Cereal Lovers – No added sugar cereal that actually tastes good!

As promised in Tuesday’s post, which was all about the bloggers food festival, I have a food brand discovery to share with you.

One of the brands I met were Cereal Lovers who were very generous In gifting me some samples of their full range of cereals.  
Now, your probably thinking this is just granola right? True, but where this brand of granola is different is that it is made with no added sugar. Any sugars that are present are from naturally occurring sugars in the fruit juices that are used to flavour them, not the usual sweeteners such as syrup and sugar.

Let me put this into some figures for you, a 30g serving of the blackcurrant and apple flavour contains 20g of carbohydrates of which 3.3g is sugar.

My son is a Type 1 diabetic so for him this is the perfect cereal.  With some natural yogurt and strawberries this makes a lovely balanced breakfast. As the cereal Is high in fibre and low in sugar it really helps to maintain even blood glucose levels.

I have tried this granola myself aswell and can honestly say that they do not compromise on taste. My favourite flavour is the simply orange granola, it is really tangy.

As they are so tasty these granola can be enjoyed by anyone who wants a healthier breakfast alternative not just if you have to watch your sugar intake.

You can purchase these cereals directly from the cereal lovers website. Priced at £3.95 for 400g. Ok I won’t lie, this is a bit pricier than other granola but I’m happy to pay this for my sons  special dietary needs.

Do you like Granola? Is reducing your sugar intake important to you?

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The Bloggers Love Food & Drink Festival

On Monday I had the privilege of attending the Bloggers Food & Drink festival hosted by The Bloggers Hub. Check them out here if you want to find out more about their future events.

The event was held at Kanaloa Club in London. This is a quirky Tiki themed bar with some great decor features. I particularly liked the blown glass bottle ceiling in one area of the bar.

photo 3 (5)My only criticism is the lack of lighting in the venue meant that the products were not being shown off to their best advantage. Which really was a shame. So with that in mind apologies in advance for my poor photography.

Bad lighting aside though this was a fabulous event.  It seemed extra special as we got to meet so many of the brands actual creators and learn about the stories behind their brand.

Manny's Sauces

I was also able to share this experience with my Husband and Daughter which made a nice change as they do not get to experience much of what I getup to as a blogger.

photo 4 (5)

The event showcased a huge variety of brands ranging from Artisan Marshmallows from Brighton based Miss Millar’s Mallows‘ to Raw Milk from hook and son ,and sauces and cured meets from Manny’s Sauces. I urge you to check out MIss Millar’s website as my photos really do not do her product justice, they looked amazing and tasted even better. Espresso Marshmallow anyone? Miss Millars Mallows

If products that focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle are your thing that area was very well covered. I met some very exciting up and coming brands in this area that I will feature in their own blog posts soon, so  do keep your eyes open for those going live over the coming weeks. The photograph below  is a sneak peak at an upcoming post.

cereal lovers

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CAMRA Beer & Cider festival – An English Summer evening

Earlier this week my husband and I did the unthinkable and managed to get out on a school night. We popped along to the first evening of the CAMRA Chelmsford Summer Beer & Cider Festival. Combined with the opportunity to listen to some live music,  what better way is there to spend a summers evening than supping artisan beers in the sun?

photo 1 (3)

Running for 37 years this has to be one of my favourite beer festivals, there is  such a diverse range of beers and ciders available to try.  I challenge anyone not to find one that they enjoy. What is even more special about this event is that it is only made possible by the volunteers that give up their time to man the various bars or take on the other roles needed to make this event happen.

photo 4 (1)
Poser! Pretending I know what I’m doing when it comes to choosing a beer
Favourites beers for me included the Brentwood Blonde a golden bitter with full fruit flavours and a crisp finish, and Lindemans Kriek Cherry Beer which is a Belgian draught beer.

