Have You Registered to Vote Yet?


 Hi guys! So today on the blog I wanted to talk about something a little bit different. Politics. Yup! To some it’s a dirty word, others they have just found themselves in such a state of apathy surrounding all things political, that they just don’t think it’s relative to them, so abstain from getting involved. I think you know what I mean, that aged old line, ‘All parties are the same really, so why bother?’. 

These are the same people though that will bitch and moan about the state of the country. Well here’s what I have to say on the matter. Don’t just moan about it, vote and have your say. The upcoming general election is your chance to choose who will be leading your country for the next five years. The outcome will effect every single one of us, so it’s actually kind of a big deal. 

If you’ve been paying attention to the coverage of the run up to the general election, on 7th may, you may have noticed that this election is panning out to be a very close vote. We could even end up with another hung parliament. Having said that the two main political parties that stand a good chance of getting into power have very different plans for which way the country will be taken economically post election. It’s that other dirty word again ‘Austerity’.  

Mind you, if UKIP’s Nigel Farage has anything to do with it the key issues will be Europe And Immigration.

The smaller parties though will play a vital role post election, providing they win enough seats, in fighting their corner for the key issues that they stand for. We’re talking about, the environment, education, trident  and that other biggie devolution. This is why If you are inclined to vote for one of these parties, but don’t think they stand a chance of winning seats, and don’t usually bother, you must vote. Your individual vote actually counts, if enough non voters have their say it can make a difference. 

None of this matters though if you haven’t registered to vote. It’s easy, you can do it in five minutes online here. Just remember to do it before the cut off day, on the 20th of April. 

Will you be having your say, come 7th of May? I know I shall be casting my vote. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

5 things I’m thankful for

IMG_2849I don’t think I have shared this before but I am currently having physiotherapy for a trapped nerve problem in my leg/hip/lower spine area. I think, in the past, I’ve only eluded to the fact that I can’t do heels – boo!

Anyway fashion issues aside, and on a more serious note managing the nerve pain can be a bit of a struggle to cope with. To help this I’m on lots of different anti-inflammatory and pain med’s, and have also been receiving Acupuncture. I have certain exercises to help and my hot water bottle has also become my best friend. Heat therapy does wonders for aches and pains.

For the most part I try to remain upbeat about things and carry on as best as possible, it just means taking care not to over do things when I’m having a good day. I’m sure we’ve all been there when we have thought we have been feeling tip top and rushed about like a mad person, only to find later on that actually you still aren’t 100 percent, which can be very frustrating. With all this in mind there are days when I can feel a bit fed up with it, for example the past few days, so I have decided to sit down and reflect on the good things in my life that I have to be thankful for. This is more of a pick me up for myself than anything, but I decided to share this here as perhaps if you are having a bad day you could try this as pick me up too.

So Ive probably waffled on enough already, if you still with me, well done! Here goes:

1. I have a very supportive and loving husband who when I’m feeling crappy can be relied upon to pull out his signature dish – spaghetti bolognese, meaning I can have a night off from cooking. He’s also brilliant and reminding me to take certain medication as I have a memory like a sieve.

2. Not quite sure how I wangled this one but my 11yr old son, who is a very early riser, will always bring me a cup of tea in bed in the morning. Far nicer than a shrieking alarm clock.

3. I no long rely on my good dam crutches to get around, Amen to that!!
Thank you to Louise, my lovely physiotherapist 🙂

4. There will always be tea and cake, well I hope so anyway. Please tell me this is true! This is probably not the healthiest pick me up but I love nothing better than meeting up with my baby sister, a fellow tea and cake freak, and have a good old natter.

5. Lastly my blog, it may be small with not many readers, but it’s mine. It’s my space where I can write about whatever takes my fancy. It’s such a great feeling when someone has taken the time to read and like what you have to say. I’m shallow I know, but sometimes we all need a bit of an ego rub.

So there you go, five things I’m thankful for, I feel better already. Why don’t you give it a go?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

2014 – Life lesson’s – A better, happier me

So, this post may not be to everyone’s taste. It could even be considered a bit self indulgent. Maybe consider it as me drawing a line under certain parts of my life, and moving on.
You see, for me, 2014 brought with it big challenges. I’m not saying it was a bad year, but one of those years that the powers that be decided to throw several curve balls my way, just to see if I’d cope or not. I can honestly say the words “Well it can’t get any worse” were uttered from my lips several times, and then it did. Fortunately, for me I’m stronger than I thought and I m still here with my head held high and a smile on my face.

With help from those close to me I have been able to reflect on certain challenges and treat them as a series life’s important lessons. I’m bringing these forward with me into 2015 and compared with this time last year I am a far happier and balanced person.

So, if your still with me on this, you might be thinking were is she going with this? Let’s just say I thought it would be nice to share with you the positives lessons I have learnt.

1. I am responsible for my own happiness.

I have been guilty of blaming others in my life for my own discontentment, to the point of pushing them away. It was only when I pushed them to far and was faced with losing those people dear to me, that I realised, what me blaming them everything was doing to them.
Not only that, it doesn’t change my own discontentment. Instead of blaming others for things in my life I’m not happy with I have learnt that it is up to me do something about it. The only person holding me back is myself. It is so easy to go through life making excuses for not doing things, or to sit back and wait for that invitation, job offer etc . I have learnt to be more proactive and in doing this have achieved far more of the things that I have wanted to. Consequently I’m a happier person.

2. Positivity is catching.

I made a decision to try to only portray positive thoughts to those around me. This may be in person or in my Facebook page, twitter feed etc.

What I have notice is that if I put out positive thoughts, I get back a positive reaction. No one wants to be around a cranky little madam. I’d be lying if I said I managed this all the time. My husband bless him puts up with my PMT like a saint, most of the time. Also If I’m feeling negative I have learnt to stay away from social media. It’s so easy to get drawn into someone else’s negativeness if your feeling cranky yourself. It works both ways.

3. There’s always someone out there who has it worse than myself.

It’s very easy to take certain things in our lives for granted. I’m not talking materialistically but having people around us that care. I’m lucky there is always someone there to turn to if I need a hug, a kind word or even to tell me to snap out of wallowing in self pity. (Harsh maybe, but necassery sometimes)
Some people are not as lucky as I am, they do not have a large family like I do, or are yet to meet their life partner. If I’m having a crap day, I can guarantee I have some one to come home to, even if it his to just cuddle up on the sofa and watch a film.

4. I have a unhealthy relationship with shopping.

Now this is something I’m currently working on. I have realised that I’m an emotional shopper. If I’m feeling down then my first response is to turn to some retail therapy. Trouble is that initial buzz doesn’t last long and I haven’t dealt with the situation that is bothering me. So I will look to the next purchase to give me that buzz again.

This has left me with a disturbing amount of stuff. (Mostly make-up and skin care). It’s starting to stress me out a bit as clutter does not make for a clear mind. I also had a bit of a lightbulb moment and realised that it’s not stuff that makes me happy but experiences. Trouble is if your buying all that stuff it doesn’t leave a lot of money left for those experiences that cost money.

This is something I’m working on, I have the opportunity to go on a holiday of a lifetime this year and I’m determined to come away with lots of happy memories. No more spending willy nilly or that holiday will not happen.

I have decided to write myself a bucket list of the things I want to achieve next year. I may share that at a later date, I’m still deciding.

If you have reached the end of my rambles then thank you for sticking with me. I would love to hear if anyone else feels that they have achieved a happier state of being and how they did that.

happy new year guys!!