4 Handbag Essentials for a Quick lunchtime Beauty Fix 

Regardless of the level of attention I give my appearance each morning I always find come  lunchtime the proverbial polish has worn off a bit. 

I only have 30minutes for lunch, and to be quite frank, I am more interested in getting my Caffeine fix and filling my belly than fussing over my makeup. Any touch ups have to be quick and mess free. 
I am a victim to my inner vanity though so I do have some reliable products in my handbag that I can grab and be good to go in about two minutes. 

First up is this handy travel sized product by Jurlique; 

Jurlique Rosewater balancing mist – 

The Air-con at work is the devil when it comes to drying out my skin. This hydrating facial mist has a light floral fragrance and does a great job of perking up my skin throughout the day. 

I spritz myself with this prior to touching up my foundation as also it helps to avoid it looking cakey.
Talking about foundation I always keep a little compact in my bag. 

The Max Factor FaceFinity compact £10.99 is a pressed powder that provides the satin look of foundation. It is great for touch ups as it provides quick instant coverage. It is very matte so is great for neutralising that mid day shine that I always seem to get on my chin. 

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac 

Working in retail means I come into contact with quite a few germs. Anti bacterial hand gel before I eat then is a must. It has to be Bath & Body works though as they smell amazing and don’t dry my hands out. 

Now I know we don’t have a Bath & Body works in the U.K. But loads of eBay sellers offer it for £2.50-£4. 

Dr Paw Paw multi purpose soothing balm tinted peach £6.95

This is such a handy little balm multi purpose balm. I had so many different uses. Mostly I keep on hand to add a touch of colour back in to my cheeks or to my lips but I also use the residue to smooth out the fly away ends of my hair. 

As you can see I’m a fairly low maintenance kind of girl. Add a spritz of perfume and I’m good to go.