5 Birthday Freebies you too can enjoy. 

I turned 36 last week, yikes! It feels weird just writing that. Anyway…growing old bleat over, I do like to see my Birthday as an excuse to be a little bit indulgent. Thanks to my love of loyalty cards I’ve been able to do just that without damaging my pocket.

I thought it would be great idea to show my readers what Birthday freebies I picked up, just in case you didn’t know that these offers were available. FYI, I didn’t know about free booze from Miller & Carter,  until my brow waxer told me about it.

The Body Shop – 

If you are a member of their Love Your Body reward card you will receive a £5 gift voucher on your birthday.

I traded mine in for a mini of my favourite Hemp Hand Cream.

Benefit Cosmetics – 

If you have a Benefit brow bar near you then make sure you book an appointment for a free brow wax. This has to be scheduled within two weeks either side of your birthday. You don’t need to sign up to a loyalty program just bring along proof of your birthday date to your appointment.


If you hold a Paperchase treat me card then you will receive a £5 voucher on your birthday. The voucher is valid for two weeks from that date and is automatically loaded onto your points card.

I traded mine in for a notebook and cute avocado stickers.

Miller & Carter 

So this I eluded to earlier. If you sign up to Steak Club you can get a free glass of prosecco for yourself and guests on your birthday. At least four of you need to be ordering a main course to qualify.

Now I know this isn’t a cheap please to eat but I was heading there anyway for my birthday meal anyway so of course I wasn’t going to miss out on my free bubbles!
Hobby Craft 

I haven’t actually claimed this one yet, but I have a few days left to do so.

If you are a member of the Hobbycraft Club you will get a £5 voucher on your birthday. Unlike other vouchers of this type you can use it not just on full price items but also sale and clearance items.

Mine will be going towards a knitting needle case. I have so many needles that all sit loosely in a mess. Finding the correct matching pair can be a nightmare.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Fashion Mini Haul – Trying out a new Budget Clothing Website 

Regular readers of Schoolrunbeauty.com will know how much I love a bargain. That’s why after seeing an advert pop up in my Facebook feed I was suckered into clicking through to discover what offerings the website Lessthan10pounds.com had.

The premise is ex branded fashion mostly on sale for less than £10. Some items are actually priced higher than this, and sold under their label rather than as ex-label.

As per usual with this is type of website not all the items will be to everyone’s taste. In my opinion though it has some absolute Gems so it definitely worth a look.

I ordered three items that came to £23.24 including postage. They arrived within 2 days of ordering, well packaged and via Royal Mail.

I’m so pleased with everything I ordered that I had to share them with you straight away. So excuse the messy hair and lack of Makeup…

Ex New Look Wide Leg Burgandy Jump Suit – £7.75

I love a Playsuit. I always feel a bit more sophisticated when I wear one. This one was originally from High Street retailer New Look. The quality is good though as the fabric is so fine you will need to be careful with underwear choice. A VPL is definitely not sophisticated!

It comes up long, which for me is great, it may though be a problem for shorter people.

High Neck Textured Jumper – £5.95

This is so warm and cosy. Most importantly it isn’t scratchy. I ordered this a couple of sizes bigger than my dress size as I wanted an oversized fit.

Blush Sequin Dress – £7.95

The quality of this dress is amazing! I love it and need and excuse to wear it out.

The top is made from a thick stretchy scuba material so is very flattering. I feel I could get away with eating a hearty meal wearing it. It feels quite heavy due to the sequinned skirt and hangs beautifully.

As the label has been cut I can’t see which shop this originally came from. Size wise though I would say it is true to size. I’m typically a U.K. Size 6, which is the size ordered. It does come up very short on my 5ft 7 frame, but I have very long waist to leg ratio so everything comes up short on me.

At the moment there is a coupon code that gives you an extra 15% of ex branded items.  This is 15EXBRAND

Have you bought anything from lessthan10pounds.com before? If you have let me know what your experience was like.

My battle to reduce my food waste – A  lightly spiced carrot peel and orange cake. 

Now I really would forgive you for thinking that I’m a bit crazy, I’ve literally used my kitchen scraps to make this cake. I promise you I’m not, I just am on a bit of a mission to reduce the amount of waste I create, and as a an added benefit save a bit of money along the way. 

Yesterday my sister and her husband came round for a roast dinner. I was making these bake in the bag carrots (they were yummy btw).


The quantity I was making left me with an awful lot of peelings and half an orange. I was about to chuck the peels and send the orange in the kids direction. Let’s just say I had a bit of a lightbulb moment, I was sure there would be enough peelings to make a carrot cake.  


I wasn’t wrong and have a lovely carrot and orange loaf cake to prove it.  


So what did I use? 


175g whole meal flour

1tsp bio carbonate soda

1tsp cinnamon

1tsp mixed spice

100g caster sugar

75g agave syrup 

150ml vegetable oil.

125g approx carrot peel 

2 large eggs beaten 

Zest and juice 1/2 an orange


Add all your dry ingredients to your mixing bowl. Use a food processor to cut the carrot peelings into a finer texture. 

Next add your wet ingredients, remembering to beat the egg before adding to the mixture. 

Transfer to a loaf tin and bake in the oven for approx 30 mins at 180 degrees C.  You will know your cake is ready if when pierced with a skewer it comes away clean. 

Once cooled you can make a cream cheese frosting or just enjoy as it is. 


As you can see, the cake was enjoyed!

Do you have any ideas for using up your kitchen scraps? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