Primark Make-up brush review | Any good?

A couple of weeks ago I saw these babies posted on Primark’s Instagram  page. I’m gonna confess it was the shiny copper toned farrels that caught my eye first of all, and like a magpie it fueled my need to ‘get me some of those babies’.

Priced at a ridiculously low price, £1-£1.50 each, well it wasn’t exactly an over indulgence. The question is though, are they any good? 

Well I can tell you, they’re not bad! 

The bristles feel nice and soft and actually do a good job of blending out my foundation. 

I’ve washed the brushes once and so far haven’t had any issues shedding bristles. 

I didn’t feel I could give the brushes as much of a deep clean as I usually would though. Why? Well the connection between the handle and the farrel is rather weak and feels that it might snap if you are heavy handed. It almost makes a clicking noise if you push too hard. This doesn’t affect the performance of the brush itself but you do need to bear this in mind. 

For this reason I don’t think these will be making their way to my every day must have list, but they are handy to have on hand for travel. No one wants to loose an expensive make-up brush! 

Have you tried these brushes? Did you have any issues with weak feeling handles?