The Bloggersxmas2016 Event | #Blogmas Day 2

A couple of weekends ago I was fortunate to be able to attend the #bloggersxmas held at Finches Pub in Finsbury Square, London. 

After getting completely lost, with no Internet connection on my phone so I couldn’t even check google maps,  I finally arrived about 20 minutes late. The hubby had to talk me through directions over the phone in the end! 

Anyway, late and slightly flustered I was greeted by jasmine and Kirsty, authors of, who organised the event. They were lovely and very welcoming. 

The event was a chance to meet up with other bloggers and to meet some exciting brands. After a glass of refreshing Apple punch I had a little wander around the brands showcases. There was a good mix of brands I already new and some new discoveries. Here is a quick round up of the best. 

Online boutique  Mikko specialise in luxury fashion created by talented designers from across Europe.

I loved the simplicity of their dresses and super chunky knitwear. Some of the pieces were modelled by Mikko’s representatives who kindly posed for photos. (Sorry I forgot your names) Don’t they look fab though! 

This is defiantly a brand I will be checking out in the future. 

Aromand is a British brand based in Berkshire that create luxury hand made candles, reed diffusers and room sprays. 

The scents are unique and very sophisticated. I had the chance to have a chat with Sue who develops the scents and makes the products. 

She takes inspiration from her husband who is a chef and adopts a similar approach to recipe development when creating new scents. 

My favourite has to be Berries and Black Pepper. Berry scents can often be too sweet and overpowering for me but the addition of black pepper adds a balanced spiciness to the fragrance. 

All of her products are beautifully gift wrapped as well. 

I’m gutted my photography was not up to scratch on the day as it really doesn’t do the brand justice. 

Jewelled Buddha is a brand that has captured my heart. I’m saving my pennies so I can purchase one of their handcrafted sari necklaces in the near future. 

All of the scarves and necklaces are created from repurposed saris meaning each piece is one-of-a-kind. 

Jewelled Budda works in partnership with Indian based social enterprise, Wandering silk, ensuring the skilled women who create each necklace and scarf are paid a fair wage, experience regular employment and safe working conditions. 

The brand is truly inspiring in its promotion of zero waste and empowering of women. 

Annoyingly I was so busy chatting to Harjit about the brand and its work I totally forgot to take any photos of the gorgeous necklaces and scarfs. Do check out their website though here.

I have always been a fan of Joe Browns who were at the event showcasing their Christmas collection. It is Beautiful, with a capital B. 

Other creatives showcasing at the event included; the very talented Sheena Bulsara who creates one-of-a-kind jewellery, Katherine Ellizerbeth Millinery and Gia who were displaying their soon to launch collection of clutch bags. 

Sheena Bulsara’s piece inspired by her time living in Paris
Hats created by Katherine Elizerbeth Millinery

The event was sponsored by who provided the bags for our goody bags we were lucky to receive. We were gifted by brands including skinfix, freeman beauty, popband, PNY, yankeecandle and my beauty matches. 

I will let you know how I get on with some of these goodies in the future. Spoiler alert though, I’m already loving the Burt’s Bees lip balm and skinfix handcream. 


5 Stylish Christmas jumpers | #Blogmas Day 1 

So I’m kicking of #blogmas with a round up of some of the best Christmas jumpers available on the high street. 

I love a Christmas jumper but I’m not a huge fan of anything too gaudy. This selection of jumpers have that festive feel whilst still looking super stylish.  

This first one I’m in love with, it’s so pretty! Alas I will be refraining from purchasing one as it doesn’t fit in with my project333. See I’m committed! 

Sequin Graphic Reindeer Sweater – Hollister £29.

Slogan Sweater – Topshop £34.

Sequin Gingerbread man Sweater – Topshop £36.

Strictly speaking this next one isn’t a Christmas jumper. It has the feel of one though and who could resist the star of John Lewis’s Christmas advert ‘Buster the dog’? 


Buster the Boxer Sweater -John Lewis £49.

Who knew a Christmas jumper could be ‘dressy’? This one from Coast at John Lewis proves that they can be. 

