Daytripping | The aMAZing Maize Maze 

Last week we took a trip to Blake End in Essex to have a go at finding our way through the aMAZing Maize maze at Blake House Craft centre. A family entry ticket costs just £13 which I thought was good value for money. 

It was a hot and sunny afternoon, yes I know it looks overcast but believe me it was HOT!  We spent a good hour finding our way through the maze. You can pick up a sealed SOS escape map if you are worried about getting lost but we decided to live dangerously and do it without a back up map. 

There is the opportunity to take a part in treasure hunt type competition. My youngest had a great time looking for the hidden animals and finding out their names. 

You can also try your hand at a spot of crazy golf. Though not a massive course it is clean and In good condition which is not often the case with some small courses. A game costs just £1.50 per child, you do have to pay a £5 refundable deposit for your putters though. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that this part of the centre only accepts cash payment so don’t do what we did and arrive expecting to pay by card. We had to send Hubby off on a cash machine hunt. 

The craft centre itself has some lovely shops including vintage clothing, guitar specialists, a well stocked dolls house shop and vintage gaming.

This was a plesent way to spend an afternoon, I recommend it if you are looking for something inexpensive to do with the kids. The Maize itself is only open until the 12th September so if you fancy a visit don’t leave it too long.

Life Lately – new job, blog events and hospital trips!

I feel like I’ve been suffering from a bit of the dreaded bloggers block recently. Yup, I’ve  been lacking in inspiration. What better time then share with you a little bit of what I have been up to recently. Well, it’s something to right about?

So, I have started a new job. Just a little one day a week role working in a tea room at a near by antiques centre. This suits me down to a T (pardon the pun) as its not a difficult job and brings in just enough money each week to cover all those extra costs the kids seem to be coming home from school with lately. 

The only issue I can see is that I’ll end spending all my wages in the antiques centre. It is huge, just like Aladins cave, with so many interesting things to see. Well it would make a change from spending it all on make-up!

Last Friday I went to a bloggers event at my local lush store. We had loads of fun playing with the new valentines products, and even got to make our own bubble bar to take home. Of course that involved a teeny bit of shopping, so if you want to see what I picked up on the evening then check out this post here


I didn’t actuallythink I was going to make the Lush event as we had spent most of Friday at the Hospital with my Diabetic son. He had a gastric infection that was causing complications with his condition. Fortunately they got it under control with some tweeks to his Insulin and he was able to come home. 

Both myself and husband were supposed to be going out separately on Friday, but he volunteered to stay home and keep an eye on Harrison. He’s a star that one!


Today whislt the kids were at school the husband and I went out for a spot of brunch. He being a typical bloke had a full English and I had a really tasty Welsh rarebit. Yes it may look like just ordinary cheese on toast but this had loads of whole grain mustard sauce cooked in with the cheese. It’s yum!!  

Oh and just look at the work of art that was my hot chocolate, a picture of this went straight on Instagram. 

Lastly I thought I’d share with you my favourite recent purchase. It was a total impulse purchase, fortunately a good one. 

I was going food shopping with my mum and we ended up popping into Next. This monochrome sweater jumped out at  both me and my mum. At £18 I think it was a bit of a steal. Still I had to fess up and explain how I went food shopping and came home with clothes to the hubby!  

What have you been up to recently? Thanks for stopping by!