A natural Deodorant that actually works!

When it comes to choosing personal hygiene products, that I use on a daily basis I have two specific requirements. One, the product has to work and two it needs to be made from ingredients that are as clean and natural as possible. For products like shampoo and soaps this has been fairly easy. Finding a deodorant on the other hand has been a much trickier affair. At last I’ve finally found one that works, Dr Organic Lavender Deodorant , £5.99 from Holland and Barrett. I put the effectiveness of this deodorant down to the fact that it contains lavender.

The use of Lavender in personal hygiene  goes as far back as the Ancient Egyptian times. They used it as a perfume as well as in the process of mummification. Clearly as an effective ingredient it has stood the test of time.

I think that this deodorant for me has worked so well because Lavender has been found to have antibacterial benefits. Especially as its actually the bacteria that feeds on sweat that causes those unpleasant body odours. Whatever it is it works!

When I reach for this particular deodorant I don’t feel I am have to compromise my personal hygiene with my wish for clean Ingredients. It is free from Aluminium, SLS’s, parabens and Alcohol. As a bonus it is also Vegan friendly.

I also like that it is a roll on as I always seam to choke myself on sprays. (Please tell me that I’m not the only one that does this!)

My only niggle is that £5.99 is a fairly hefty price tag for a deodorant. However Holland and Barrett do have this on promotion at the moment, it is currently buy one get one half price so brings the price down to £4.49.

What is your opinion when it comes to choosing a deodorant? Do you prefer to use an actual antiperspirant?