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4 Handbag Essentials for a Quick lunchtime Beauty Fix 

Regardless of the level of attention I give my appearance each morning I always find come  lunchtime the proverbial polish has worn off a bit. 

I only have 30minutes for lunch, and to be quite frank, I am more interested in getting my Caffeine fix and filling my belly than fussing over my makeup. Any touch ups have to be quick and mess free. 
I am a victim to my inner vanity though so I do have some reliable products in my handbag that I can grab and be good to go in about two minutes. 

First up is this handy travel sized product by Jurlique; 

Jurlique Rosewater balancing mist – 

The Air-con at work is the devil when it comes to drying out my skin. This hydrating facial mist has a light floral fragrance and does a great job of perking up my skin throughout the day. 

I spritz myself with this prior to touching up my foundation as also it helps to avoid it looking cakey.
Talking about foundation I always keep a little compact in my bag. 

The Max Factor FaceFinity compact £10.99 is a pressed powder that provides the satin look of foundation. It is great for touch ups as it provides quick instant coverage. It is very matte so is great for neutralising that mid day shine that I always seem to get on my chin. 

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac 

Working in retail means I come into contact with quite a few germs. Anti bacterial hand gel before I eat then is a must. It has to be Bath & Body works though as they smell amazing and don’t dry my hands out. 

Now I know we don’t have a Bath & Body works in the U.K. But loads of eBay sellers offer it for £2.50-£4. 

Dr Paw Paw multi purpose soothing balm tinted peach £6.95

This is such a handy little balm multi purpose balm. I had so many different uses. Mostly I keep on hand to add a touch of colour back in to my cheeks or to my lips but I also use the residue to smooth out the fly away ends of my hair. 

As you can see I’m a fairly low maintenance kind of girl. Add a spritz of perfume and I’m good to go. 

What do people really think about grey hair? 

In recent months it’s has become much more noticeable that I’m getting the odd grey hair. At 35 this was bound to happen sooner or later. 

Worried about this ageing me, I’ve been pondering what do do with my greys. Ignore it, pull them out or reach for the hair dye. 

I decided to do a little bit of research as I was curious to see what people really felt about grey hair. Particularly as 2016 saw granny hair being a big trend. For the record, I didn’t get the ‘grey hair trend’.

One 24hr twitter poll later I had a slightly better understanding. 

Almost 3/4 of the people who responded to the poll agreed that they weren’t actually that bothered about going grey as it happens to us all. That’s kind of good to know, I’m not suddenly past it! 
Interestingly though 100% of people agreed that society is more acceptable of men having grey hair. 

From a personal perspective I sit very much on the fence with my feelings about my hair turning grey. 

My hair is currently its natural colour. I grew out any colourant that was present and then had the remnants cut off. 

I would describe my hair as mid brown, it is actually a lot lighter than I remember after it being dyed a darker brown for so many years. In the past year I have had my first noticeable greys. They actually sit under my parting so are only really noticeable if I pull my hair back. 

The texture of these are different though and feel much coarser. 

I can deal with this for now but am unsure how to proceed with my hair when it becomes more noticeable. To be quite frank I can be very lazy when it comes to my hair. One of the main reasons I stopped colouring it in the first place was that I found it such a chore keeping on top of the roots. 

I also think very white or silvery looking hair can look quite stunning on the right person. 

When it came to peoples response to grey hair, using hair dye was the most popular response. Though I was actually surprised that leaving greys alone was a very close second. 

I’m not rushing out to dye my hair anytime soon. I also get enough fall out all ready that I’m not going to voluntarily pull out any extras.   For now I’m in the ‘leave it alone’ camp and am comfortable with that. If these results are accurate people aren’t actually that bothered by the odd grey hair anyway. 

Do you agree with this poll? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. 

Everything5pounds mini haul and review 

So I am very late to the party with this one. It’s not that I hadn’t heard of this website before I just didn’t think I could possibly pick up  anything worth adding to my wardrobe for £5. Well how wrong was I? ….Very!

