Bomb Cosmetics Chai High Bath Mallow | As good as Lush?

Those that have been reading for a while will know that I’m just a wee bit of a Lush fan. So for me to break out and try bath goodies from another brand is kind of a big deal. 

Who could not be tempted by the gorgeousness that is bomb cosmetics though? Just look at how stinking pretty this chai high bath mallow is?

It smells as good as it looks as well! The best way I can describe the sent is uplifting and fruity with a hint of floral. 

Now let’s get the negatives out of the way. If you are looking for a bath that is an all singing and dancing visual spectacle (here’s looking to you Lush) you will be disappointed by this bath melt. That’s not what these bath creamers are all about. 

Rather than a fast fizz these are slow  release bath treats that create a creamy foam in the bath as they spin. 

Don’t expect the water to change colour either as the colour disperses it melts away leaving a cloudy bath instead. 

Where this bath creamer really comes into its own is in how effective it is at softening the water and moisturising the skin. 

The Shea butter leaves a rich moisturising film on the skin that when rubbed in sinks in and leaves the skin feeling super smooth. 

This effect lasts for a long time as well.  I took my bath on a Saturday morning and my skin still felt super soft the following Sunday morning. 

So if your skin feeling dry and in need of a some TLC, this would be perfect for that. However If you want your bath to be all about the visual display then this won’t be for you, stick to Lush.

I really enjoyed how soft and moisturised my skin was left feelingafter using the bath mallow so would happily purchase one again in the future. There are so many other scents to try though so it may not be the exact one.

Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb Review 

I had a bath again!! I promise you I wash more often that that sounded, but yes I treated myself to a ‘fancy’ bath at the weekend. On this occasion I decided to get a bit festive and use my Yog Nog bath bomb from Lush

Priced at £3.95 this is in the pricier end of Lush’s range of bath bombs, it’s pretty darn special though. Mine broke in transit so this picture doesn’t actually do it any justice. The pretty Christmassy patten has all been knocked off, Boo!!

Fortunately the pattern is not actually this particular bath bombs main selling point. No, it’s the lovely cinder toffee like scent and super silky moisturising bath it creates that is. Ooh and how pretty and cheerful is that yellow bath? 

The key ingredients that provide the warming sweet scent are Shea butter, clove bud oil and ylang ylang oil. It smells gorgeous! I can’t say whether or not it smells like Yog nog as I haven’t a clue what that smells like. I’ve never had it. 

A favourite feature for is that as it breaks down there are large chunks of what I presume are Shea butter. That once dissolve make for a super moisturising bath. It does get a skippy slippy so bear that in mind when you are getting out.   

I really enjoyed using this and will be keeping my fingers crossed for it to appear in the Boxing Day 50% off sale. I’m a tight wad and don’t want to pay out full price for another one. 

What Lush products have you been enjoying recently? Can you tell me what actual Yog nog smells like? 

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Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablets Reveiw 

Sometimes in life you need to just sit back and relax. What better way is there to have a little ‘me time’ than an indulgent bath?

I am a huge fan of using bath bombs and oils to create a relaxing and fragrant bath, so I was more than excited to be sent some a selection Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablets to try out. Thank you for the kind gift.

Kneipp is a natural body and skincare brand created in Germany. It has over  120 years of experience producing high quality natural products packed with essentials oils that are free from paraffin, silicone and mineral oils.

Priced at £1.95 the latest addition to the range are these sparkling bath tablets. They are available in arnica to sooth joint and muscles or Eucalyptus to assist with the clearing of the sinuses.

As my legs were aching soo much this morning after yesterday’s gym workout I decided now was a good time to try the arnica variety.

On contact with the water this produced a rich creamy lather before settling to a gentle fizz that lasted for a good amount of time. It also turned the water a lovely yellow colour.

The smell of the bath is amazing! It was very refreshing and relaxing. It actually lingered on my skin for a long time after my bath.

In terms of effectiveness this did ease the aches and pains I was feeling in my legs. I would say these effects are short term though, as they did return later.

Overall I have to say I really liked this product. It provided a gorgeous smelling bath and did ease my aches in the short-term. Priced at £1.95 this is also very good value for money when compared with the price of similar products in Lush.

I think these are great to have on stand by to help out with the aches and pains you can get after a tough workout.

I’m yet to try the Eucalyptus bath tablet but I’m saving it for that inevitable winter cold.

Have you tried anything from Kneipp before? Do you recommend any of their other products?

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