Black festive embellishment jumper – Coast @ John Lewis £79

This is my Christmas Jumper for 2016. It is from Joules so I can wear it at work. Unfortunately it’s not actually on the website at the moment as they had a half price offer on Cyber Monday so most of the sweaters sold out. I know there are still some available in store though. 

 I love it as its a little bit cheeky!

Game Bird Sweater – Joules £49.95. 

Do you like a Christmas jumper? Are you a gaudier the better or do you like to keep it simple? 

Image sources: retail websites for illustration purposes 

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe using the Project 333 Method

In my previous blog post I talked about how I wanted to downsize and declutter my life. I started to embark on a rather ruthless clear out of my wardrobe yesterday in the hope of creating myself a functional yet still stylish capsule wardrobe.

Shamefully I’ve managed to fill two black bin bags for either the charity shop or recycling centre. These are all items I’ve been hanging on to but truthfully do not wear, and the drawers are still fairly full. They just shut now!
My reliance on a few select items from my wardrobe has become more apparent since I started working in a clothing store. I have to wear their clothing to work as my uniform, and since I’m there usually 4 or 5 days a week, most of my other items in my wardrobe get ignored.

This realisation is part of what has spurred me on to change my habits. I want to have a go at creating an easy to use capsule wardrobe.

Having read a few blog posts for some advice as to where to start I came across Project 333. This is basically a minimalist fashion challenge that encourages you to dress with 33 items or less for a period of three months. You can read more about the challenge here in this blog post by Courtney of 

I think this is the perfect tool to help me create the more simplified life I’m seeking. So this weekend I shall be selecting some key pieces from what is left after I have purged my wardrobe to see me through the next 3 months. The rest for now is going to be boxed up and stored away where I can’t get at them. Im sure my Husband will be delighted as his shirts will no longer be crushed in our shared wardrobe.

I’m not going to select a full 33 piece wardrobe straight away as I don’t want to ban myself from completely purchasing anything over the next 3 months. Also I want to cover myself for any occasion that I might not have anything suitable for without breaking the rules of Project 333.

Those original challenge rules are;

  • The 33 items includes Clothing, Accessories, Outerwear and Shoes.
  • It doesn’t include sentimental jewelry items such as my wedding and engagement ring. (I never take them off accept when doing something messy like making meatballs) underwear, sleepwear or workout gear.
  • Workout gear is only for working out in – no cheating  and wearing that then!

I was having a very tough time narrowing down my selection. This is because a vast majority of it is taken up with essential work related items. I worked out 4 items would automatically be used up on accessories for work.

My Husband suggested I bend the rules slightly as this was uniform and not include those particular accessories towards my total. I was reluctant at first but he pointed out how much I had actually downsized already.

This pile is predominantly summer clothes so it was actually quite easy for me to decide to put it into storage. I will take it out next year and decide what I want to keep then.

What is left in my wardrobe is very much a winter wardrobe and hopefully will cover all eventualities.

At the moment there are 30 items on the list. There are 1 or 2 that I was unsure about so I may remove them at a later date if I find I’m not wearing them. So for now that leaves me able to add 3 items. Though if I do remove those other items that will give me the option to replace them.

I know I am going to have to get a pair of shoes to wear for Christmas Parties as I don’t have any suitable. I’m thinking some kind of black court shoe would be the most versatile.

The Christmas period will be interesting, I’ve selected 1 very ‘dressy’ dress and that’s it. Eeeek!! lets see how I manage.

This is what remains in my wardrobe. Some of it is missing though as it is currently in the wash.

I will try to share some outfit posts in the future, be warned though I’m a bit useless at those as I’m an awkward poser. What do models do with their hands???
I will also share any new additions to my capsule wardrobe over the next three months. That will be a rare occurrence though. As it stands I can only add three things. Oh god help me!

Let me know what you think of this challenge, even if you think I’m mad!

OOTD – It’s all about the Boots! | #BEDM day 16

So I fell off the #BEDM waggon a little bit. Damn busy social life and a minor thing such as an end of module assignment due this morning! That had been submitted now though, pheww! 

Yes I feel like a proper student right now. Out all weekend, hangovers and blearily trying to polish my essay. I was halfway responsible and did actually do most of that before the drinking commenced. 

Anyway that’s why I’ve been AWOL and I’m completely ill prepared for anything remotely constructive on here today, so instead your getting a ‘Outfit of the Day’post.