Lindenams Cherry Beer
Lindenams Cherry Beer
Alongside the beers there were various food stalls offering goodies ranging from vegetarian curries, to bratwursts and burgers. If you have sweet tooth then doughnuts and handmade chocolate is available to try. I may have eaten one to many cinnamon doughnuts, whoops!

photo 5 We had a very funny moment when I thought it would be a good idea to try Scorpion Death Chilli Chocolate. It was freeking ho!! I promptly guzzled my cherry beer very quickly to try to cool down the burn.

image (24)If you are in Essex then there is still time to be paying a visit to the Chelmsford Summer Beer & Cider festival,  it runs until  Saturday 11th July.


Wimbledon Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel

Yesterday was a very good day, It was one of those day’s that is filled with fun, good food and great conversation.

I was very fortunate to be invited to The Landmark Hotel in Marylbone to join 11 other bloggers for a Wimbledon Themed afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is taken within the stunning Winter Gardens.

The space is truely awe inspiring and reminded me of the spectacular lobby’s found in Caribbean  hotels, with sweeping staircases, palms and a beautiful glass ceiling. For a while I completely forgot I was actually still in the busy centre of London.

The event was hosted by Ladbrokes Bingo, and was a brilliant opportunity to meet some other bloggers and the charming and very easy on the eye #BuffBallBoys. If your heading to Wimbledon this year do keep your eye out for them.


Photo Call for the #BuffBallBoys

We were treated to a champagne afternoon tea that consisted of delicate finger sandwiches, traditional scones with jam and cream and miniature deserts.
 The sandwiches though traditional had a special twist as they were made using artisan flavoured breads. My favourite had to be chicken and tarragon on a walnut bread.

Sweet favourites for me had to be the Pimms Jelly, infused with Mint and a pistachio sponge with Ros’e Champagne cream.

Once again thank you to Ladbrokes and to Lucy for making this experience possible. This was a lovely way to spend a Monday Afternoon and to meet some people with similar interests.

The special Wimbledon Tea is available  until 12th July, so if you want to experience it then don’t hang around.

Are you a fan of afternoon tea? Do you have any recommendations of other places I need to visit for afternoon tea?

Cajun Spiced Parnsip & Courgette Crisps

Who doesn’t love a packet of crisps? I hold my hand up, I’m an absolute bugger when it comes to salty fatty snacks. In search of a healthy alternative I came across how to make your own vegetable crisps. Oh and Guess what, they are easy and very moreish.

I have twigged the original recipie to suit my own personal taste, I like a bit of spice, especially with the parsnips.

To make these all you do is use a vegetable peeler to create thin slices of your chosen vegetable.

Lay your slices out on a baking tray. Here’s a little tip got you, these work better if they are flat and not overlapping.

Lightly brush each slice with olive oil and then sprinkle lightly with Cajun pepper and sea salt.

Pop in the oven at 120 degrees c for approx 1 1/2 – 2hrs. They are ready when the slices of vegetable have crisped and turned a golden colour.

These will last a couple of days in an airtight container, though ours didn’t make it that far, whoops!

Have you any suggestions for other seasonings? I’m thinking a bit of cider vinegar once cooked.

Slendershake Progress Update

Hi, Guys! 

Last week I told you that I was going to be starting the Slendershake program, from slendertoxtea as a kick start to my pre holiday tone up.  

 I’ve decided to update you today, after 5 days with my progress as my experience so far has been very varied. 

Let’s just say I started out ok, but once my food reserves had been exhausted, I’m really hungry. No not just hungry, yesterday I was HANGRY! This is where I’m struggling with only having the meal replacement. My body is used to being fed regularly, skipping a meal is just making me cranky. 

Replacing my lunchtime meal is a big no no, It’s definately better for me if I replace my breakfast instead. 

Just the shake with water is not enough to leave me feeling full, but mixing it with a smoothing is working well. I still feel I’m getting some sustenance.   


It looks a bit weird on top of your smoothie but after a good stir you can’t actually tell it’s there. 