Anyway after seeing a short YouTube clip from moneysavingexpert after they had tried the website out, I was convinced it was time I took the plunge and made my first order.

I was expecting rubbish quality, unstylish clothing. This is not the case though. A large proportion of the items available are ex high street brands. Including stores such as Topshop, New Look and Zara. Some of the items are European brands that I haven’t heard of before. The quality though is still great.

None of the brands are listed on the website so it is a surprise once you receive it if you have picked a high street label. For me that is all part of the fun.

Usually everything on this website, as the name suggests, is just £5. You then pay for postage which is set by the size of your order. On this occasion I ordered four items. As I had a discount code which also offered free delivery I only paid £19 on this occasion. (I would share that but unfortunately it is no longer valid). Even without a discount code the savings you can get are amazing.

It is worth bearing in mind that quantities are limited so stock can sell out fast. If you see something you love don’t hang around or you will be disappointed.

This is what I purchased on this occasion. If an item is still available I will leave a link to it.

Bershka high waisted black skinny Jeans.

This is a brand I hadn’t heard of before. They have a great looking website though where similar jeans are currently retailing for approximately £20.

The fit of these are great and even though very tight are super comfy.

Washed Denim Skinny Jeans.

These again are another great fitting pair of jeans. The brand is not one I recognise and the label was printed in either Japanese or Chinese. They are perfect for me to wear to work though and totally worth more than the £5 price tag.

Feather Embellished Ankle Boot.

I can not get over the quality of these boots. They arrived boxed and with individual dust bags. They have a lovely soft cosy lining so are warm and comfortable . I have worn them to work and and received lots of compliments.

The brand Nio Nio is sold on this website and styles retail between £17-£29.

Lastly I ordered this Belted Striped midi Dress. The quality is not as good as the other items but I love the style and how it fits. I still feel I have picked up a bargain and am looking forward to wearing this in the summer.

I am not disappointed by any of the items I purchased and will definitely be placing an order in the future. I have my I my eye on this stunning red jumpsuit to wear for my birthday.

Size wise everything I ordered fitted well. It is definitely worth reading the reviews as a guide for which size to order. Some of the reviews also give clues as to which items are originally from a well known brand.

Have you purchased anything from everything5pounds before? What was your experience?

Lookfantastic December Beauty Box | #blogmas Day 4 

For the past year I have subscribed to LookFantastic’s Beauty Box. As I’m trying to limit the amount of beauty products I have waiting to be used at home I won’t be renewing my subscription. The December #LFxmas box then will be my last. Ironically it is probably one of the best boxes I have received from LookFantastic this year. 

So what’s inside? 

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer – I have wanted to try this primer for so long but couldn’t justify spending out £32 on it . I was ridiculously excited to see this in December box then. It is a generous 6ml deluxe sized sample so should give me a chance to throughly try it out.

The Primer has an almost jelly like texture and contains a blend of Vitamin C and B3 and skin nourishing micro algae. My first impressions are very very good. I used this yesterday and my make looked and stayed flawless till I removed it. I’ll let you know my further thoughts after a couple of weeks using this. 

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – I have used this pre-shampoo treatment many times before after receiving it in other beauty subscription boxes. It does a great job of adding bounce and volume to my hair without any stickiness. Again the rrp of this product is high so I’m always delighted to receive it in a box. 

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash – Balance me is brand that I tried before and enjoyed. I haven’t tried this cleanser before though so am happy to have the opportunity to try it out. 

It contains grapefruit and frankincense oils which help to gently reduce skin congestion and blemishes. I can often find anti blemish cleansers too harsh for my skin so am hopeful that this will work for me. 

BUBBLE T Bath Bomb – I love a bathbomb so was really pleased to see this included in the box. 

It is free from parabens and SLS so suitable for those with sensitive skin. I can’t comment on the scent yet as it is in a sealed packet but it is Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea scented. 

Skin Republic Caviar and CoQ10 Sheet Mask – I’m a huge sheet mask fan. This contains an interesting balance of ingredients so I’m expecting it to be good. Caviar is rich in vitamins that provide hydration, whislt Witch Hazel helps to fight blemishes. I’m not sure what CoQ10 is but is is supposed to contribute to skin healthiness. 