Man I love these boots! They look hot and best of all are totally comfortable. I’ve basically had them on most of the weekend. 
The swing dress was a bargain I picked up from Hollister back in March. It was in the sale and I think was just £12.99. They did have it in other colours but I do love a bit of grey. I can only find the burgundy version online at the moment. 

The dress Is made from stretchy ribbed material so it’s super comfy, hides and lumpy bits and gives the impression I’ve made an effort, especially when combined with the boots. 

I like that it’s short but not indecent, I’m too old for that now. 

Not going to lie I felt like a bit of a tit posing for these pictures on the way to the pub Friday night. Yes…a fashion blogger I am not. You probably would have found it hilarious watching me trying to do the casual walking away, looking over my shoulder thing. Thanks hubby for the perseverance!! There was nothing casual about it. 

I suppose I ought to tell you where the boots are from? They were from in the last month. I cannot find them on the website anymore but they do have a very similar pair here. 

In fact they are almost identical, they are just stupidly more expensive at £100. 

Hopefully now I’ve recovered from the weekend and all Uni work is now complete for the summer  (I’m air fist pumping right now) usual service can resume on

Bye for now, Katy x 

The Cheeky Shopping Bag!

As promised yesterday here are some more details about my new cheeky shopping bag. 

This practical but fun bag is available from Emma’s Personalised Bags priced at £15  here

She hand paints all the bags herself so is able to create designs suitable for all ages and occasions. This particular design is just a perfect match for my slightly naughty sense of humour. 

This is the medium sized bag. As it is made from jute it is super sturdy as well as large enough for trips to the library and into town. 

If you want to see Emma’s other work then check out her Facebook page. You can also order book bags, pencil cases, plus bags in other sizes. 

Huge thanks to the Husband for buying it for me! 

Obsessed with My Protein  running tights 

 One of the perks of going to the gym regularly is that I get to indulge in one of my current obsessions, running leggings from My protein. 

If I had my way I’d have at least 10 pairs by now as they are constantly coming out with funky new designs. Obviously that’s not going to happen as that would be rather excessive. One or two pairs though is okay right! 


What can I say though, they are super comfy, look great and most importantly wash well. They still look as good as new after several wears and washes. Next time I get to indulge in my obsession for crazy printed leggings My Protein will be the first place I look. 


I have my eye on some of the latest designs available from their website. A girl can have a wish list right! Oh and of course they have matching cropped vests and vests printed with motivational quotes to match.


Here’s what I’m currently lasting after. 

Black square athletic tights £22.49

Women’s reflection leggings £25.49

Reflections printed sports bra £21.24

The reflections set has to be be my favourite it might clash with my trainers though. Damn! Does that mean an excuse to get new trainers as well? 

Walk away Katy! 


Spring Make-up Trend | Shades of Blue

   I’m not usually one to follow makeup trends. However the various blue makeup looks that popped up all over the spring/summer 2016 catwalks are a trend I will be taking inspiration from. 

My favourite looks came from Jonathon Saunders, it had the right balance of natural make-up offset with heavy blue liner.  It’s a look that is wearable and doesn’t require too many makeup application skills other than a steady hand. 

image source: imaxtree

Of course this called for a rifle through my stash before I went dashing of to Boots to buy a blue eyeliner. Good thing as I already have some options perfect for this look. 

See I’m growing as a person, the shopaholic in me is subsiding.


As you can see when swatched They are all vivid blues of various tones. 

 1. No7 Metalic Eyes Pencil – 03 Blue £7.50

2. Rimmel Eyeshadow Stick – Electric Sapphire £4.49 (note the shade names are wrong on

3. Kiko Cosmetics Long lasting Stick – 31 Iris Blue £6.90

When dried these are all pretty excellent quality and don’t budge. 


I am wearing the Kiko long lasting stick in the picture below. I love it as it brings out the blue in my eyes. 


Will you be wearing some blue this spring? 

Do you follow Make-up trends?


Life Lately – new job, blog events and hospital trips!

I feel like I’ve been suffering from a bit of the dreaded bloggers block recently. Yup, I’ve  been lacking in inspiration. What better time then share with you a little bit of what I have been up to recently. Well, it’s something to right about?

