Lush’s Halloween & Christmas Launch Evening

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Halloween and Christmas blogger event at my local lush store. The Lush Christmas launch has to be my favourite time of year at Lush. The products are so exciting, even returning old favourites have had little tweaks to them. Expect lots of colour, glitter and even products with sounds elements. Yes you can have a bath inspired by the sound of a crackling fire!

As ever the team at Lush were super knowledgeable about every single product launched, no crib sheets either! There enthusiasm and passion for Lush products is clearly evident.

So let’s have a peek at some of those goodies.

My top Bubble bar picks include Holly Golightly, Peeping Santa and Five Gold Rings. 

Holly Golightly Bubble Bar


This is a fairly grown up sent. Containing Patchouli, Lime, Cinnamon Leaf and orange oil this really does smell of Chrismas. Expect a gorgously intense green bath with some added sparkle.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

Do you like the scent of strawberries? This little cutie packs a punch and is super nourishing thanks to the layer of Shea butter.  Can we just take a moment to appriciate how amazing the colour it will turn the bath water.

Five Gold Rings is Inspired by the classic christmas carol 12 days of christmas. I love the idea of this bubble bar as you can actually get 5 baths out of one product if you use one ring per bath.

This is a visually pleasing product with a lovely light vanilla and tonka fragrance. 
Next up my top bath bomb picks are;  Cinders, Father Christmas and Lord of Misrule.

Cinders Bath Bomb

Remember I eluded to a a crackling fireside inspired bath? Well this bath bomb may be small but it don’t let that dissolution you.

Expect a visually spectacular orange coloured bath that actually smokes and crackles. Oh and it has a pretty fab hot fruit punch scent as well.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is just beautiful, check this little demo out below. Fans or Lord of Misrule show gel will love this one.

I had this bath bomb as a christmas gift from my son last year. It has a lovely sweet but not too sweet scent and provided a gorgous coloured bath. I won’t ruin this one for you as it’s not what you expect.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb

My Top picks from the rest include Sants’s Belly shower jelly, Snakes & Ladders fun, Old Father Time soap and the daddy of Chrismas selection boxes 12 Days of Christmas which includes a selection of 12 of the christmas limited edition products.

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly

Love apple scents and red wine? This one is for you. Oh and how cute are those stars.

Snakes & Ladders Fun

Lovers of play dough will love this. it doubles up as soap and shampoo and not to mention some modelling fun. We have has snowman fun in the past and the black section made a big mess so I would definately opt for this one over that.

Old Father Time Soap

I love both of these soaps and would love to have the whole round. It’s not just a bit of soap they’re a work of art. They both smell fab aswell.


12 days of christmas

I would love to own this bit I couldn’t warrant spending £49.95 on it myself, but if you can and know a Lush fan this would make an amazing gift

This is just a small selection of the christmas products recently launched at Lush. To feature them all on the blog would probably bore you to death so if you want to see more then pop in to you local Lush store if you get the chance.

I was lucky to receive a couple of products to take home which I will feature in review posts over thecoming  weeks so keep you eyes peeled for those.

Fow now I owe a huge thanks to the team at Lush for having me.

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Lush Cyanide Pill bath ballistic – Review 

Long term readers will know I absolutely love Lush. This has to be my  favourite store for all things toiletry related. So of course given the opportunity I had to pick up some exclusive goodies from Lush’s Oxford Street store. The Cyanide Pill bath ballistic was high on my wish list, mainly for they unique novelty factor it offered.  

Scent wise this is a lovely delicate citrus scent, nothing to strong or over powering. If you want something that is refreshing and mind clearing then this scent is for you. 

 Where the the cyanide pill really shines though is in it’s visual appeal. Once dropped in the bath it fizzes rather aggressively turning your bath a sunny yellow color. It’s orange core realeases tiny silver lustre which sparkle on the surface of the water.  

  Along with that lustre is popping candy! This I love it is something totally unique as you sit in the bath listening to the gentle popping sounds.  

