The August Libbie Club Deals 

Once again Libbie club have sent me a box of beauty products to sample and review. Each month the Libbie club has a selection of deals including some great money saving offers from an exciting range of Brands

The offers this month include;

Indeed Labs Nanoblur 30ml 15% off RRP – £16.99

This product claims to instantly correct and perfect the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

I have only tried this out once so far, so it’s to early to say whether this is a wonder product. 

I patted it into the resting line I have  on my forehead after I had applied my liquid makeup and before applying any powder products as per the instructions. It did reduce the depth of the line but it didn’t completely disappear. Promising then! 

The jury is still out on how effective this as a long term solution but I promise I will get back to you once I have used it some more. 

Nizz Cosmetics Lustre Lipstick – £16

This is a lovely creamy feeling lipstick that is vegetarian, hypoallergenic and free from parabens. I have the shade cashmere nude which I have swatched for you below. 

Can we also take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous packaging. Visually It reminds me of a Dior lipstick plus it feels very luxurious and weighty to hold. This is a new UK brand from ex nurse turned beauty buff Charlene, I’m impressed so far. 

Mizon Placenta Ampoules Cream 50ml 20% off RRP – £20.40

Libbie club claim that the placenta extract in this cream is plant derived. I’m not totally convinced by this if I’m honest with you. 

Why? Well I can’t find anywhere on the packaging claiming this. 

I spent a good couple of hours scouring the Internet trying to reasearch more about this product, but can’t actually find anywhere that says where the placenta extract is sourced from. 

Typically skincare brands originally used pig or sheep placenta though some Korean brands are now actually use plant placenta. This is a Korean brand so I could be plant derived, I can’t find the evidence to 100% back up that claim though. 

Having put snail slime on my face before I’m not that squeamish about ingredients so I have still tried this cream out. Placenta is also a bi product of natural birth so I would expect the animal not to be harmed in its extraction. 

The cream is very rich and has a plesent scent to it and do feel my skin feels much more hydrated since using this. However  I have had a few more spots appear than usual since using this so if you have oily/combination skin like myself you may find this does the same for you. 

There are loads of other offers available right now from Libbie club including a fab weekend special for fans of French skincare brand  Caudalie. 

This is 30% of cult skincare favourite Caudalie Instant Detox Mask, making it it the lowest price currently available at just £15.20 plus p&p. You have to act first to benefit from that offer as it ends at midnight Sunday 21st August. 

Me I’ve already made a cheeky purchase of that for myself as I didn’t want to miss out. 

The July Libbie Club Deals 

It’s that time again, a new box of goodies has arrived from Libbie Club. 

This month included some really great body care products and if I’m honest a not so great make-up product. Alas You can’t win them all!

The products included were;

Cowshed wild cow invigorating body lotion £20 

Bean Body coffee bean scrub coconut £14.95

CID I-smoulder smokey eye pencil & shadow £16.65 rrp £18.50 

Each month Libbie club send out a box of products to its members to test at home and review on their website. What’s the catch you ask?

It’s quite simple really, I have to share the Libbie club offers on my social media accounts and if anyone makes a purchase through my Libbie Page I am then sent the next months box. 

I’ve discovered some firm favourites through Libbie club so frequently make repurchases through my page. This also counts as a sale towards next month box  so I don’t feel I have to be annoying and push loads of sales on people. 

Libbie clubs current deals include: 

£5 off £20 spend on bodycare using code BATH5

FREE BeeGood cleanser (my current go to evening cleanser FYI) with any purchase. 

There are loads of different products and offers available through my Libbie Page not just the products shown here, so it’s worth checking out. You can also see how I have rated the products.
If you wanted to join Libbie club there is a one off joining fee of £34.99. There is currently a £5 off joining fee code available at the moment. 

It is TWIT5. 

The March Libbie Club Deals & Reviews 

What can I say about the new products on offer from The Libbie Club? Well….they are all brilliant, and I’m hard to please. 

The Nude Double Dose of Genius kit available for £20 (worth £41) contains  ProGenius Rescue Oil 10ml and ProGenius Omega Milk 10ml.

 Having tried the facial oil before, after receiving a little sample in a previous birchbox, I fell in love with it all over again. It leaves my skin looking luminous, feeling super smooth and just so so healthy looking. (Alas I had considered £58 for the full size product beyond my budget so didn’t purchase the product). This kit thankfully makes it a little bit more affordable. 

The addition of the Omega Milk is just a bit of an added bonus really as personally I don’t think It is going to last you very long but it is lovely to try especially when considering the full 30ml size of this retails for £62. 

Me? I want to be grabbing another one of these kits for the oil, it’s my fave!

This next product is from a brand that is completely new to me. I tried to find some background information about The Hero Project but put it this way, there isn’t a lot out there. We are being teased with a drip feed launch of a promising new British brand. Check out #Beautyonamission on Twitter for updates.  

Having tried this product Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost rrp £19 my interest is peaked. 

This is a clear non tacky gel containing hyaluranic Acid and Vitamin B 5.  It promises to help battle dull and dehydrated skin, typically a problem this time of year, thanks to a combination of cold weather and central heating.  

Last week my skin was  freaking out because I had had a reaction to a strong cleanser, but this really helped to calm things down. It does exactly what it claims. If future products from The Hero Project are as good as this then I’m excited! 

Libbie club is the only place this is available for sale right now with the offer being 20% of rrp. 

The last offer for Match is from cult favourite Ciate. The offer from Libbie Club is £30 for the Ciate Mani Must Haves Kit worth £36 plus a free bottle of this polish ‘Mistress’. I would describe it as a classic cherry red.   

 So that is a round up of all the latest offers from Libbie Club.

Disclaimer – I have been sent all of these products for free to try out and share with my readers. If anyone makes a purchase through my Libbieclub page then I am sent next months box of products to try.