The Festival Beauty Survival Kit 

I love love love a summer music festival, I just don’t get the opportunity to go as often as I’d like. Crazy I know especially when I live in the same town that plays host to one of the countries biggest music festivals.

Still I’ve been to enough festivals and concerts over the years (V 2000 was my first) to have developed my own little beauty survival kit.

I’m talking stripped bare, only essentials allowed, nobody’s got time for carting round a huge bag. I thought given that festival season is upon us again it would be fun to share what beauty products make the cut.

Make-up I keep very basic, for various reasons.

  1. It usually rains so I don’t see the point of risking looking like a panda.
  2. Access to mirrors is limited anyway.
  3. I don’t want to risk loosing anything expensive or hard to replace.

Dead Sea Spa Magik BB cream £13.50 Holland & Barrett

This doubles as a moisturiser and provides a good level of complexion evening coverage. It also has an SPF which is essential when you know you are going to be spending all day in the sun.

Saturated Colour Multi Tasker Pencil Gingerbread – £3.50

This is such a handy little pencil. It can be used as an eyeliner, lip liner and as I’m a brunette used sparingly it works well as a brow pencil. If the shade gingerbread is to warm for you they do a lighter taupe shade called cookie dough.

Various Natural Collection products – All £1.99

The WaterGuard Mascara is very buidable and most importantly stays put. We’ve got any sudden rain showers covered, no panda eyes for me.!

The tinted lip balms are super moisturising, conveniently packaging to use straight from the tube and provide a hint of colour without the need for a mirror.

Lastly if my make-up is this minimal then I want to balance it out with some super bright nail polish. This shade of Hibiscus ticks that box and wears really well.

I got three days out of this mani before It started chipping.

The next couple of items are a convienient way of meeting those hygiene needs when your faced with a 2hr queue for a shower and stinky portaloos.

Im not a fan of face wipes. When it comes to festivals though I’m the first in line to be nabbing some. Those Face wipes are not just for your face either, nope in times of need you now have a wet flannel for those underarms, make-up remover and toilet roll. Ta dah!

A mini can of Batiste dry shampoo not only instantly freshening up your hair but Is also a great way of adding volume to it. Batiste comes in a range of pretty scents as well so is another way of combatting that dirty festival pong.

Talking of bad smells I like to keep a can of So..? Sexy in my bag. Priced from just £0.98 when on offer (which it frequently is in superdrug) this is a great inexpensive fragrance as an alternative to running the risk of losing your favourite perfume. It also doubles as an air freshener should you find yourself faced with a very stinky loo.

Last but not least don’t set foot inside a festival without some antibacterial handgel. I don’t need to explain this one!!

Is there anything you think I’m missing from my festival beauty survival kit? Let me know in the comments section.

*Post contains or samples.


Facemask Friday with Heaven Skincare Silver Bee Venom mask

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a Facemask Friday post. The reason for this will be made clear shortly. 

Way back in august I attended the #bigbloggersconference, organised by London meet-ups. If you fancy reading about that then I posted about it here. Whilst attending the brand exhibit as part of this event  I was very fortunate to be gifted the Silver Bee Venom mask £55 for 30ml alongside some other heaven skincare items by the lovely Deborah Mitchell, founder of Heaven Skincare

Considering the price tag attached to this Facemask I wanted to ensure I gave this a substantial testing period before I wrote a review about it. I know I’d be rather miffed if I read a review that wasn’t accurate just because the product was ‘gifted’ and the article rushed to publishing. 

Two months down the line I have had enough use of the facemask to form an opinion about the product and feel happy to share my honest opinion with my readers. 

First up let me tell you a little bit more about the Silver Bee Venom Facemask

The mask contains ABEETOXIN (bee venom) that works naturally to help control facial muscles providing a lifting, tightening and firming effect whilst actively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

This claims to provide a natural and safe alternative to Botox Injections (sourced from toxic botulism). 

So what did I think about the facemask? 

From a packaging point of view it is stunning. The packaging is truely luxurious, it reminds me of a pearl encased in an icecube. It very is reassuringly weighty to hold in your hand. 

The mask itself is very rich and creamy and has a light floral scent. When worn on the skin it has a slight tingle though this is not uncomfortable in any way. 

You can actually use the mask daily as a moisturiser in the evening should you wish. I however have opted to use the more traditional mask method wearing it for about 15 minutes once a week before rinsing off. 

