Creating a Capsule Wardrobe using the Project 333 Method

In my previous blog post I talked about how I wanted to downsize and declutter my life. I started to embark on a rather ruthless clear out of my wardrobe yesterday in the hope of creating myself a functional yet still stylish capsule wardrobe.

Shamefully I’ve managed to fill two black bin bags for either the charity shop or recycling centre. These are all items I’ve been hanging on to but truthfully do not wear, and the drawers are still fairly full. They just shut now!
My reliance on a few select items from my wardrobe has become more apparent since I started working in a clothing store. I have to wear their clothing to work as my uniform, and since I’m there usually 4 or 5 days a week, most of my other items in my wardrobe get ignored.

This realisation is part of what has spurred me on to change my habits. I want to have a go at creating an easy to use capsule wardrobe.

Having read a few blog posts for some advice as to where to start I came across Project 333. This is basically a minimalist fashion challenge that encourages you to dress with 33 items or less for a period of three months. You can read more about the challenge here in this blog post by Courtney of 

I think this is the perfect tool to help me create the more simplified life I’m seeking. So this weekend I shall be selecting some key pieces from what is left after I have purged my wardrobe to see me through the next 3 months. The rest for now is going to be boxed up and stored away where I can’t get at them. Im sure my Husband will be delighted as his shirts will no longer be crushed in our shared wardrobe.

I’m not going to select a full 33 piece wardrobe straight away as I don’t want to ban myself from completely purchasing anything over the next 3 months. Also I want to cover myself for any occasion that I might not have anything suitable for without breaking the rules of Project 333.

Those original challenge rules are;

  • The 33 items includes Clothing, Accessories, Outerwear and Shoes.
  • It doesn’t include sentimental jewelry items such as my wedding and engagement ring. (I never take them off accept when doing something messy like making meatballs) underwear, sleepwear or workout gear.
  • Workout gear is only for working out in – no cheating  and wearing that then!

I was having a very tough time narrowing down my selection. This is because a vast majority of it is taken up with essential work related items. I worked out 4 items would automatically be used up on accessories for work.

My Husband suggested I bend the rules slightly as this was uniform and not include those particular accessories towards my total. I was reluctant at first but he pointed out how much I had actually downsized already.

This pile is predominantly summer clothes so it was actually quite easy for me to decide to put it into storage. I will take it out next year and decide what I want to keep then.

What is left in my wardrobe is very much a winter wardrobe and hopefully will cover all eventualities.

At the moment there are 30 items on the list. There are 1 or 2 that I was unsure about so I may remove them at a later date if I find I’m not wearing them. So for now that leaves me able to add 3 items. Though if I do remove those other items that will give me the option to replace them.

I know I am going to have to get a pair of shoes to wear for Christmas Parties as I don’t have any suitable. I’m thinking some kind of black court shoe would be the most versatile.

The Christmas period will be interesting, I’ve selected 1 very ‘dressy’ dress and that’s it. Eeeek!! lets see how I manage.

This is what remains in my wardrobe. Some of it is missing though as it is currently in the wash.

I will try to share some outfit posts in the future, be warned though I’m a bit useless at those as I’m an awkward poser. What do models do with their hands???
I will also share any new additions to my capsule wardrobe over the next three months. That will be a rare occurrence though. As it stands I can only add three things. Oh god help me!

Let me know what you think of this challenge, even if you think I’m mad!