Have You Registered to Vote Yet?


 Hi guys! So today on the blog I wanted to talk about something a little bit different. Politics. Yup! To some it’s a dirty word, others they have just found themselves in such a state of apathy surrounding all things political, that they just don’t think it’s relative to them, so abstain from getting involved. I think you know what I mean, that aged old line, ‘All parties are the same really, so why bother?’. 

These are the same people though that will bitch and moan about the state of the country. Well here’s what I have to say on the matter. Don’t just moan about it, vote and have your say. The upcoming general election is your chance to choose who will be leading your country for the next five years. The outcome will effect every single one of us, so it’s actually kind of a big deal. 

If you’ve been paying attention to the coverage of the run up to the general election, on 7th may, you may have noticed that this election is panning out to be a very close vote. We could even end up with another hung parliament. Having said that the two main political parties that stand a good chance of getting into power have very different plans for which way the country will be taken economically post election. It’s that other dirty word again ‘Austerity’.  

Mind you, if UKIP’s Nigel Farage has anything to do with it the key issues will be Europe And Immigration.

The smaller parties though will play a vital role post election, providing they win enough seats, in fighting their corner for the key issues that they stand for. We’re talking about, the environment, education, trident  and that other biggie devolution. This is why If you are inclined to vote for one of these parties, but don’t think they stand a chance of winning seats, and don’t usually bother, you must vote. Your individual vote actually counts, if enough non voters have their say it can make a difference. 

None of this matters though if you haven’t registered to vote. It’s easy, you can do it in five minutes online here. Just remember to do it before the cut off day, on the 20th of April. 

Will you be having your say, come 7th of May? I know I shall be casting my vote. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂


Dreamworks Home review – One for the kids, and RiRi fans. 


 Hi guys! So yesterday I took the kids to the cinema to see Dreamworks latest offering ‘Home’. 

Home is based on the book by Adam Rex The True Meaning of Smekday, with the voices of the main characters being provided by Rihanna, and Jim Parsons, better known as ‘the Big Bang theory’s’ Sheldon Cooper. So I was expecting some sas, and plenty of laughs. I wasn’t left disappointed, Home is funny, features great music (thanks to Rihanna), and was surprisingly heartwarming, with a story that focuses on making friendships and understanding and learning from those that are a bit different from us.  

‘Oh’ , played by Parsons is a misunderstood, clumsy Alien exhiled from his race the Boov, after having one to many mishaps. 

The Boov are a nomadic race, who whilst on the run from their Alien enemies, have decided to make Earth their new home. Not without consiquence though as the Boov relocate the entire human race to Australia. This is all except for ‘Tip’ Tucci, who gets separated from her mum, and left behind. 

Whilst ‘Oh’ is on the run, he and ‘Tip’ meet.  What ensues is an adventurous trip to reunite Tip with her mum, and a race to stop the Invasion of Earth from the Boov’s destructive enemy. 

Parsons brings ‘Oh’ to life in such a funny endearing manor, whilst Rianna provides plenty of sas to her role as ‘Tip’. As you watch their unlikely friendship develop this will leave you feeling all warm and mushy inside. From an adult perspective If that’s not your cup of tea, then this film is not for you, as it focuses heavily on friendship and understanding. Kids though will love the slapstick humour, music and feel good theme. Fortunately I love a bit of Mush so I was a happy customer. 

I may also find myself downloading the soundtrack from iTunes, as I’ve had a quick peek and it really is great. It features original music from Riannha, J-lo and more. 

Have you seen ‘Home’? Did you love it or hate it?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Feeling the pinch and reducing food waste, yummy roast with all the trimmings still gonna happen! 

Hi guys! So today’s post is a little bit different. I don’t know about you but but when it gets to the end of the pay month, (we get paid on a weird day), still trying to produce a decent meal for five hangry people (that’s not a spelling mistake) can be a bit of a challenge. 

