Phase Zero Metal Veils – It’s Love! 

It’s not often I instantly fall in love with a product. These liquid eyeshadows from Phase Zero however have really impressed me. 

I have the shades Fancy which is  yellow gold, and Regal which is a warm red toned burgundy. 

The formula is highly pigmented and feels nice and creamy. 

It has a small doe foot applicator making it easy to work with. I find I can be quite precise with the areas that I am wanting to apply product. I then like to use a blending brush to soften the edges. 

Once the formula dries it doesn’t budge. This is great for lasting power but just remember you do need to work quickly if you do want to blend it out. 

I find this is a great product to use when I’m in a hurry. I love how the look below came out. It is something I would wear for an evening out and only took me little over a minute. 

This look was created using regal over the lid and a gold pressed eyeshadow dabbed into the centre. 

Priced at just £4 to Love Me Beauty members these are a great little addition to my makeup collection. 

If you wanted try these out for yourself I have a £5 off first order referral code KATY6849 (I would receive a £5 LMB voucher as well).

My first Pink parcel Experience 

Who else hates their period? I do, with a great big fat capital H! Saying that I do greet it each month with a ‘Halle-friggin-lujah’…I’ve dodged the pregnancy bullet. Those inevitable cramps and that not feeling truly clean experience are not welcome though! That’s why I decided I was going to give Pink Parcel a try. 

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service that promises to make those monthly visits ‘fuss free and fabulous’ The service combines treats, beauty products and those essential femcare products all delivered to you at home. This arrives in a discreet and well packaged parcel on a date of your choosing. 

My first concern was whether it would arrive in time. Fortunately it actually arrived roughly a week before my selected date. No problems there then.

Secondly, would I be sent the type of femcare product that I prefer to use? Thankfully you get to choose from a wide variety of brands and can pick, tampons, towels or even a combination of both. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this part of the box isn’t just an afterthought. You receive a good amount with a combination of items for both daytime and nighttime use. There is also even a little well filled ‘for now’ bag to keep in your handbag so you don’t ever get caught out. 

Also included in the box is a treat food item along with a healthy tea bag. I don’t know about you but I always crave chocolate around my time of the month. I also love a cup of tea!

January’s box theme is Positivity, so the beauty related products included reflect this. 

My favourite item included is the Made by Coopers Apothecary Happy Mist value £12. 

This can be used to spray in the air or onto fabrics. The lime, clementine and basil scent is very uplifting and definitely triggers the pleasure sensors. 

I was also pleased to see Browcote Waterproof Brow Gel. Value £6.99

Brow products are one of my favourite make-up items so I will definitely be trying this out. I’m that person that can happily leave the house with a bare face but I always have to have groomed brows. 

Laritzy is a makeup brand that I haven’t heard of before now. This eye pencil is what I consider to be a ‘safe’ introduction to the brand. This is the most expensive item in the box with an rrp of £18.00.

I have the shade shimmer which is a silver shade. I shall be trying this out in my waterline as an eye brightening product. The packaging states that it is free from Parabens and after checking their website I found out that they also do not test on animals. Both positives for me! 

The last item is a set of Bandzee Hair Ties value £5.95. 

I love this type of hair tie as they are strong yet don’t leave kinks in you hair. I do feel they are often very overpriced though, especially as I’m always loosing them. This was definitely a useful addition to this box. 
Over all I am really pleased with my first experience of Pink Parcel. The value of the contents far exceed the £12.95 price tag. I’m not going to lie sanitary towels are one of those essential items that I resent have to spend money on. This subscription service takes the pain out of it! I’m looking forward to seeing what February’s box brings. 

Why I still Love A Beauty Box

Scrolling through Twitter recently I couldn’t help but notice an increase in negative feelings towards beauty Subscription Boxes. 

A couple of years ago it seemed the likes of Glossybox and Birchbox could do no wrong. Based on their success everyone wanted a piece of the action and there are now a huge variety of boxes to choose from. If you want high end there’s Cohorted. Is French Beauty your thing? We have My Little Box. Want something to make your monthlies a bit more appealing? Pink Parcel has you covered. Has the novelty worn off though?  Am I in the minority? I still love a beauty box you see. 

To settle my curiosity I ran a little Twitter poll. 

Of the 39 people that responded 56% said that they no longer enjoyed a Beauty Subscription Box. Perhaps they are falling out of favour then! 

If you are one of those people I would love to know why this is. For now though I’m going to share my reasons for still loving a Beauty Box. 

  • I love trying out different beauty products but don’t necessarily want to purchase a full size. What if I don’t like a product? What if it isn’t right for me? I’ve either wasted my money (If I really cant use it) or I’m stuck using a product I don’t like. 
  • It means I can afford to try out those expensive Beauty products I wouldn’t usually be able to afford. You can usually make huge savings if you are savvy. This is why I love Latest In Beauty. There is the option to curate your own box from a Huge menu of products. I usually do a little bit of googling to find out the RRP of products so I get the best value for money. 

    • I’m still discovering new brands all the time. QVC’s Tili Box is particularly good for this. I am eagerly anticipating their latest Box that is launching on September 1st. 
    • I am pushed out of my comfort zone. Often those surprise boxes contain types of products or shades that I wouldn’t ever consider choosing myself. I’ve discovered some of my favourite products in this way. 
    • It’s something to look forward too. I still get excited about the anticipation of receiving my monthly box of goodies. It almost feels like receiving a present. 

    I have to admit I do tend to get bored after a while if I am subscribed to an individual subscription for too long. Each company definitely tends to favour a few brands over others. 

    There are loads of different services I haven’t tried yet so I will just switch to someone else. I have my eye on The Vegan Kind as I would like to be using more cruelty free and natural products. 