Now down to the nitty gritty. Does it work? 

I have definately noticed a marked improvement to the appearance of my forehead. I usually have a visible vertical crease between my brows from squinting (I really should stop being vain and wear my glasses more). This is no longer visible, as long as I continue to use the mask. 

When I skipped a week through laziness the effects had worn off and that tell take line started to reappear. 

This isn’t a permant fix then, but with prolonged use of the facemask you will continue to see it’s effects. 

Is it worth the money? 

It pains me to say this, as I don’t like pushing pricey products on people but I do actually think this is worth the £55 price tag. When you consider how much Botox injections are and that you will get a good 5/6 uses out of the mask (used how I have) then yes it’s worth it. 

Put it this way I’m going to have to start saving my pocket money to replace this when it runs out as I will miss it. 

Have you tried this face mask before, what was your experience? 

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Makeup Revolution Newt-rals vs Neutrals Palette 

Now that autumn is well and truely upon us I’m feeling the need to switch up my makeup.

The changing colours of autumn from summer tones to deeper rich berries gold and burnt oranges filter into my makeup choices.

The recently released New-trails vs Neutrals eyeshadow palette £6.99 from Makeup Revolution has nailed Autumn.

It contains a beautiful selection of burnt orange and berry tones in a selection of 16 matte and shimmer shades. All of which have a buttery texture that blend well and are easy to work with. Bonus marks also go to Makeup revolution for including a pretty decent double ended eyeshadow brush.


In order as they appear inside palette


I don’t think my swatches actually do the the pigmentation of the palette justice. These were actually swatched very lightly but still show the shades off beautifully.

For me the palettes strength lies in it’s versitilty. You could use this all through out autumn and winter and create a multitude of different looks from natural to high impact without having to reach for anything else, unless you fancy some green that is.

I have included some pictures of some of the different ways I have used this palette.


For me my relationship with this palette has been love at first use. It has made it’s way to my upcoming holiday packing list as I know I won’t be need anything else with me.

Priced at £6.99 it really is great value for money. If you we’re to purchase just make-up item this Autumn I highly recommend it be this, you won’t be left disappointed.

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget you can follow me on bloglovin to keep up to date with my latest posts.

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Lush’s Halloween & Christmas Launch Evening

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Halloween and Christmas blogger event at my local lush store. The Lush Christmas launch has to be my favourite time of year at Lush. The products are so exciting, even returning old favourites have had little tweaks to them. Expect lots of colour, glitter and even products with sounds elements. Yes you can have a bath inspired by the sound of a crackling fire!

As ever the team at Lush were super knowledgeable about every single product launched, no crib sheets either! There enthusiasm and passion for Lush products is clearly evident.

So let’s have a peek at some of those goodies.

My top Bubble bar picks include Holly Golightly, Peeping Santa and Five Gold Rings. 

Holly Golightly Bubble Bar


This is a fairly grown up sent. Containing Patchouli, Lime, Cinnamon Leaf and orange oil this really does smell of Chrismas. Expect a gorgously intense green bath with some added sparkle.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

Do you like the scent of strawberries? This little cutie packs a punch and is super nourishing thanks to the layer of Shea butter.  Can we just take a moment to appriciate how amazing the colour it will turn the bath water.

Five Gold Rings is Inspired by the classic christmas carol 12 days of christmas. I love the idea of this bubble bar as you can actually get 5 baths out of one product if you use one ring per bath.

This is a visually pleasing product with a lovely light vanilla and tonka fragrance. 
Next up my top bath bomb picks are;  Cinders, Father Christmas and Lord of Misrule.

Cinders Bath Bomb

Remember I eluded to a a crackling fireside inspired bath? Well this bath bomb may be small but it don’t let that dissolution you.

Expect a visually spectacular orange coloured bath that actually smokes and crackles. Oh and it has a pretty fab hot fruit punch scent as well.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is just beautiful, check this little demo out below. Fans or Lord of Misrule show gel will love this one.

I had this bath bomb as a christmas gift from my son last year. It has a lovely sweet but not too sweet scent and provided a gorgous coloured bath. I won’t ruin this one for you as it’s not what you expect.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb

My Top picks from the rest include Sants’s Belly shower jelly, Snakes & Ladders fun, Old Father Time soap and the daddy of Chrismas selection boxes 12 Days of Christmas which includes a selection of 12 of the christmas limited edition products.