After you have had you bath you skin is left with a very subtle silver shimmer, because of this this would make a great addition to any pre party preparations.  

 So, I have to say I’m loving this particular offering from Lush and will be picking another one up the next opportunity I have. If you like fresh scents and don’t mind a little bit of lustre then I would recommend you try this one out. 

Have you tried out the Cyanide Pill from Lush? Can you recommend any other Oxford street exclusives I should be trying out? 

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Lush Oxford Street Exclusive – You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Oil Review

If you are a long-term reader of then it is no secret that I’m a wee bit of Lush fan. So If I can get my hand on the latest and exclusive products I will. Queue one too many lush kitchen purchases, ha not even sorry!  With that in mind I thought I really should share my thoughts with you  on some of these purchases. Today I’m starting with a review of the  You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Oil £2 from Lush Oxford Street store. 

Lush You've been Mangoed bath oil

If I’m correct in my thinking, this is a replacement product for the You’ve been Mangoed Luxury Bath Melt. Having used that in the past I can confirm that scent wise this is very similar. It has that same strong zesty scent with notes of lemon-grass. Visually though this is very different. It is much smaller and feels a lot softer than its predecessor. Rather than the orange brick form this resembles a green blob, It is pretty cute though.

Lush You've been magoed bath oil

I popped this into my hot bath and it took it’s time melting. once the green outer shell has melted away a natural coloured core is revealed.

Due to the natural properties of the oil in water this provides a visually pleasing display as it melts. This is not as in your face spectacular as with a bath bomb but there is something pleasing about the inky marbled effect created in your bath water. It reminds me of ink marbling in school.

Melting Lush You've been Mangoed Bath oil

The feel of the water is soft and nourishing without feeling greasy, and it smells amazing! Try to Imagine a scent that is very uplifting. It left me feeling clear headed and ready for the day’s activities.

I have to say I really did enjoy using this product, it left my skin feeling very smooth and soft, thanks to ingredients such as avocado and mango butters. I didn’t feel I needed to worry too much about applying moisturizer so just opted for a sprinkling of Lush’s Silky Underwear Dusting Powder £4.50 instead.

There are loads of different bath oils to be trying exclusive to Lush Oxford Street, they have their own little pick n mix station. Priced at only £2 each these are a fairly inexpensive treat. I regularly spend more than that on a coffee!

Do you like to use bath oils? Do you have any suggested products I need to be trying out?

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From the Lush Kitchen – Oxford Street Exclusives

Us Lushies were ridiculously excited when Lush Oxford Street opened its doors. Only to realise that we were to be taunted with exciting products that we need (yes need, not want, I said that) and can’t get our hands on easily. It’s not like we can all be in London everyday, ha imagine how cramped that would be. Any way after I realised that the Lush Kitchen would be providing us with a steady drip feed of Lush Oxford Street exclusives I calmed down a bit. Phew!

Now, my vice has to be bubble bars, I love them. So last week when there was not one but two Oxford Street exclusive bubble bars available  from the Lush Kitchen I could hardly contain myself. Queue a cheeky order. You know the one, its the day before pay day your on your last few pounds, its Okay though I can pay with Paypal, “it won,t come out my bank till I get paid tomorrow”. Bad, I know!

Confession aside, I’m so glad that I was a naughty girl. These bubble bars a so stinking cute.  Let me show you Granny Takes A Dip bubble bar and the Milky Bar (no you cant eat this one, sorry).

Lush Kitchen Oxford STreet EXclusives



The first Item, is a bubble bar version of the Granny takes a dip bath bomb. This smells fab, of spicy ginger and black pepper, contrasting with a refreshing lemon scent. Oh and visually it mimics the swirly pattern of the original.

Granny takes a dip bubble bar


Next up is the cutest looking bubble bar I have ever seen. It is a dinky, milk bottle complete with glittery silver cap. I can’t wait to  have soak in milky bubble bath. Well if it was good enough for Cleopatra, it must be a good thing. The scent of this is very delicate with just a hint of orange oil. I’m expecting this to be super nourishing, I let you know after I have used it on Saturday morning.

