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Bargain Make-up from Cosmetic Fairy |Top Picks!

So one of those emails arrived yesterday. You know the ones, come and spend some money. Oh but this really was tempting.I shouldn’t have opened it and clicked that little link. 

I haven’t bought anything from Cosmetic Fairy in ages, at least a year I recon?

There was nothing really exciting on sale. Well they’ve had some new stock. Yes great products from L’Oreal and Maybelline at crazy cheap prices. So I thought it would be fun to share my top picks from the site. 

L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Foundation £5.39

This foundation has received good reviews on both boots.com and superdrug.com where it is priced at £9.99 so to be able to pick this up for almost 50% off is brilliant. 

Maybelline’s Instant Pore Eraser face primer £3.83 

This has been a huge hit with bloggers. This usually retails for £7.99 so to be able to pick this up for less than half price is a bit of a steal really. 

The only catch is the packaging is written in Italian. It will come with an English translation sticker though. 

L’Oreal Color Riche Les Ombré Eyeshadow palette- Smoky Velours Noir £2.69 (that’s a mouthful!)

I have this palette in the shade nude lingerie, which I love. I paid £6.99 for that in Boots so this is a brilliant buy. 

Looking for a new purse friendly contour kit? Cosmetic fairy have this glam bronze compact in both blonde harmony and the darker shade  brunette harmony priced at just £4.49. Again, that’s over a 50% saving. 

I’m a huge fan of Maybelline Color Tatoo’s! Alas I have both of the colours endless purple and immortal charcoal that are currently available on this website else I’d be grabbing them both. They are worth a mention at just £2.24 though. Yes I kid you not! 

So will you be tempted to pick up anything over the weekend? Delivery is free on purchases over £10 plus you will review a free gift as well. Not bad!

Disclaimer – Images obtained from Cosmetic fairy website for product/offer sharing purposes.

Bargain Alert! – Smashbox ‘On the Rocks’ Be legendary lipgloss Set £12.67

Hi guys! 

Just a quick post here, but I felt I had to share this amazing bargain to be had from Smashbox Cosmetics.  

Image credit : Smashbox website

The ‘on the rocks’ Be legendary lipgloss set is on sale for £12.67 including delivery, plus you also get to pick a free luxury sample at check out. Of course I opted for my Holy Grail Photo Finish Primer. 

Why is this such a good deal? 

Well individually the lip glosses are selling for £11.25 for 6ml. The shade range available at the moment isn’t that great either. Here though you are getting a set of 5ml lip glosses for £12.67. The shade selection is pretty good as well. 

Having tried a sample of these glosses in the past I can confirm that they are pretty awesome. Naturally I had to bag this bargain then.  

As these were part of the christmas 2014 range they will have a shorter shelf life, but if like me you know you will use them straight away it really is a bargain. 

Have you spotted any bargains lately? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Payday shopping trip Part 2 – Latest Poundshop beauty finds

Hi Guys, 

I’m back with part two of my shopping trip. This time I want to share with the the great beauty bargains currently to be had in my local poundshop. I find it’s always worth having a quick nose just in case they have something fab on other.  

 Like thrifting though, sometimes there is nothing to be had, other times there are some amazing finds. Fortunately this trip resulted in the later. 

So what did I get?

Montagne Jeunesse facemask twin pack. I love this particular brand of facemask, and would happily pay full price. 2 for £1 feels like a bit of a steal. 

The ones include here are, Prickly Pear Peel off and Apricot Scrub. 

Be prepared for weird Instagram selfies in the future, I can’t help sharing with the world how daft I look wearing different face masks (cringe).

Bourjois Lady in Black Lashes

These are such pretty little corner lashes, I’m praying to the eyelash gods that I don’t mess these ones up. Still they are so cheap and I wouldn’t be too upset if I did. 

If the little gems aren’t you thing, there were some other cool lashes to pick from, they even had the paperself collaboration ones. 

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nail Polish – Misty Jade

I seem to have a bit of a thing for green nails at the moment. Maybe because I’m on the hunt for the ultimate pastel green shade? 

  I have high hops for this one, ans shall be busting it out for a road test later today. 

Radox Muscle Soak I have been in the look out for some bath salts to give a little whirl for a while. I didn’t want to spend loads of money though.  

 These muscle soak ones from Radox seem ideal at the moment as I’m spending a lot of time in the gym. The thought of a nice hot steaming herbal bath almost makes it worth while going to the gym just so I can use these. 

Lastly we have a hair mask from Herbal Esscence. I have tried the Bee Strong variety in the past, which was lovely. So I’m excited to give this Smooth & Soft one a try.  


I’ve only given it a sniff so far, but the mandarin scent smells yum. 

So, that’s my latest poundshop beauty finds, I think there are some pretty great bargains to be had at the moment. This all can to £5’s. They do seem to be lacking in makeup bargains at the moment, but definitely make up for it in the bath and body section. 

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think? 

Payday shopping trip Part 1 – Primark Haul

Yesterday was the start of our families pay month, which means pocket Money day yay! 