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly

Love apple scents and red wine? This one is for you. Oh and how cute are those stars.

Snakes & Ladders Fun

Lovers of play dough will love this. it doubles up as soap and shampoo and not to mention some modelling fun. We have has snowman fun in the past and the black section made a big mess so I would definately opt for this one over that.

Old Father Time Soap

I love both of these soaps and would love to have the whole round. It’s not just a bit of soap they’re a work of art. They both smell fab aswell.


12 days of christmas

I would love to own this bit I couldn’t warrant spending £49.95 on it myself, but if you can and know a Lush fan this would make an amazing gift

This is just a small selection of the christmas products recently launched at Lush. To feature them all on the blog would probably bore you to death so if you want to see more then pop in to you local Lush store if you get the chance.

I was lucky to receive a couple of products to take home which I will feature in review posts over thecoming  weeks so keep you eyes peeled for those.

Fow now I owe a huge thanks to the team at Lush for having me.

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Payday shopping trip Part 2 – Latest Poundshop beauty finds

Hi Guys, 

I’m back with part two of my shopping trip. This time I want to share with the the great beauty bargains currently to be had in my local poundshop. I find it’s always worth having a quick nose just in case they have something fab on other.  

 Like thrifting though, sometimes there is nothing to be had, other times there are some amazing finds. Fortunately this trip resulted in the later. 

So what did I get?

Montagne Jeunesse facemask twin pack. I love this particular brand of facemask, and would happily pay full price. 2 for £1 feels like a bit of a steal. 

The ones include here are, Prickly Pear Peel off and Apricot Scrub. 

Be prepared for weird Instagram selfies in the future, I can’t help sharing with the world how daft I look wearing different face masks (cringe).

Bourjois Lady in Black Lashes

These are such pretty little corner lashes, I’m praying to the eyelash gods that I don’t mess these ones up. Still they are so cheap and I wouldn’t be too upset if I did. 

If the little gems aren’t you thing, there were some other cool lashes to pick from, they even had the paperself collaboration ones. 

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nail Polish – Misty Jade

I seem to have a bit of a thing for green nails at the moment. Maybe because I’m on the hunt for the ultimate pastel green shade? 

  I have high hops for this one, ans shall be busting it out for a road test later today. 

Radox Muscle Soak I have been in the look out for some bath salts to give a little whirl for a while. I didn’t want to spend loads of money though.  

 These muscle soak ones from Radox seem ideal at the moment as I’m spending a lot of time in the gym. The thought of a nice hot steaming herbal bath almost makes it worth while going to the gym just so I can use these. 

Lastly we have a hair mask from Herbal Esscence. I have tried the Bee Strong variety in the past, which was lovely. So I’m excited to give this Smooth & Soft one a try.  


I’ve only given it a sniff so far, but the mandarin scent smells yum. 

So, that’s my latest poundshop beauty finds, I think there are some pretty great bargains to be had at the moment. This all can to £5’s. They do seem to be lacking in makeup bargains at the moment, but definitely make up for it in the bath and body section. 

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think? 

Rave review – Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

Now I may live in Towie land, but I am not a girl that has embraced fake tanning.

Lets just say early experiences were not good.  Spray tans have resulted in me looking like an Oompa Loompa, despite asking for a natural glow. Whilst DIY application left me with streaky bits or orange hands.

Yes not good, so I consequently I have given any form of tanning a wide berth, embracing my pale natural self.

Check out these pasty pins from my before pictures.


This was untill I tried Cocoa Brown’s Gentle Bronze, £5.99. A moisturising lotion that with continued use develops into a beautiful natural looking tan.

cocoa brown gentle bronze  I have to thank Scarlett, from, for introducing me to this awesome product. This was included in a goody bag at the last blogger bash she hosted. I’m not going to lie, I looked at it and imediately thought ‘not for me’. She assured me how good it was though and that she used it herself.

I didn’t actually try it straight away, it took a positive review and photographic evidence, from Chloe at BranzenRouge to convince me to try it. I’m so glad that I did, because I love it. So much so that I’m nearly out, and need to pick up another tube.

This is so easy to use, builds to a very natural looking healthy glow, and doesn’t have that nasty fake tan smell.


I use a tanning mitt for application, as I just find it helps to keep my hands clean and improve overall finish of application.