Lush Milky Bubble Bar


I cant wait to give these two bubbles bars a try. Watch this space as I am probably going to film them doing their thing soon.

So if you cant get yourself in to London to visit the the store on Oxford street with all its exclusive goodies, keep an eye out for them in the Lush Kitchen. Don’t forget to put a request in the gift section for any samples you would like to try. It makes the hefty £3.95 delivery charge less of an annoyance. I was lucky to receive good sized samples of Coal Face and Parsley Porridge Soaps. 

Lush Parsley Porridge Soap

Have you had the chance to visit Lush Oxford Street yet? Are a frequent shopper from the Lush Kitchen?

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LUSH’s The Big Blue BathBomb  Review 

Today is a lovely lazy Sunday, football season is over, so I had time for a little lie in and an  indulgent bath this morning. 

That meant having a rummage through my Lush stash, to see what goodies I could find. Ah ha joy, I still hadn’t used the The Big Blue bath bomb £3.35 I had picked up at the last Lush event I went to.  


Containing kelp, a type of seaweed, this is meant to simulate the scent and calming effects of the sea. Now I love that fresh sea air smell so I had high hopes for this.  


As you can see in impact with the water this starts to fizz and turn you bath a stunning shade of blue. As it fizzes it releases pieces of kelp into the bath.  

    You are left with a bath that really does mimic warm azure waters, I was more than happy to kick back and relax, imagining myself somewhere more exoctic. 


Scent wise, this is actually very delicate, I was expecting something a bit stronger scented. It really isn’t, but more of that gentle sea are scent with a touch of seaweed, certainly not that rank smell you get stood by a pier. 

I can’t say I really saw any benefits to my skin, from using this in my bath. Certainly it didn’t feel moisturised or anything, but then it’s key ingredients are not one you would associate with moisturising. This is one to be using if you want a deep cleanse for your body, thanks to the I ngredients sea salt, lemon and lavender oils. 

Would I buy it again? I sure I will pick another on up in the future, but I can’t say I’ll be rushing out to grab another one. This is mainly due to personal preference. I like my baths to leave my skin deeply moisturised, hence why Butterball is my favourite Lush bath bomb. 

If you like something that is visually pleasing, lightly scented and won’t leave you sliding around the tub then this is one worth checking out? 

How do you like your baths to be? Do you prefer something that is going to leave skin moisturised or are you more interested in how it looks and smells? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

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Lush Avobath Bath Ballistic review and demo

Hi guys! 

With a little bit of help from my 8yr old son Jed, we tried out Lush’s Avobath bath ballistic £3.35.

 Scented with lemongrass and bergamot oils, this provided a very uplifting feeling bath. Jed thought it smelt of lime though. 
Ingredients such as avocado and olive oil mean that whist you relax in the bath your skin is being treated by all the hydration benifits they provide. So this is a great one for those with dry skin. 

I can confirm that this did indeed leave my skin feeling lovely and soft, but without leaving any greasiness. The bath didn’t become too slippery either, like for example if you have ever tried Lush’s butterball bath ballistic. 

Visually this was also very pleasing. It left the bath a vivid green colour that shimmered with a subtle lustre. I don’t think the photograph below really does the lustre effect any justice, you can see how vivid the green is though. 

Thankfully it didn’t leave any horrendous residue when I emptied the bath, result as I didn’t have to scrub the bath afterwards. 

We filmed the bath bomb in action so you can see the magic for yourself. 

So overall thoughts? 

The smell if this is really lovely, it has a very uplifting effect. It also has enough of a visual appeal if this is a priority for you when selecting  a bath bomb. I would definately pick this one up again. I just need to get myself down to Oxford Street now to get my hands on the Avobath shower gel as well. (Sigh! The wishlist is growing) .

A Lush spa experience evening at Lush Chelmsford 

On Friday evening I was very fortunate to have been invited to a spa experience evening, at my local Lush Store. The event focused on some of the amazing treatments available at Lush Spa’s , particularly the new and quite epic Planets Treatment. I shall tell you more about that later though.