Mello Cosmetics Madness Lipstick – I have not seen much from this brand before. So a lipstick is a good introduction to the brand. It is a New Zealand based cruelty free brand that is suitable for vegans and free from parabens. 

This looks like is a true matte red lipstick in the bullet but swatches a little bit on the pink side of red. 

The #LFxmas is such a great box so im finishing my subscription on a high note. There isn’t one product I won’t use. The stand out product for me has to be the Illamasqua hydra veil as it’s been on my wish list for about two years. I will let you know soon how I get on with it over a longer period of time. 

Pre Party Beauty Prep | #Blogmas Day 3

With the Christmas Holiday season rapidly approaching those long awaited parties are starting to happen. I have 3 to attend in the space of a week yay! Obviously then I want to look my best so I have been indulging in some pre party beauty treats. 

My nails really have been shocking of late so were desperately crying out for some TLC. Now was a good time to try out these Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Mask by 7th Heaven. 

These little finger masks are part of the 7th heaven spa range and are aimed at people with damaged nails. That will be me then! 

The pack contains a full set of paper finger masks which contain a blend of Argan and macadamia oils as well as anti-oxidant rich pomegranate extract. 

They looked like they would be very fiddly  to apply but actually they weren’t too bad. I found the best thing to do was pre open all the masks before applying on any of my fingers. Also be aware that they are sized to fit individual fingers and thumbs so don’t mix them up. The finger ones will not fit on your thumbs. 

After relaxing for 15 minutes you then remove the masks and massage the residue into your nails.

This left my nails looking far less dry and brittle making applying my manicure so much easier. Even my cuticles needed little work. 

Priced at £2.49 and available from Ocado and Primark these are a purse friendly treat perfect for when you are in the mood for making that little bit more effort before a special occasion. 

Whilst all the was happening I also used a Moisture Bomb Tissue mask from Garniers  new skin active range. 

This is the perfect inexpensive treat to rehydrate your skin leave it looking extra radiant. 

Key ingredients include Hyalauranic acid, pomegranate extract and plant serum. It is super comfortable and refreshing to wear and really does provide an indulgent pampering session. 

I’ve used these masks a couple of times and love how soft and smooth my skin always feels afterwards. Perfect then for applying flawless party make-up. 

These are so cheap at just the usual rrp of £1.99 and are available from plenty of different retailers. Boots currently have them on offer for 99p so its worth picking up a couple like I did yesterday. I haven’t left a link to though as they are not currently on the website. 

Do you have any pre party beauty rituals? If you have any recommendations for budget beauty treats I’d love to hear them. 

5 Essential Beauty Products for Autumn 

The clocks have gone back and we are officially heading towards winter. As the nights are drawing in and it’s gets chillier my beauty needs inevitably change. I have certain products that I have returned to  time again over the past few years. They are hard working and get me through the season. This year I’ve discovered a couple of extras to add to my beauty routine. 

So here I am sharing 5 of my Autumn/winter beauty must haves;  

 Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluranic Serum – £28

Now I have succumbed to putting the heating on my skin is starting to feel dry and tight. 

I have added this Hyalauranic acid based serum to my morning skincare regime before I apply my moisturiser. As Hyaluranic acid can hold up to a 1000 times its weight in water it grabs on to all those moisturising ingredients making them work harder and more effectively. I have really noticed the difference in how my skin feels. 

The Bodyshop Shade adjusting drops Lightening – £10

Summer has officially passed and I’ve returned to a very pale version of myself meaning my current foundation options  are way too dark for me. Not wanting to leave them to expire by the time next summer comes around these lightening drops are the perfect solution. 

I did a full review of these drops in a recent blog post that you can check out here.

The Bodyshop Hemp Hand Protector – from £5 

Anyone else suffer with hands that chap and bleed as soon as it hits November? Not only does it hurt, but it’s not pretty! This is the hand cream I reach for every year as it seems to be the only one that actually works to prevent that from happening. 