IMG_4472 You can also use the gentle bronze on your face as it is oil free and non comedogenic. In laymans terms, it won’t cause break outs. Result!

The only negative I can think of is that I gone through the bottle rather quickly. I recon I would need to purchase this 1-2 times a month to maintain my tan. not such a biggie though as it is only £5.99 a bottle.

I am definately going to be repurchasing this on payday.

Have you tried anything from Cocoa Brown before? I’d love to here your thoughts below.

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Take 3 Beauty Samples – The Smashbox Edit

  This is probably one of my favourite types of post to do, and is  one I look forward to it each month. The basis behind it being, each month I bring you my first impressions on three beauty samples that I have tested. 

Once again this month I have been able to group together another set of samples from the same brand, enabling me to do another brand focus. 

So who am I talking about then? Why Smashbox of course. This is a brand that I love for it’s high quality products. 

I tend to purchase from their online store, hence I have accumulated some brilliant luxury samples. They always include a luxury sample with your order, and often have offer codes for some extra free goodies. Delivery is free so this is such a great way of getting a bit more bang for your buck. In fact they have a week of special offers running currently with full size free treats all week. 

Smashbox Camera ready BB cream in light – £27

  If you are after a lightweight formula that still gives a good amount of coverage then this is great. I am really impressed with how this looks and feels on my skin.  

  I feel this warms my complection up nicely and does a good job of blurring imperfections. The picture below is with just the BB cream alone. As you can see by the hair I’m having a lazy day here. I would feel self conscious about doing the school run or popping to the shops like this. 

  This works well equally well though as a base for a more glam look. this is me before heading out to a BBQ. I have added some concealer, powder, blush and highlight. Personally I think I’m looking pretty good. 


It’s worth noting also if you are a fair skinned girly like myself that this has an SPF of 35, making it perfect for the summer. I have already ordered a full size whoops!! 

The second product is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – £25

  Now I have to confess this is not the first time I have had this as a sample. I loved this the first time round and am glad to have another. 

The oil free formula provides a lovely surface for applying my face, without clogging my skin. I believe it makes a perfect combo with the BB cream above. My make-up lasts longer and just looks so much better. What more can a girl want?  

 I want to purchase a full size of this but im trying to be good girl at the moment. Primers seems to be the type of sample that I always have a few of so never really have to buy it. If I had to though this would be my first choice.

Lastly is Smashboxes Legendary Lipgloss in the shade Disco Rose – £15

  First up, how cute is this sample? I can easily be swayed by cute packaging but actually the formula of this is pretty good to.

   It is  easy to apply and not sticky at all. This for me is something that I haven’t found in lower priced lip glosses. The more premium brands just seem to get it right. Probably why I’m a more of a lipstick girly. If I was after a lipgloss though I would look to see what other shades are available in the range. 

So there that’s all of this months samples, I don’t consider any of them to be a dud and would look to purchasing the full sizes (um I have done for one already, he he). 

Have you tried any of these products? How did you get on? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Murad Clarifying Cleanser – Use with caution

Hi guys! 

Today I wanted to talk to you about a cleanser that I have been using for a while. This is Murads Clarifying Cleanser £25, which is part of Murad’s blemish and spot prone skin range. 

  I bought this last year as part of a trial kit, along with the Skin Perfecting Lotion blemish control £34

  At the time my skin was suffering a series of breakouts. I was due to be a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding, so I was getting desperate and nothing seemed to he working. To begin with all was fine, my skin started to clear up nicely. After a roughly week of using this though I had run out of the lotion. Not thinking much of it I continued using the cleanser, BIG MISTAKE!! My skin had completely dried out. It felt dry, tight, Itchy and was peeling. Yuck!! 

Anything I put on my skin to help just burned, not good! After a bit mental of deduction I decided it must be the cleanser causing it so stopped using it. With some careful TLC, sure enough my skin returned to normal. 

Now, that I had got to the bottom of my skins problem I could have jumped straight in with the bad reviews. The blogger in me though decided to do a bit of research before hand. I wanted to know whether anyone had had a similar experience.

 It didn’t take long for me to come across a couple of negative reviews citing a similar problem. There was loads more positive reveiws than negative though, the problem had to be my skin type. 

I would say I have combination/normal skin. I get a spotty T-Zone, but do not have the classic dry cheeks.The picture below I think demonstrates this well, you can see the faint scaring from areas I’m prone to breakouts.   