First up let me share some of the experiences of Friday evening with you. Be prepared for lots of pictures.

On arrival we were greeted by the very welcoming Chelmsford Lush team. We were given name badges and offered herbal tea, candy floss and biscuits. Typical me, shortly after being giving my tea spilt it everywhere, cringe!

Accident behind us though, we were given a talk about the spa and then split off into groups to move around and sample some  of the treatments the spa has to offer.

IMG_4816        IMG_4785IMG_4782

IMG_4766IMG_4810As you can see from the pictures this included hand and arm massages, mini facials and foot soaks. There where also listening stations where you had a chance to listen to the music that accompanies each unique treatment.

It was a brilliant evening as we got to see products in use the way the clever creators at lush intended.

A personal favourite had to be the Big Blue bath ballistic. This was created to provide the sensatory part of The Good Hour deep tissue massage £80. Inspired by sea shanties and the movement aboard a ship, this was dreamed up when it’s creator was having back related problems.

Put it this way I need this treatment, I shall be saving my pennies for a trip to the Oxford Street Spa. For now though I have contented myself with a cheeky purchase of the big blue to try out at home.

Lush Big Blue Bath BombLush big blue demoLush big blue bath bomb

We also were able to have a go at creating a fresh face mask to take home with us.  We made the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. This is a detoxifying mask containing blueberries, yum! (Yeah I know, your not supposed to eat it).



How amazing does the fresh face mask stand look though? definitely good enough to eat.

So that is a round-up of the goings on last Friday at Lush Chelmsford. It was a truly amazing experience. I need to get saving now so I can treat myself to the good hour massage. For now though let me tell you a bit more about the planets treatment.

The Planets Treatment lasts an amazing 3 hours and is Inspired by the planets in our solar system. The treatment is divided into three distinct phases focusing on the past present and future. It includes different massage techniques, palm readings and a lifted facial combined with unique Lush sensatory elements.

This is a completely different experience,  priced at £285 (cough) this would make the ultimate gift for someone special. One can dream any way can’t they?

Have you been to the lush spa before? I would love to hear about your experience. If these taster treatments are anything to go by then I can imagine it is truly amazing.

Once again a massive thank you needs to go out to the team at Lush Chelmsford, they are all incredibly talented and full of knowledge.

By for now, Katy 🙂

From the LUSH Kitchen – Bubbling Under Bubble bar & Demon in the Dark soap 

So if you follow Lush on twitter and Instagram you would be hard pushed not to notice the fact that Lush Oxford street is opening this week. amazingly  they have over 100 exclusively available products, available to this store. 

Now obviously we are not all situated in London so getting access to these exclusive goodies is going to be a tough one. Fear not though as there is another way you can get your hands on some exclusive limited edition goodies. 

Have you heard of the Lush Kitchen? If you haven’t then you really are missing out. The Lush Kitchen is a real kitchen in Poole, Dorset, where Lush HQ is based. This is also one of the locations of the Lush Spa.  

 What they do here is create exclusive limited edition products in small batches, that you can purchase through the website. All items are usually in the process of being made as they go on sale. They are then shipped as soon as they have finished being made. You can’t getter a fresher product than that. 

It’s worth checking the kitchen website early on in the day as items sell out fast. Particurly if it is a old favourite product that has been discontinued or is only seasonal. 

Each item arrives with a picture of the chef creating your product, which I think is a really nice touch.   
This Bubbling Under bubble bar I recieved last week, I was literally stalking the website to get my hands on it. 


Let’s just say I am not disappointed, it smells amazing. With coarse sea salt, seaweed, lime and lavander oils this has a super breezy refreshing sent. I can’t wait to take a bath with this. 

Not only that, but I can’t get enough of the vivid blue colour, it’s so pretty. 

The other product I have managed to get my grubby little mitts on is the Demon in the Dark soap. Another amazing smelling product. It has a very awakening peppermint scent. 