I’m not going to lie the hemp scent is a bit funky but I can over look that as the cream itself is so effective. 

Soap & Glory Heel Genius – £5.50

Now, boots not only look fab but are great for keeping your feet warm and dry throughout the Autumn and winter months.  What they aren’t so great on is the skin of your feet. Nope prolonged wear can leave feet looking a bit dry and crusty, yuck! 

This particular foot cream works a treat though to keep my feet looking and feeling great even when I’ve been wearing nothing but boots. I apply it each night before bed. The peppermint scent is also soothing if you’ve got aching feet. 

 Avon Advance techniques dry shampoo – £3.50

I love a bobble hat at this time of year to keep me warm and cosy on my walk to work. What I don’t love is hat hair. That is why I keep a can of dry shampoo in my bag for an instant freshen up once I’ve got to work. This one from Avon is great as it doesn’t leave a cast plus it also acts as a volumizer to get rid of that flat hat hair. 

Please bear in mind Avon have changed the packaging of all their Advance techniques products recently but the formula is still the same (mine is still the old packaging). 

What are your must have beauty products for Autumn? 

Please note any Avon products featured link to my Avon representative selling page. 

How not to fall victim to an attack of the FOMO

The FOMO, it’s real, and at some point we will all experience it in our lives. A lot of you will be very aware of what this little acronym means. If you’re like me though and not very down with the kids (I only learnt it’s meaning possibly in the last year) let me explain.

FOMO, aka the fear of missing out, is the modern day equivalent of ‘keeping up with the Jones.’ Only now our lives are plastered across various social media platforms it has crept it’s way into being a permanent fixture in our everyday lives. Yes it’s is no longer restricted to a bit of curtain twitching and gossiping about the neighbours new driveway.

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, especially, it can often seem that everyone else’s lives are far more exciting than our own. That girl you didn’t really like at school but insist on being freinds with on Facebook coz your nosy, she’s off on her third Instagram worthy holiday this year, NO FAIR!! I haven’t had one this year.

Your favourite blogger once again has managed to get her hands on the latest MAC limited edition launch. Whilst you can’t afford it because you’ve just spent all your money on kitting the kids out with back to school paraphernalia. True story!

No MAC Star Trek make-up for me. The kids School uniform fits and for about three weeks will look super smart. Oh and their shoes fit and/or no longer have holes in them, WINNING! Still no Star Trek makeup for this makeup addict closet Star Trek geek. Minor digression, but it was my dream to join Star Fleet as a teenager. Sad, but very very true!

Yes it’s so easy to look at other people’s lives and turn green with envy. Next time you feel a bout of FOMO coming on though remember this. How much of what we see on people’s social media is real?

Now I’m not saying that that girl from school hasn’t had three holidays this year, but she may not be sharing the fact that her job is so rubbish or stressful that she needs those holidays just to feel sane.

How many people can honestly say they don’t filter out the crappy parts of their lives on social media? Why? Well it makes us feel better about ourselves.

My entire immediate family are currently in Portugal on holiday, due to our financial situation we couldn’t go. You can imagine how seeing the updates of them having fun triggers an attack of the FOMO. Do you know what though? If I had gone on that holiday I wouldn’t be starting my exciting new job. One case of FOMO batted out of the park right there.

How?? Instead of looking enviously at what I could be missing out on I’ve looked and seen the positive things happening in my life.

So next time you feel a touch of the green eyed monster rearing remember the grass isn’t always greener!

Foundation Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop | Review

I don’t very often purchase make-up from The Body Shop as to be quite frank as a make-up brand it doesn’t excite me. I’m always nipping into my local store though as I love their body butters and banana conditioner. This little gem of a product, foundation shade adjusting drops,  caught my interest recently though as unique problem solver that I needed in my life. Since trying it out I consider this a ‘must have’ in my collection.

I’m a pale girl, but not ivory pale, so can often find it difficult to find a foundation that matches perfectly. I also like to warm my complexion just a little bit but don’t want that tell tale slightly too orange look. These shade adjusting drops in lightening from The Body Shop have proven to be a bit of a game changer where my foundation is concerned.