So, I have started a new job. Just a little one day a week role working in a tea room at a near by antiques centre. This suits me down to a T (pardon the pun) as its not a difficult job and brings in just enough money each week to cover all those extra costs the kids seem to be coming home from school with lately. 

The only issue I can see is that I’ll end spending all my wages in the antiques centre. It is huge, just like Aladins cave, with so many interesting things to see. Well it would make a change from spending it all on make-up!

Last Friday I went to a bloggers event at my local lush store. We had loads of fun playing with the new valentines products, and even got to make our own bubble bar to take home. Of course that involved a teeny bit of shopping, so if you want to see what I picked up on the evening then check out this post here


I didn’t actuallythink I was going to make the Lush event as we had spent most of Friday at the Hospital with my Diabetic son. He had a gastric infection that was causing complications with his condition. Fortunately they got it under control with some tweeks to his Insulin and he was able to come home. 

Both myself and husband were supposed to be going out separately on Friday, but he volunteered to stay home and keep an eye on Harrison. He’s a star that one!


Today whislt the kids were at school the husband and I went out for a spot of brunch. He being a typical bloke had a full English and I had a really tasty Welsh rarebit. Yes it may look like just ordinary cheese on toast but this had loads of whole grain mustard sauce cooked in with the cheese. It’s yum!!  

Oh and just look at the work of art that was my hot chocolate, a picture of this went straight on Instagram. 

Lastly I thought I’d share with you my favourite recent purchase. It was a total impulse purchase, fortunately a good one. 

I was going food shopping with my mum and we ended up popping into Next. This monochrome sweater jumped out at  both me and my mum. At £18 I think it was a bit of a steal. Still I had to fess up and explain how I went food shopping and came home with clothes to the hubby!  

What have you been up to recently? Thanks for stopping by!

These boots were made for walking – Animals Nevada Bootie

Way back in July on our last visit to Newquay, Cornwall, we did a bit of shopping. My Husband treated me to these suede booties from Animal.


As they are are faux fur lined, these where stashed away waiting patientially to be worn once Autumn arrived. Now Autumn has well and truely arrived, out came the Booties, and they have rarely been off my feet since.  

 They are so warm and cosy, have the same feel as the more expensive UGG boots, but without the need for the “UGG shuffle”. You know the one, your boots begin to loose form and are a bugger to stay upright in. Well my classic UGG cardies did that anyway! 

Animals offering have a much firmer and more supportive sole, they are made for walking in. The quality of the suede Is also on point,  it brushes clean easily. I know because I’m a messy pup and have spilt tea in them whoops!

So yes I’m in love with them, they look cute, are comfy and practical. That’s all my casual boot requirements covered. 


I couldn’t  find this colour Boot on the Animal website, they do have them available in black or burgandy though priced at £45. Not to be defeated I did a google search and they are still available in a couple of sizes from Amazon  priced  at just£31.50. Bargain!! Especially as Hubby had paid full price for these. 

Do you like a comfy boot or are you more of a killer heal kind of girl? 

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OOTD – An autumn wedding in transitional pastels!

So one would be forgiven for thinking that wedding season is over. Nope not true!

I am attending a wedding in Las Vegas next month and this is the outfit I intend to wear. Call it my last ditch attemp to wear pastels before winter hits. 
The dress is by Therapy at House of Fraser. I do believe I have fallen a little bit in love with it. The fabric is such good quality and has just the right amount of volume in the skirt.   The fabric is a little bit thicker and with covered shoulders so perfect for when the temperature starts to drop a bit in Vegas.   I have choosen to offset the cool mint of the dress with silver accessories. I kind of feel I’m channeling my inner ice queen. So there is a little nod to the upcoming season. 
This bag is from Quiz and a was a great little find at £14.99 I love the different levels of texture provided by the zig zag dress and the chevron bag. 

Footwear I have kept simple with some silver pumps. I’ve gone past worrying about heels, I want comfort, particularly as weddings mean a long day on your feet. These are actually a couple of years old from Topshop so I can’t provide a link, sorry 🙁

Thanks for stopping by if you want to keep up to date with my latest posts then you can always follow me on Bloglovin.

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