I’ve always prided myself in the ability to be a bit resourceful, sorry if it sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet, but I thought it would be helpful to show a few tricks I’ve learnt along the way. 

Today’s dinner is a roast chicken with all the trimmings, I’m talking stuffing, yorkshires, gravy, the lot. As this is very much about using up whatever I have in the back of the cupboard and fridge there is no set recipie for this, but it will give you an idea of what you can do yourself. 

1. The chicken is being roasted on a bed of vegetable peelings, I won’t be waisting any precious carrots here. Combined with the meat drippings and a bit of flour you can still get a good flavoured gravy from those peeling that would usually being going straight in the waste. I’ve even chucked in the leaves from the top of the celery. I love doing this as is it removes the need to buy seperate gravy, and is a great money saver. 

2. I love a bit of stuffing with my roast, this is a great way of using up the ends of the bread that no one wants to eat, and would otherwise go in the bin. In a food processor I’ve just combined 4 bread ends, 1/2 onion, 100g butter, mixed herbs, 1 teaspoon mustard powder and the last bit of celery I had, seasoned with some salt n pepper. I have made this into balls that I’ve cooked in the oven for about 20mins. These were a big hit with the kids. 

3. I always save some meat from the roast to be making a stir fry rice the next day, tastes fab and costs next to nothing.  As the meats already cooked it so quick to do aswell, perfect on a busy school night. 

As you can see the kids have enjoyed their roast, the hubby did as well. I hope you have found this helpful, if like me you hate to be wasteful or just want to stretch some basic food items a bit further. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Lush Pot O’ gold review- great fun for both kids and grown ups!

Hi guys! So by now I’m sure you have seen the lovely limited edition goodies that Lush launched last Friday. If you haven’t then you must have been in your winter hibernation still as there has been a lot of buzz about it amongst us lush fans. Yeah sorry about that! 

Last week I was fortunate to attend the Mother’s Day and Easter bloggers launch event at my local lush store. It was a very fun evening, and we came away with some lovely goody bags to try some of the products out at home. If you want to read more about this then please check out my blog post  Here. I was so excited by the products I actually went back to the store a few days later and treated myself to some more of the Easter goodies. This led to me thinking that it would be good to do a little mini series of reveiws. You can check out my thoughts on the Immaculate Eggseption bath bomb Here. So enough rambling lets get on with today’s review.  

This little beauty is the pot o’ gold shower jelly. It’s priced at a very reasonable £3.50 and you can pick one up either from the Lush website or pop into store. 

Now I haven’t tried any of the shower jellies before so this is a competly new type of product for me.  It’s one though that I thought my boys would enjoy so I decided to let them have a play with it and see what they thought. There was a lot of giggles when we emptied the pot out, it really did wobble like jelly. 

wobbly gold jelly

We did find it a bit tricky to pull a piece of to be washing with, and kept dropping it as it is very slippery, not ideal when your in a hurry. For the boys though I think for them was part of the fun, as it provides a very tactile experience. 

The product lathers nicely with a bit of rubbing, and leaves a lovely shimmer to the skin, thanks to the fine lustre running through it. This is very subtle though so if your not a huge glitter fan then this is not to bad. 

Playing with Pot O’Gold at launch evening

We were told that this could also be used to wash your hair, I was super excited to try this out as I was hoping the lustre would make my hair a bit sparkly. I can’t say I noticed a difference really plus as I have long hair I also found it tricky to use for this purpose, it worked fine though on the boys shorter hair. 

For me the big selling point is the fragrence, this smells AMAZING! It reminds me of cinder toffee, though without being sickly sweet. It’s a very indulgent heady sort of scent. If you like The Bodyshop Honeymania, you will love this. Lush describe the fragrance as a sweet decadently scented, with orange peel decotion and fresh pineapple. 

A little bit of extra information about Pot O’Gold that I found interesting is that this is suitable for vegans. This is because the jelly is made from the slimy bit you get from seaweed. The seaweed used in this is actually collected from Poole beach, where the Lush Kitchen is situated. Clever!