So far I feel I have have lost the bloated feeling that I previously had, but I can’t say I have seen any real visual results yet though. Still it is very early days. 

I will continue with this program as now I hope to have addressed my hunger issue it will be easier. 

I will check back in next week with a further update. 

Has anyone else tried the slendertoxtea slender shakes? How did you get on?



Diabetic friendly nutty cacao bites recipie 

Hi, guys! 

  I haven’t shared a food post on the blog for a little while,and to be honest with you was hesitant about sharing this one. There have been a fair few cocao ball posts out there and I didn’t want to be jumping on the band wagon. Having had a go out making our own version, with my diabetic son and to great success I decided that actually I am going to share our recipie as I thought it would be helpful to other parents. 


As the parent of a Type 1 Diabetic it can be very hard some times finding food that satisfy’s a child’s urge to eat sweet foods. Whislt it’s ok for a diabetic to have the odd naughty treat occasionally , it’s still handy to have a range of no added sugar treats up you sleeve. These little balls of goodness have done the job perfectly. 

This quantity made 12 balls, if you are a carb counter each ball has a carb content of 8. 

  Ingredients – 

100g ready to eat dates

25g banana chips

30g almonds 

30g hazelnuts

100g desiccated coconut

15g Cacao Powder 

30g pure coconut oil

In a blender/food processor combine all the ingredients except the coconut oil. Once this has broken down into a breadcrumb like texture knock out into a bowl. 

Melt your coconut oil in a microwave in 10 second bursts being careful not to burn it. Add this to your mixture and give it a good stir. You can then use your hands to shape it into 12 balls. 

  Pop them in the fridge to set slightly and enjoy. We had these as an after dinner pudding. 

As you can see Harrison was very pleased with his homemade treats, best of all there is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

My other kids, without Diabetes loved them too. 

Do you have any handy sugar free recipies? Do leave me your links to any you have. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

 Kick starting my pre holiday exercise plan with Slendershake 

Hi guys! 

In a few weeks time I shall be heading off on a family summer holiday. I can’t wait to spend a week chilling out by the pool with no housework, cooking and all that usual malarkey. 

Trouble is along with that holiday comes a week wearing  mainly a bikini. Agggh crap, I’m so not prepared for that yet. 

Now before I get a load of abuse for worrying about my relatively slim body in a bikini, I do still have the same insecurities as any other women. 

At the start of last year I had reached a point where I had to admit that my relationship with food was not healthy. I used to exist on a slice of toast and a banana a day. My weight dropped drastically, I’m not sure how low it got but size 6 clothes were hanging off me. I looked awful, not that I was willing to admit at the time. I felt very unwell and couldn’t actually get myself through a normal working day.  

A year and a bit on I have addressed the issues surrounding my extreme weightless. I’m now what would be considered a healthy weight. I’m a size 8/10 now. Typically though the weight has distributed itself around my thighs and hips and is starting to resemble a combination of cellulite and muffin tops where my jeans are a tad to tight. 

Now I know I can do something about this, but in a healthy way, and  not by starving myself.

I have joined the gym and am exercising 4 times a week. I’m also trying to make better choices with what I eat. 

The lovely guys at slendertoxtea have also sent me a 14 day pack of their slender shake meal replacement. 

  This I intend to have for breakfast over the next 14 days as a kick start to my exercise program. A 28 day program is priced at £36.99. Combined with a healthy diet I hope to get myself a bit more toned and those too tight jeans fitting a bit better. 

Today I made up the shake with just water. The acacia berry and tropical flavour meant it tasted quite nice even if it did look a bit funky. The appearance is very different to what I was expecting, being named a shake I presumed it to resemble this in appearance. It’s actually more of a thick cordial type drink. 


You can mix it with yogurt and fruit according to your personal tastes. I intend to experiment with this tommorow. Today I want to see how full this leaves me feeling bearing in mind it is a meal replacement shake. 