The high concerntrate of Salicylic acid in this cleanser was just too much for my skin. I don’t need something this strong for a daily cleanser. I do reach for it once a week though, as a deep cleanse, ensuring that I don’t skip the skin perfecting lotion step. I also add a Hylauranic Acid based serum to help lock in moisture. This is mainly because I’m unwilling to part with such an expensive cleanser though. 

Would I buy it Again? 

No, not because it’s a bad product, it’s just not right for my skin. This is for those that really suffer with oily spot prone skin, not the occasional hormonal breakout. 

It’s my opinion also that you shouldn’t use this cleanser without the skin perfecting lotion as it contains a combination of ingredients, Retinal, queen of meadow extract and arnica that help to balance the skins oil and moisture levels that can be removed by the cleanser. 

So what have I taken from this experience?  

Um, don’t automatically think I need to go for the strongest blemish fighting product I can find, it can sometimes do more damage than good. Yup, quite a lesson learned there. 

Have you tried this particular cleanser before or ever reacted badly to a product? Do share you experience in the comments section. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

YouBeauty Discovery Box – May edition

Long term readers will know that I’m a bit of a sucker for a beauty box. I have to confess though To being a complete beauty box tart, I flit from one to another depending on who’s keeping me interested. Right now  YouBeauty are on it, they have my attention 100%. 

This months box was no exception, I found it so hard to pick which two items I wanted inside my box. The menu was that good. You Beauty have joined forces with CEW to celebrate the finalists in their upcoming 2015 beauty awards. If you want to see the full short list it can be found on YouBeauty’s website

In the end I settled on Too Faced better than sex mascara, and’s snail Gel. Both products I have had my eye on for a while. 


These are both really good sized samples. The snail gel is actually a full sized product and retails at £19.99.  

Although you only receive two products in your box It’s these types of high value quality products that make this beauty box so worth trying. Particularly as the Subscription price is only £6.95 including delivery.  Each month you also receive some extra samples.  


Have you tried YouBeauty discovery box before? What do you think of my products this month? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

 Weekend pamper time – LUSH toner tabs. 

Hi guys, I hope you are having a good weekend.

 I have just got back from a trip into town with the kids, we have been hunting down costumes for a Star Wars  themed party we are going to on May 4th.

 I hate shopping on a Saturday it’s to busy, by the time I got home I definately felt I needed some relaxation time. A DIY facial was just what I needed. 

Thanks to my recent Lush order I was able to do just the thing. I had decided to add a couple of the toner tabs that had caught my eye on the numerous occasions I had been checking out their website. 

  I picked up both the tea tree tab £1 and Dream Steam, which is a bit pricier at £2.50. This is infused with rose absolute, chamomile and tea tree oil. 

 Now here’s the thing, make sure you have read the helpful Instructions on Lush’s how to use section as the first one I did last week I had used a bit wrongly, so didn’t really get the full benefit. I’m just glad it was the cheaper tea tree one that I messed up and not the more expensive one. Phew!!

  Any way how these work are by dropping a tab into a bowl of steaming hot water, WHISLT (that’s the important bit) your face is over it. As the tab bubbles and fizzes away it realeases a cloudy steam of essential oils to gently cleanse and moisturise your face. You then pat your skin dry and follow with a nice moisturiser.  

As you can see from this very strange picture I’ve found a towel helps to stop the oil infused steam escaping. This pic is from last Saturday morning, I promise I didn’t go into town in my PJ’s Ha Ha! 

 Lush describe the tabs as half way between a cleanser and a moisturiser. I’m not entirely sold on the cleansing aspect, other than it’s logical that the steam will open your pours up hopefully extract some nasties. 

In terms of moisturisering my skin it did feel soothed, particurly after using the dream steam tab. My skin has been very dry and tight feeling at the moment due to a reaction to another cleanser. After using this it feel more comfortable, and noticeably less tight feeling.

 The picture below was taken after I had used the dream steam toner tab, my skin definately appears to have a healthy glow to it. 


Would I buy these again, hmmm I not sure.  They were nice to use as you inhale the scent of the oils so they are very relaxing. I can’t say they have had a wow factor though when it comes to the effect on my skin.

 I do  like idea behind this particular type of product though. I think a more cost effective way of enjoying a DIY steam facial would be to invest in a bottle of essential oil and just add a few drops to the water. 

What do you think? Have you tried any thing like this before? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