Ok I know that’s a weird thing for a 33 year old to say but this is when that bit of money I’m allocated from the household budget, to spend on whatever I like, comes my way. So yes I am basically like an excitable child, clambering to get out and treat myself. Usually I have spent the week before hand planning what I’m going to do with it. 

This month was no exception, I needed new gym kit. I’m spending more time in the gym now and some of my stuff really has seen better days. So I headed to Primark having seen on ITV’s this morning, a couple of weeks back, that it was pretty good stuff. This resulted in the usual thing that happens on a Primark trip, I come home with some extras. 

So enough waffling, this is what I got;

Grey Marl cropped leggings -£6 These are great as not only are they seam free but they also are made from a quick dry fabric. Ideal if you are sweaty Betty like me. Yep it comes with exercise! Yuck!

Fluorescent Lime cropped top – £3.50

I won’t be missed in this get up, it’s so bright. Not that I street run, but this would be great for someone that did.

Lastly some Trainer liners £2.50 for 7 pairs. 

  Slightly boring but essentials, I do think the colour selection is fab though.  

Now on to the extras, yep the bits I didn’t go in for, but bought on Impulse.

 Printed Tee – £3

  I’m loving my printed t-shirts at the moment, I actually have 2 others of this cut in different prints. Like a magpie with shiny things, the print on this one jumped out at, there was only 2 on the shelf tucked away amongst all the others, so it had to be done. 

White mesh lace pumps – £4  


I love these pumps, so practical yet still pretty and feminin. They will look great with denims and summery dresses. 

Yellow gold coloured necklaces £1-£2   

I’m loving the layered jewellery trend that is going on right now. These are so dainty and perfect for creating such a look. Obviously they are imitation gold but who cares for that price?

Lastly, is a tiered summer dress that is just stunning. It set me back £13 but bought else wear it would easily have cost a lot more.  

 The print and contrasting colours I just love. I can’t wait for some prolonged warmer days to throw this on with some sandals and maybe a denim jacket in the evening. Tres Boho chic! 

So that’s all I picked up in Primark, not bad considering I spent a total sum of £35. Have you done any Primark shopping posts lately? Do leave your link below, I’m a nosy bugger and would love to check it out. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Clothes mini haul – Primark & New look £2 bikini!!

Hi guys! 

Today I met up with my little sis for some lunch and a wander around our local high street. That particular activity usually ends up with one, or both of us, spending way too much money. We are both terrible enablers! 

Today though I managed to come across some amazing bargains. I couldn’t believe my luck with some of these finds so felt the need to share with you guys, you never know you may be able to come across some of these deals yourself. 

First up we popped into New Look, as we are both looking for some inspiration to update our summer wardrobes. Whilst checking out the swimwear we noticed they had quite a large clearance rail with tonnes of mixed size bikini seperates, all at £1 each. 

We have developed a strategy when it comes to searching this type of clearance. 

1. Find all the bikini tops in you size. Don’t forget to check the actual labels as quite often like I found today the size does not correspond with the size on the hanger. 

2. Pick out the ones you like. 

3. Search for a close match in bottoms that are your size. They don’t need to be an exact match if you don’t mind working a mix n match look. 

4. If like me your a bit if a pear shape then this is great as it’s usually odd sizes that are on clearance. 

I was lucky to find 2 suitable bikinis, with the help from my sister. Yay!! 

What do you think, I’m in love with both of these? They cost me £4 in total bargain!!! I can’t wait to go on holiday and wear these now. 

Next up we headed into Primark, in order to look at shoes primarily. Do you remember I said I was after some pool slides? I did a inspiration post showing my top finds HERE

I found a great pair that only set me back £8, which is great when compared with some of the others I looked at.  


The last item I picked up in Primark basically was me being naughty. I couldn’t say no to these joggers that were on sale at £3. Lately I just want a comfy waist band, so was beginning to look at bit of a mess. Well these have fulfilled the comfort factor, just with a bit more style.  


There are some amazing bargains to be found on the high street at the moment it really is worth taking the time to have a bit of a rumage through the bargain rails. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

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Bargain alert!! Nyx diamond sparkle lipsticks @ £1


So, today I had to pop into my local Poundworld, to pick up some household essentials. Like always I couldn’t help having a quick peek at their make-up section. If you are lucky they can have some super cheap branded items available. Today was one of those days as I spotted Nyx diamond sparkle lipsticks on sale for £1, result!

I opted for the shade Sparkling apricot. This is a very pretty sparkly nude peach colour. As you can see from the swatch it does look like it could be a difficult shade to pull of, luckily on the lips though this transforms to a very wearable sparkly nude. I’m very pleased and can’t believe my luck really. I can’t comment on wear as I’ve only just purchased this, but if it isn’t that great than I can live with that as I only paid £1.


If this is not your thing they had plenty of other shades available. I was very good and just opted for the one, but could have so easily picked up more.

I have had a quick look at the NYX website, and some shades (not this one unfortunately) are available in the farewell section. These are priced at a still very reasonable
£3. If you have a chance though it’s worth popping into Poundworld to see if they have any left.

I would love to know what you think of these lipsticks if you have given them a go. Bye for now, Katy 🙂