As this is made from natural and organic ingredients I’m not concerned about putting anything harmful in my body. I’m looking forward to seeing if I benefit from some of the products claims.

  • Aids digestion 
  • kind to the skin
  • Increased energy 
  • Healthy weight loss. 

I’m not organised enough to be having a before picture yet, it will come though I promise. In two weeks time I shall let you know how I  got on. I’m considering an update half way though as I’m not planning on dropping loads of weight it may not be necessary. 

Have you tried either the slendertoxtea or slendertoxtea shake before? How did you get on? 

Giraffe brunch date 

Hi guys, so today I thought I would share with you a little bit of what I’ve been up to. It involves that thing I seem to do far too much of lately, indulge in coffee and eat. Whoops! No wonder I couldn’t get my jeans done up this morning. Not kidding! 

Any way slight over share done with, earlier in the week hubby and I had a little brunch date. He suggested a little trip to our local Giraffe restaurant. 

As you can see it was really quite quiet when we visited. This was handy for me as I could take some pictures without bothering anyone. Giraffe has a pretty cool loft type interior, I’m loving the grey brickwork. The outside seating area is pretty neat aswell, we had forgotten our sunnies  though so opted to sit inside.  


This is a lovely place to sit as it actually over looks the river that runs through the centre of our town. As there are lots of other bars, restaurants  and coffee shops surrounding the river this gives for a very bustling atmosphere. 

  The food available is of the healthier variety with a bit of a Mexican twist. Expect dishes with ingredients such as chipotle sauce, avocado and chorizo.

My husband opted for the breakfast burrito, whilst I had bacon and scrambles eggs, with sourdough toast.  


Both of these dishes are part of the £5 breakfast selection, which includes a hot drink of choice. We both opted for flat whites. We were very surprised when these arrived in chunky glasses. Though a bit tricky to start with as the side of the glass is hot, this really displayed the quality craftsmanship of the barista.  

I used to be a barista myself so am a nightmare when it comes to coffee, I have high standards.  

 This didn’t disappoint and I even ordered a second. I really was feeling naughty that day. 

The service we recieved was lovely, the waitresses were really friendly and welcoming.  With great food and service this is somewhere I shall visit again very soon. 

Have you been to a giraffe restaurant before? Where do you like to go for brunch? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

My battle to reduce my food waste – A  lightly spiced carrot peel and orange cake. 

Now I really would forgive you for thinking that I’m a bit crazy, I’ve literally used my kitchen scraps to make this cake. I promise you I’m not, I just am on a bit of a mission to reduce the amount of waste I create, and as a an added benefit save a bit of money along the way. 

Yesterday my sister and her husband came round for a roast dinner. I was making these bake in the bag carrots (they were yummy btw).


The quantity I was making left me with an awful lot of peelings and half an orange. I was about to chuck the peels and send the orange in the kids direction. Let’s just say I had a bit of a lightbulb moment, I was sure there would be enough peelings to make a carrot cake.  


I wasn’t wrong and have a lovely carrot and orange loaf cake to prove it.  


So what did I use? 


175g whole meal flour

1tsp bio carbonate soda

1tsp cinnamon

1tsp mixed spice

100g caster sugar

75g agave syrup 

150ml vegetable oil.

125g approx carrot peel 

2 large eggs beaten 

Zest and juice 1/2 an orange


Add all your dry ingredients to your mixing bowl. Use a food processor to cut the carrot peelings into a finer texture. 

Next add your wet ingredients, remembering to beat the egg before adding to the mixture. 

Transfer to a loaf tin and bake in the oven for approx 30 mins at 180 degrees C.  You will know your cake is ready if when pierced with a skewer it comes away clean. 

Once cooled you can make a cream cheese frosting or just enjoy as it is. 


As you can see, the cake was enjoyed!

Do you have any ideas for using up your kitchen scraps? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