3 Disappointing Beauty Products | #blogmas 13

I have always been a bit reluctant to do a dedicated disappointing beauty products post as it seems a very negative thing to do and I try to keep this blog a positive space. Actually though it is just as important to share the dud products as it is the rave reviews. Not only does it demonstrate honesty but it also might save someone else from wasting their time and money on those duds. 

So enough waffling, here are 3 products I have been very disappointed with. 

L’OREAL Nude magique cushion foundation – 

When this was launched at the start of the year there was a lot of hype around  this foundation. It had been a while since any drug store brand had realeased anything that could be considered innovative. L,Oreal though was ahead of the game in just doing just that with the ‘cushion foundation’. 

Lots of high end brands have released their own version of the cushion foundation  including Mac, YSL and Lancôme. This promised to be a more purse friendly option. Though at £14.99 I still consider this to be expensive for a high street brand. 

Having had a play around with mine for the last month I can honestly say that I don’t ‘get the hype’. I find it difficult to apply enough product with the included sponge to satisfy covering flaws and even with a setting spray it wears off really fast. 

I know this is supposed to a very natural looking light weight finish so perhaps my coverage issue is personal preference, I do expect my foundation to stay put though.

 I also have issues with how little product you get for the price. £14.99 is at the top end of the scale for drug store foundations. It doesn’t actually say on the packaging how much product you are getting for your money, just 14.6g e. In other words no  fluid quantity and this probably includes the weight of the sponges. 

As a consumer you are actually paying for a fancy pants packaging delivery system rather than any product. It is not good value for money. Pheww!! That turned into a bit of a rant. 

Natural Collection Brow Gel dark brown – 

Priced at just £1.99 I had such high hopes for this product as a budget friendly alternative to some of the more expensive brow products on offer. 

It’s not a terrible product but it is a pain in the arse. Application wise it’s great the problem I have is it smudges like a Son of a B! When I was using my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray to set it down it was fine. Since running out of that and using the brow gel with my other options I’m experiencing major smudging again. 

Basically It is far too much of an effort to make this product work hence its made its way to the disappointing product list. Sorry natural collection I usually love your products! 

Avon Advance Techniques Large Barrel Brush – 

So this is the second of these brushes I have had. The first one I sent back thinking perhaps I had just received a dud. Nope! The second brush has recently done exactly the same. Though it did last longer this time. 

As you can see from my picture the glue securing the barrel to the handle keeps coming away. Now I’m not particularly rough with a hair brush, but I do like to pull tight when I rotate the brush so I get a sleek blow dry. I can only assume the glue is melting with the heat of my hairdryer?? However I only ever use it on a medium heat setting so why is this happening?? Im chalking this up as ‘not fit for purpose’. 

Have you tried any of these products and experienced any issues? Maybe you love them so let me know how you make them work for you.