October Goals

Hello October!! Yeah I know I’m a day late but I have loads going on in October that it deserves a proper hello. So, Hello October! 

As I’m in such a positive mood right now I’ve decide to set myself some goals for the month of October. Call it my way of avoiding slipping back into being a Negative Nelly. Oh and As I seem to be developing more and more into a bit of an over sharer I thought not why not share my October goals with you guys. That and it gives me fodder for this and future blog posts.

So let’s get started with those goals.

Fitness Goals

A while back I updated you on how my recovery from some big health issues was going. I hit a significant mile stone in terms of improving my overall fitness. You can read about that post here. I now want to take that to the next stage, so by the end of the month I would like to be able to run, I say run but it’s more like plod along, for 15 minutes continuously. 

My upper body strength is pretty pathetic so I’m also trying to improve this. 20kg seems a realistic amount to be able to lift by the end of the month, I’m currently at 15kg. Yes I’m a weakling he he! 

Home life

I’ve been moaning for months now about the state of my kitchen cupboards. The kids wash and dry up after dinner which is great, however they just chuck everything in the cupboards with no thought about where things actually go, hence this big mess. 

Yes it’s time to do something about it. I’m sure if I do a cupboard of draw a day I can have this sorted by the end of the month. I just have to work on getting the kids to put stuff away properly. Um? Good luck with that one! 


I have been doing this puzzle for roughly three years now. The Husband is teasing me about it now so I’m going to have it finished by the end of the month.  

 Also I need to finish my current knitting project. I’ve been making this tea cosy for my little sister for far too long now. I promise Ash you will have it before I leave the country again, honest!  

 So that’s my goals for October, some  may seem a bit trivial but I’ve been slacking a bit lately and need some focus. My Open University Module starts tomorrow so those slightly trivial goals are my way of having some down time, but in a constructive way. 

I will keep you updated throughout the month as I attempt to hit these goals. So watch out for those futures posts. 

What do you want to achieve in October? Why not share your goals in the comment section. 

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