New soap formulas | A mini #LushLab Haul

Who else was wondering what had happened to the  #LushKitchen? It seemed to disappear without any explanation. Each time I checked the section of the Lush website there only ever seemed to be sweatshirts and tees available. Not exactly what I was long for then….

According to Twitter the #LushKitchen does still exist but is now running under the hashtag of #LushLab. So what exactly is it?

I am interpreting this as a research and development project aiming to challenge what is ‘normal’ for the cosmetic industry. Product development is experimental with Lush’s creators seeking to look outside of the box when it comes to ingredients. Think kinder, natural and more ethical without compromising on functionality.

There is also the opportunity to provide feedback on the experimental products with the best products potentially being launched on a long term basis.

The first products released are all variations of soap. They has been developed to be free from Sodium Sterate, the typical ingredient that solidify soap, and free from SLS, whilst still having the ability to create a foam.

This involves using a blend of fair trade organic cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil and organic caster oil. No nasties present!

This combination of ingredients also means that the soaps are now free from that increasingly controversial ingredient Palm Oil. Check out this article from Lush if you want to find out more about why this is. If I went to it in depth now this would be a very long post.

For now I’m going to share with you the soaps I picked up.

Komorebi £1.50 5g – Vegan

I love the idea of this little soap. You are supposed to be able to hold it up to the light so that it shines through mimicking the sunshine through trees.

It has a fresh earthy scent with a hint of Lavender.

Key ingredients are Ho Wood Oil providing that floral and woody scent. Oak mossextract and MapleWater adding a touch of sweetness.

Oat – £6.95 135g – Vegan

This is a naked liquid soap. I choose it because I wanted to try a soap that would be soothing and moisturising.

Oats are known as a natural remedy for eczema but I have always thought that it would create a big mess if I added oats to my bath. This seems like a great alternative.

As well as Oat milk it also contains moisturising Soya Yoghurt, cinnamon powder to provide a warm and stimulating scent as well as uplifting Cocoa Absolute. 

I love the scent of this, it reminds me of cinders bath bomb. The shape is pretty cute as well.

Poppy £6.95 120g – Vegan

I choose this because a) it looks pretty and b) I wanted an exfoliating soap. This contains poppyseeds to create the exfoliating element. Yay for natural exfoliants! It has a very sweet jam like scent whislt still remaining floral. This is provided by the black current absolute and bergamot oil. It smells amazing, even the Husband commented on how good it smells.

So that was my modest all. I feel I have some very interesting products here to try out. Keep you eyes peeled on my Instagram page to be updated about how I get on with them.

What do you think of the updated #Lushlab? Have you tried any of the new soap formulas?

A Lush Halloween mini haul

Halloween has hit our Lush stores again, so naturally I had to ram raid my nearest store to get my hands on some of the goodies. Having seen several teasers of what was on offer pre launch via Instagram I had a clear idea of what I was after. 

Let’s  just say my local store must have had a very busy weekend as there wasn’t much left. I managed to get hold of some of the bits I wanted even if my Pumpkin Bathbomb has seen better days. Yes he’s missing his teeth. 

I loved the sweet spicy scent of vanilla and cinnamon so much though I was willing to ignore that. Let’s face it anyway it will be dissolved in my bath pretty soon so appearances can be forgiven. 

 The next item I picked up was Autumn Leave, another bath bomb. How pretty is this! 

It has an uplifting scent with ingredients including neroli oil, sandalwood and bergamot oils, and Japanese maple sap. 

Lastly I had to nab one of the glittery pumpkin bubble bars. I know I’m going to hate cleaning the bath after using this one but it’s just too pretty. I also love the combination of lime and grapefruit oil that gives this a refreshing scent. 

So that’s what I picked up from Lush’s Halloween launch. Now I just need to decide which one I’m going to use first?

Take 3 Beauty Samples | The Lush Edit 2.0

 I had a great little selection of samples that I received with my last Lush Kitchen order, they were just enough for a little pampering session and provided fodder for a brand focused ‘take 3 beauty samples’ post. 


The samples I had were;

Aqua Marina, which is a face and body cleanser.

Yummy Mummy shower cream.

Cup O’ Coffee Face mask. 