    If you love a beauty box service do share your favourite in the comments below. 

    My Top 3 Beauty Subscription boxes 

    What can I say? I’m a bit of a beauty subscription box tart. I’ve tried most of them over the past couple of years. It stands to reason then that I will have recieved my fair share of the good and not so good  subscription boxes. 

    With experience the not so good boxes have been cancelled, but I’ve remained loyal to my favourites. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what I consider to be my top 3 beauty subscription boxes. 

    So let’s begin the count down. 

    In 3rd place is the You Beauty Box. This is the cheapest subscription boxes you will find in the UK. Priced at just £6.95 including P&P you are able to choose two items from a menu on the 1st of each month, plus you then recieve some extra little treats. 

    I have discovered some fantastic products through this subscription service. There are often full size products available making this box a steal. 

    There are often mini’s of high end products to choose from which I love as They would normally be outside of my beauty budget. 

    This hasn’t rated higher because it is one of the slowest shipping services. It can take a week from placing you monthly order to then recieving it.

    Coming in 2nd is the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. These are usually themed boxes, with June’s box being the #LFJETSETTER box. 

    Some of the brands can tend to be a little bit repetitive, Korres, Caudalie and Murad feature regularly. However there is usually a good variety of products in each box. It is rare that I recieve a product that I wouldn’t actually use. 

    Focus tends to be on skincare and body care though there is usually at least one make-up item in each box. 

    All the products featured are available to purchase at

    Prices for the subscription service start at £11.25, billed per month depending on the length of subscription you sign up for. This is the price for a 12 month subscription and increased slightly if you sign up for a shorter subscription. 

    Lastly my Number 1 beauty subscription box is from Love Me Beauty.

    If you like to recieve a lot of make-up items in your box then this could be your perfect subscription service. 

    It also works differently to most other subscription boxes, as you have complete control over what products you recieve. This includes selecting your own make-up shades, so no more recieving shades you don’t like. 

    Brands that have featured in the past include Rodial, Nuxe, Too Faced, Cailyn. That is just a tiny selection and as you can see they are all high end brands. 

    It works on a credit based system, that you spend in the boutique. You can also buy extra credit if you want to add more to your box than your monthly allowance. 

    A monthly rolling subscription costs £10 plus p&p which is £2.95.

    Every 3 months you also recieve some bonus loyalty credit. 

    I have a reveral code for Love Me Beauty that offers 30 extra credits on joining. (Worth approx £21) *

    Code: KATY6849
    So those are my Top 3 Beauty Subscription boxes. Let me know if you think there are any new subscription services you think I should be trying out. 

    * I recieve referral credit also if my offer code is used. 

    You Beauty Discovery Box – A budget friendly beauty subscription

    Hi guys! Yesterday was one of those days that I get all excited about. It’s that time of the month again. No! I’m not talking about escaping another month without being preggers again, no it’s that time when a delivery man comes with a little package just for me. 

    I’m a bit of a sucker for a good old beauty box, I’ve tried plenty of them in the past. That’s probably how I’ve ended up with crap loads of black eyeliners. It seems to be the generic easy thing to include. When It comes to beauty boxes this is usually my tell, one to many black eyeliners and I’m bored.  That’s probably why I’m a bit of a beauty box tart, if I’m tired of one particular subscription, I’ll jump ship and switch to another. That is how for now, my subscription box of choice, is the YouBeauty discovery box. This is priced at  a very reasonable £7.99 a month including shipping fees. 


     This particular subscription service works a little bit different to some of the alternatives out there. Each month a menu is provided that you choose two items from, you will then receive a few extra little promotional treats. This usually includes a food item and a small beauty related sample. 

    The April box has been themed organic and natural. As the theme suggests features products that are all from natural ingredients. To see the full menu range you can have a look here.

    My choices though were;

    Our tiny bees lavender hand balm & beeswax lip balm duo – worth £11.90


     I’m really excited to try out the lavender hand balm. I love anything to do with honey and beeswax so I’m hoping this works a treat. It’s also one of my favourite fragrances, lavender. I know some people think that’s a bit of an old lady smell but I find it really soothing. 

    I don’t actually need any lip balm at the moment but its in such a cute tin and was included with this pick. 

    Scentered sleep well therapy balm £14.50 


    This product I’m looking forward to using. Most of the time I do get a goods nights sleep but on the odd occasion that I’m stressing and can’t sleep I turn to lavender scented products, usually in the form of pillow spray. This though is a bit different as you can apply it to your temples and wrists. 

    As well as the typically relaxing lavender scent it also includes chamomile, palmarosa, ylang ylang and ho wood. 

    The extra goodies included this month were a 15g sample of linwoods milled flaxseed cocoa and berries, I think I’m going add this to a smoothie. 


     The other item is a 10ml sample of yours truly organics fix me repairing serum. Im going to have to decant this into a little travel pot as it’s in sachet form. 

    This is supposed to help with reducing inflammation from blemishes. I’ll be trialling this one this week as I have some post monthly blemish scaring that need some TLC. It will probably feature as part of my take 3 beauty samples this month, so if you want to see how I get on don’t forget to follow so you don’t miss my review. 

    In total the value of my box was £26.40 without the extra samples. This is such a great deal considering it costs just £7.99 a month. This is great if you are on a budget, but want to try a beauty box subscription. 

    This is the third month I have had a you beauty subscription and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. The brands included tend to be a bit different to other boxes out there. Im also yet to receive another bloomin eyeliner. Though as I get to choose what’s included it will be my own fault if I do. 

    Have you tried you beauty discovery box this month? What did you pick? 

    Bye for now, Katy 🙂