 superdrug. 

If your hair is feeling a bit on the dry side and in need of some TLC then this treatment mask is a must try. I have previously reviewed this hair mask on the blog. For a full review check out that post here.

To sum that up in a few words though expect a natural treatment that leaves hair tangle free and deep conditioned.

5. Alberto Balsam coconut & lychee conditioner £1 Boots (currently 4 for £3).

I love everything about this conditioner. It leaves my hair feel conditioned and healthy. Oh and the smell, ummmm, even the the husband comments on the smell of my hair when I’ve used this conditioner. Oh and for s £1, what’s not to love?

Are you a fellow coconut lover? I’d love to hear what coconut based products you recommend I should try.