Being samples, these will not be in depth product reviews but give you my first impressions of some products that are completely new to me. 

Aqua Marina Face & Body Cleanser – £6.95 The jury is still out on this cleanser. I like the idea that it is a mild cleanser but still has spot fighting properties thanks to the Irish Sea moss. My skin seams to like it so that is good.

I’m just not not sold on the texture. It feels a bit like the texture of Lush Fun, which I do not like. It also has visible pieces of sea moss in that feels a bit weird rubbing into your face. 

I have some sample left so am going to finish it before making up my mind whether I would purchase the full size. 

Yummy Mummy – First of all, the colour of this is so so good. It’s a deep purple with a lustre to it. Pretty!  It smells pretty darn good as well. 

I’m actually kicking myself that I didn’t pick up a bottle of this, it was limited edition and is sold out online now. Boo! My FOMO has been realised. 

When I worked as a coffee barista we would often joke about the exfoliating and anti oxidant properties of the coffe grouts. One day we were going to use it as a face mask. Well, Lush have done the hard work with this Cup O’coffee fresh face mask £6.75

Check out the picture below, it looks hilarious. Being a mum it reminded me of an dirty nappy. Sorry I know, gross! 

Thankfully it doesn’t smell that way. It does smell very strongly of coffee though. So if your not a fan of the smell you may find this hard to tolerate. 

What it does do is provide a really great exfoliating treatment without being too harsh. 

I happy to have tried this but I’m not sure if I would buy the full size as I much prefer ‘Don’t look at me know’ which I did a review of here.

Have you tried any of these products from Lush before? Are you fans, or not? img_0613

Lush Mothers Day | What’s instore? 

A couple of weeks back I attended another bloggers evening at my local lush store. I love these evening as they are so much fun and consider myself very lucky to be regularly invited.

The theme on this occasion was Mothers Day. We got to check out all the new limited edition products, have a play and even make our own Bathbomb. 


I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite products from the range. 

  Rose Bombshell £3.95
This smells just like Lush’s rose jam shower gel, so if your a fan of that you will love this. 

As it fizzes away in your bath it turns the water a gorgeous shade of pink and releases yellow rose petals from its centre.  

This does have a strong floral scent though not in an old lady way. The addition of Sicilian lemon oil keeps it fresh.  

Lady Bird Bubble Bar £3.95

This has to be the cutest looking product ever released by Lush. I haven’t actually used mine yet as I’m reluctant to part with it. 

It’s peppermint scent is currently making by bedroom smell nice though. 

Flowering Tea Bubble Bar £4.95 

I am a huge tea drinker so the idea behind this product I love. It’s actually shaped like a teabag which looks ridiculously cute and has a very subtle lustre to it.

 On first sniff though I wasn’t a fan of the smell. It seemed very strong. Once in the bath though it is a light floral scent that is actually quite lovely. 

As this is a reusable bubble bar you are also going to get a good few baths out of it. 

This Sunflower bubble bar is huge! It has a fruity floral fragrance thanks to the inclusion of sunflower petals and Sicilian lemon oil. 

This is a very exclusive product as it is only available as part of the Mothers Day gift sets. The smallest set Ladybird retails for £15.50. 

Yes I know. Slightly annoying! I’m so tempted though. 

So those are my stand out products from this years mother day range. I feel the products developers have been very creative this year. A lot of the products actually look too good to use straight away. Maybe that’s my secret inner border speaking though?

Have you tried any of these products yet? 


Lush Lover Lamp Review 

Seasonal products are what Lush does best. This valentines has seen some stunning product launches from the brand. 

When I saw a demonstration of  The Lover Lamp bath bomb £3.95, whilst instore, I just had to pick one up to try out for myself at home.  

This is a super pretty Bathbomb.  As it fizzes away tiny hearts are released from the core. 


The larger red hearts set within it are not only pretty but are made from organic cocoa butter.  As these slowly melt they created an indulgent and moisturising  bath. I actually picked these out of the bath and rubbed these directly into my skin leaving it feeling super soft. 

I found this to have a delicate but uplifting scent. I put this down to the Brazillian orange oil, as I always find orange scents have this effect on me. 

This is one of the more expensive Bathbombs from Lush, though If you were looking for a thoughtful valentines gift this is still cheaper than buying a single rose. I know what I would prefer to receive…this. 