The lightening drops contain a concentration of white and yellow pigments that help to neutralise any foundation that is too yellow or orange looking.

They come in a handy glass bottle with a dropper, meaning you have control over how much you are adding to your foundation and waste is minimal. The Body Shop recommend that 1 drop, added to the usual amount of foundation you would apply, will lighten by 1/2 a shade.

I usually put my foundation onto the back of my hand, add a good sized drop of the shade adjusting drops, before mixing with a finger and then applying with my usual brush. It can be a little messy but the results are worth it. I have tried using the drops in a couple of different foundations now and haven’t found that they have a negative affect the performance. It does perhaps thin it slightly by wear is still the same.

The drops are priced at £10 and as you use so little a bottle is going to last a long time. So, good value for money then in my opinion. If you are struggling to find your perfect foundation shade I highly recommend popping along to your local store and trying these lightening drops out.

The #Bloggers Ball 2016

Last Saturday saw me hopping on a train for a trip up to London. I was very lucky to be able to attend the #BloggersBall organised by the lovely Scarlett from and SL Blogger Events. 

This is the third event I have attended that has been organised by Scarlett. Each time her events have grown in size and attendance. The Bloggers Ball was no exception. 

The event was held at Dstrkt London and offered the chance to network with other bloggers plus a selection of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and food brands. So there was something for everyone.

Scarlett greeting every attendee as they arrive

I rediscovered some old favourites like everyday fragrance brand So..?

This brought a fair few memories from my teenage years when I used to engulf myself in half a can of So..? Red post P.E lesson.  

So…? Fragrance
I was also introduced to some newer and truly innovative products such as lipivir. This is a Swiss preventative cold sore treatment that also stops your lipstick from becoming contaminated. 

There were lots of competitions to enter to win prizes such as a handbag, Clothing from bonprix, who’s PR ladies where lovely FYI. 

I really want this kimono pictured below 😍. 

I took so many photos, it was so busy though so they are more snaps than editorial. I will share some of the betters ones though so you can see some more insights into the event. 

Exuviance Skincare
Boho Betty
Toad Diaries
Luscombe Drinks
Manicures by

I was kindly gifted lots of goodies to try out and home and review so keep your eyes peeled for some reviews in the near future. 

Once again a huge well done and thank you needs to go to Scarlett and those that helped her to arrange the event, plus of course all the brands that gifted us on the day. 

The Gym Playlist 

Music is such an important thing in most of our lives. 

Different music can have an impact on how we feel and influence our moods.

I’m sure you’ll agree that we all have our own selection of songs that will evoke memories, both good and bad. 

We have those songs that motivate us and make us work and train harder. 

For this reason I put my gym playlist up there as one of my most important training tools. If I forget my headphones and don’t have my music it actually has a negative impact on my performance. 

I’m unable to run at the moment has my scholiosis has flared up. Instead I’m cycling so the playlist has had a little tweak. It’s working for me though. 

I can guarantee not all of the music in this current playlist is to everyone’s taste, but it has relevance to me. 

So confession time, this is what is on my current gym playlist with a little explanation of why that particular song has earned its place. 

1. Danza Kuduro (Through Your Hands Up)
Lucenzo & Qwote

This is our honeymoon song and never fails to put me in a good mood. Perfect for  warming up. 

2. Heart Attack

Demi Lovato

Im starting to lift the tempo a bit here but  this is not too fast that it helps with pacing.

The next few songs I’m looking to maintain a steady pace. Music that is at a certain tempo is really important to helping me maintain that. 

 3. Roar

Katy Perry

4. The Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga

5. Uptown Funk

Fleur East

By this point I feel like I’m hitting a bit of a wall. So I need something that is loud and motivational. Yup it calls for a spot of  Prodigy!

6. Invaders Must Die

The Prodigy 

It’s time to wind down now, but not too much. 

7. Figure it Out

Royal Blood 

Thanks for stopping by schooled