Over all I would say that this is a fun product to have, particurly for kids. Its not one to be using if your in hurry though as it can be a bit tricky to work with. The smell is gorgeous and it looks pretty darn good too. It’s also reasonably priced so it is not going to put a huge sent in your pocket, which is always a bonus. 

Have you tried any of Lush’s shower Jellies? What did you think? 

Lush Immaculate Eggseption reveiw – with help from the kids!

Hi guys, so today’s post will be the first of a mini-series of reveiws, dedicated to Lush’s Easter collection. Last week I was lucky enough to attend the  #LushChelmsford blogger event, you can check out my previous post all about this by following the #Link.  Some of the products I will be reviewing I have been gifted for reveiw, and a couple I returned to store for, post launch evening, as I just had to try these out at home. 

I decided to get my boys to give me a hand testing these goodies out, they love a bit of Lush just as much as I do, particurly products with a novelty play element. 

Today’s product is the Immaculate Eggseption bath bomb, priced at £6.95. First off let’s address the price point attached to this as I probably Initially thought the same thing as what a lot of you may be thinking. “£6.95 for a bath bomb, is she for real?”  This isn’t any ordinary bath bomb though, it’s actually something very unique and special, so in my opinion worth the money. 

Why, you might be thinking? We’ll let me explain myself. Most Lush bath bombs you only get one use out of, and cost around £2.15-£3.65 each. This though used wisely, will give you three lovely smelling baths. So if you do the math, it’s actually not that bad. 

The unique novelty element to be had also provided my sons and myself with a lot of fun. Lush have come up with such a cute concept. If you break the egg in half, by lightly tapping it on the bath, inside you with find a smaller chick shaped bath bomb. How friggen cute is that ? 

We have saved this to be used another day, along with one half of the shell, which make up your three uses. 

Todays use resulted in a lovely fragrant pink coloured bath. I expect when we use the chick we will have a yellow bath, we shall see.  

If your more interested in the fragrance of you bath than novelty element you won’t be disappointed with the Immaculate eggseption either. Ingredients include vanilla absolute, and lemon and grapefruit oils for a zingy uplifting bath. Yum!!  

You can pick one of these up for yourself from Lush’s online store Here, or pop into your nearest store. I like to visit the store myself as the staff are always so friendly and helpful. 

Have you picked up anything from Lush’s new range yet? Or are you planning to? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

Family time – Warner Bros Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

Family days out are something that I treasure, particularly when your partner is a shift worker, opportunities can be a bit scarce. Nether the less we try to make the most of the free time that we do have.

Last Sunday we visited the Warner Bros studios in Watford. If you didn’t know already this is the home of ‘the making of Harry Potter’ tour.
This is a behind the scenes studio tour, which gives you the opportunity to see the actual sets, props and costumes used within the Harry Potter films.

Throughout the tour you are let in on some of the filming secrets that the filmmakers use to create the magic we see in the films most of us know and love. Some of the sets are huge, the attention to detail makes you feel like you are actually within the film. It’s very clear that a lot of love and care went into recreating J K Rowlings imagined world for film.

At the start of the tour you find yourself stood at the very doors Harry himself stood at when he first arrived at Hogwarts. These towering doors are then opened and you find yourself entering the great hall, just like Harry did.

From here you are left to make your way through the 2 studios (aptly named J and K), at your own leisure. Along the way there is the opportunity to fly a broomstick in your very own film, try the infamous Butter-beer, and have a go at casting spells. We took so many photos, that the rest of this post is very picture heavy, you have been warned.
















This is an expensive day out, so it’s worth planning and saving for it in advance. Die hard potter fans would be hard pushed not to part with a small fortune in the gift shop, it really is a potter fans heaven. We came home with three wands for the kids, and a very empty purse. I did manage to treat myself to a Griffindor notebook, I needed it, honest.

Have you visited the Warner Bros studios? What did you think? We had a fantastic day.

Bye for now, Katy 🙂