What about you? Will it be red roses or a Bathbomb on your wish list? 

Life Lately – new job, blog events and hospital trips!

I feel like I’ve been suffering from a bit of the dreaded bloggers block recently. Yup, I’ve  been lacking in inspiration. What better time then share with you a little bit of what I have been up to recently. Well, it’s something to right about?

So, I have started a new job. Just a little one day a week role working in a tea room at a near by antiques centre. This suits me down to a T (pardon the pun) as its not a difficult job and brings in just enough money each week to cover all those extra costs the kids seem to be coming home from school with lately. 

The only issue I can see is that I’ll end spending all my wages in the antiques centre. It is huge, just like Aladins cave, with so many interesting things to see. Well it would make a change from spending it all on make-up!

Last Friday I went to a bloggers event at my local lush store. We had loads of fun playing with the new valentines products, and even got to make our own bubble bar to take home. Of course that involved a teeny bit of shopping, so if you want to see what I picked up on the evening then check out this post here


I didn’t actuallythink I was going to make the Lush event as we had spent most of Friday at the Hospital with my Diabetic son. He had a gastric infection that was causing complications with his condition. Fortunately they got it under control with some tweeks to his Insulin and he was able to come home. 

Both myself and husband were supposed to be going out separately on Friday, but he volunteered to stay home and keep an eye on Harrison. He’s a star that one!


Today whislt the kids were at school the husband and I went out for a spot of brunch. He being a typical bloke had a full English and I had a really tasty Welsh rarebit. Yes it may look like just ordinary cheese on toast but this had loads of whole grain mustard sauce cooked in with the cheese. It’s yum!!  

Oh and just look at the work of art that was my hot chocolate, a picture of this went straight on Instagram. 

Lastly I thought I’d share with you my favourite recent purchase. It was a total impulse purchase, fortunately a good one. 

I was going food shopping with my mum and we ended up popping into Next. This monochrome sweater jumped out at  both me and my mum. At £18 I think it was a bit of a steal. Still I had to fess up and explain how I went food shopping and came home with clothes to the hubby!  

What have you been up to recently? Thanks for stopping by!

Lush Valentines Evening – what’s in store? 

Last Friday I was in my element. Why?? Well I got to attend a valentines event at my local lush store. I love lush events as they are very hands on, meaning lots of fun. 

Annoyingly I forgot my camara so I haven’t got pictures of the evening. Doh!! I can show you some of the new valentines goodies I picked up though, and a very special bubble bar that we made on the evening. 


Unicorn Horn £4.25 – A lustre filled lavender, ylang ylang and neroli bubble bar. 


This was the last unicorn horn in Chelmsford, they have been very popular. Naturally I nabbed one pronto before anyone else could Mwah ha ha ha ha! 

Lover Lamp £3.95 – This is a bath bomb that contains Brazillian orange oil, fair trade vanilla absolute and fair trade and organic cocoa butter hearts.  

 This was so pretty when they demonstrated, I cannot wait to find a free half hour to have a bath with this. 

Roses all the Way £4.25 – How pretty is this heart shaped turkish rose oil soap. I just had to bring one home with me. 


This is inspired by Disneys Alice in Wonderlands “we’re painting the roses red” scene. The more you use the soap the red rose fades into a white rose. 

Sex Bomb £3.50 – Okay so this is not strictly part of the valentines range, though it does feature in many of the valentines gift sets. 


I just thought it was super pretty and want to see how this performs in the bath. I’ll let you know. 

Aside from getting the opportunity to shop for lush goodies we were also shown how to give hand massages. We paired up and took it in turns as we were talked through how to do them.

We also had the chance to make our very own heart shaped creamy candy £2.95 bubble bars. Messy but fun. No one else has these in a heart shape  either! 


If you are interested then do keep your  eyes peeled for some related product reviews coming over the next week or so, once I’ve had the chance to use them. 

Let me know if you have tried any of the valentines products from Lush, and what you thought of them in the comments section below. 

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My ‘Back to Lush’ Experience & ‘Don’t look at me’ Facemask review 

Long term readers of will know that Im a little bit of a Lush junky.

