Rave Review – Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer | #blogmas day 15

Approximately two years ago before starting this blog I attended my very first event, as guest to my already blogging sister Ashliegh. The event was hosted by Cosmopolitan magazine and held at Illamasqua’s flagship store in Beak Street, London. Until then I hadn’t heard of the brand Illamasqua but soon became hooked. One of the products demonstrated that night was their hydra veil primer. It looked amazing but at the time I wasn’t working so couldn’t afford to purchase any at the time. Since then it has remained on my wish list. 

You can imagine my excitement then to see this cute luxury sample size included in Decembers LookFantastic box. 

Priced at £32 for the full 30ml size, even though I’m working now, this is still very much a luxury item for me. It is being reserved for ‘going out out makeup only’. 

I’ve been ‘out out’ twice this past week as part of pre Christmas festivities so indulgently gave this little beauty a run for its money. Oh and boy has it been worth the wait! 

Hydra veil is very much a hybrid product. It is part primer and part skin hydrator. 

The main ingredients include microalgae, vitamins C and B3 that together provide hydration for the skin. 

It has a very unique Gelly like texture that feels very cooling and refreshing on the skin. I like to apply it using a stippling brush and pat it onto my skin. 

Once applied the skin feels super smooth and makes applying foundation so much easier. 

This is the perfect primer for those with skin that is beginning to age. I feel this helps to stop foundation and concealer settling  into my fine lines, especially around the eye area, and gives my makeup a flawless finish. 

I am wearing hydra veil under my makeup in the picture below and love how it looks. It stayed looking great all night even after a few too many beers. 

I might have been an embarrassing drunken oaf in the picture below but hey my foundation was perfect still. 

That picture does make me laugh! 

I’m so pleased I have had the chance to try out Illamasqua Hydra Veil and even more so that it hasn’t disappointed. I shall treasure my little luxury sample size pot keeping it for special occasions. In the mean time I will have to try and save up for a full size.