It wasn’t too difficult then for me to save up five empty pots. Why? Well I was able to return them to my local Lush store and trade them in for a free full size fresh Facemask. 


This is perfect for me at the moment as it has settled any spendy urges I had without actually parting with any money. Bonus then, as Christmas has left me pinching the pennies! 

It was super easy, and the helpful assistant helped me to select a new mask to try out. 

As its actually starting to feel like winter now I decided I wanted something that would give my skin a little TLC. Yup my complexion is starting to look a little bit on the grey and lack lustre side. 

In the end I opted for Don’t look at me now a bright blue mask containing super moisturising murumuru butter, brightening lemon juice and ground rice for a mild exfoliation. 


So how did I get on with the Facemask? 

If you have sensitive skin or sore patches on your face then this is not the Facemask for you. The lemon juice is going to sting. 

My skin is not particularly sensitive so I just felt a mild initial tingle that eased off as the mask dried.

I was concerned that the scrubby bits off ground rice would scratch when I removed the mask but actually with a hot flannel it was okay. 

My skin was left feeling very clean and looking nice and bright. (We will just pretend I haven’t got loads of hormonal spots at the moment)   
Have you made use of the back to lush service before? What Facemask to you pick? Processed with Moldiv

Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb Review 

I had a bath again!! I promise you I wash more often that that sounded, but yes I treated myself to a ‘fancy’ bath at the weekend. On this occasion I decided to get a bit festive and use my Yog Nog bath bomb from Lush

Priced at £3.95 this is in the pricier end of Lush’s range of bath bombs, it’s pretty darn special though. Mine broke in transit so this picture doesn’t actually do it any justice. The pretty Christmassy patten has all been knocked off, Boo!!

Fortunately the pattern is not actually this particular bath bombs main selling point. No, it’s the lovely cinder toffee like scent and super silky moisturising bath it creates that is. Ooh and how pretty and cheerful is that yellow bath? 

The key ingredients that provide the warming sweet scent are Shea butter, clove bud oil and ylang ylang oil. It smells gorgeous! I can’t say whether or not it smells like Yog nog as I haven’t a clue what that smells like. I’ve never had it. 

A favourite feature for is that as it breaks down there are large chunks of what I presume are Shea butter. That once dissolve make for a super moisturising bath. It does get a skippy slippy so bear that in mind when you are getting out.   

I really enjoyed using this and will be keeping my fingers crossed for it to appear in the Boxing Day 50% off sale. I’m a tight wad and don’t want to pay out full price for another one. 

What Lush products have you been enjoying recently? Can you tell me what actual Yog nog smells like? 

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Lush ‘The Magic of Christmas’ Bubble bar – review 

Christmas at Lush is one of my favourite times. Their creators seem to get more inventive and everything has extra sparkle and added fun twists added to them. 

‘The Magic of Christmas’ bubble bar £5.95 is no exception to this rule; 

Novelty factor – ✔️

Sparkle – ✔️

Festive scent – ✔️

Looks good – ✔️

When I saw this cute wand shaped reusable bubble bar I knew I was going to have to give one a whirl. 

Key ingredients include cinnamon leaf oil, sweet orange oil and almond oil. With the addition of cloves and star anise this really does smell like Christmas. 

The sweet orange oil ensures that the scent is refreshing and not overpowered by the spices.  

Lush also get bonus points for using a cinnamon stick for the handle and including a cute red ribbon and mini bell. 

As this is a reusable bubble bar rather than crumble under running water you hold it underneath the water flow to release the bubbles. 

Immediately the water starts to turn a pretty  golden colour. You need only hold it underneath for approximately 10-15 seconds as like most Lush bubble bars it creates an impressive amount of bubbles.  

If you like more bubbles than this then simply hold it under the flow of water for longer. 

I really enjoyed using this bubble bar, I like the novelty element and the inclusion of almond oil as it left my skin feeling lovely and soft. 

The bar itself will also last a long time as a little bit goes a long way. 

My only negative is that I would have liked the scent to last for longer as it doesn’t last on the skin. This maybe because I have had this bar sitting in my to use pile since early October. I’m sure when it was fresh the scent was stronger. 

Have you tried this bubble bar or anything else from Lush’s Christmas range? As always feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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