This is encased in a removable black wax coating, so I think should keep fresh for longer. Don’t quote me on that though! 

  Other ingredients include coconut oil and organic apple juice, it really does have a unique refreshing scent. 

I tend to try and treat myself to an order once a month. I like that you can combine your order with regular Lush products, making it worth the delivery fee. I usually leave a little note in the gift section requesting a comple of samea of other products I want to try, which I am so grateful for. 

I have some a cute little honey I washed kids soap to try and a little pot of lemony  flutter cuticle butter to try. 

Have you tried anything from the Lush Kitchen before? What has been you favourite excusive product? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

March Favourites! 

Hi guys! Would you believe it, we are another month down. March for me was a busy one with lots of birthday celebration and general running about after the family. 

It occurred to me that I didn’t do a February favourites post, but from what I can recall I was feeling a bit meh about things, so nothing really stood out. March though has seen me appreciating things a bit more, with a few stand out items worth sharing. 

So here are my March favourites;

Benefit Rollerlash Mascara – £19.50


  This one made quite an impression on many a beauty blogger, when it was first launched back in Feburary. I have to confess though that for me this wasn’t love at first use. Fortunately over time I’ve grown to love it. It curls my lashes beautifully and stays put. If you want to see a full review on this, check out my previous post here. 

Lush Bunch of Carrots Bubblebar – £5.95.


I absolutely love lush bubble bars, they produce so many bubbles, that last for such a long time in the bath. This one however has to be my favourite scent, it is so fruity and uplifting. Unfortunately this is part of the Easter range so will disappear again soon. Boo! I may have to grab another one before they’re all gone. 

The Wet Brush – approx £6.99.


 I received this in the February Look Fantastic box. It has to be the best brush I’ve had for detangling my hair, both wet and dry. I’m a baby and don’t to pulling and tugging at knots, so for me this is perfect. I blame my big sister. When we were kids she used to ask to play with my hair,  if I complained that she was pulling, she would whack me on the head with the brush. Cheers sis, I’m scared for life!

TV – 

Game of Thrones – 

I have been having a bit of box set marathon in preparation for the start of the new season. I can’t wait till it starts again. 

As I am yet to read the books , the plot lines are still a surprise for me. The only thing is they keep killing off all of my favourite characters. I was not expecting what happened at ‘the red wedding’. Without the high body count though it wouldn’t be the same programme. 

Music – 

The song that I’ve been enjoying most lately has to be Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out Loud’. It is just such a beautiful song. Come payday I think I shall be buying his Album. Im a bit old school and still clinging to my love of CD’s, as I like to have the hard copy, rather than just download music. 

Yup I’m showing my age there!

So that’s my round up of my current favourite things. Have you been liking any of these things, or are they not for you? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Weekend pamper session – Lush Mask of Magnimity & Dove’s Hair Therapy intensive repair mask. 

It’s the weekend and that means there is time for a little bit of pampering. Cue a hot bubble bath and me slathering my hair and face in various different masks. Yup I look a sight!! 

This weeks picks included Lush’s Mask of Magnimity £5.50 and Dove hair therapy  intensive repair mask £1 from Poundworld. This one was a bit of a bargain.  


So, how did I get on?

The Lush mask is a multitasking product, it can be used both on the face and the body. I just stuck to my face though, as I only had a small sample, I had recieved with an online order.  


This felt very tingly, almost like when you have toothpaste on your face. I put this down to the inclusion of peppermint oil as one of the key ingredients. This was not an uncomfortable feeling though, as when the mask dried, the tingling died away. 

Other ingredients include marigold oil and chloropyllin, to help calm and clear blemishes, and evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to exfolliate as your rinse the mask away. 

This left my skin feeling very refreshed and clean. It’s too early to tell if this has made a difference to my blemishes, but I like how it left my skin feeling. 

Next up is the Dove hair therapy intensive repair hair mask. This is a 2 step hair mask, that is self warming.  


The first step after you have washed your hair is to apply the cream based mask from the included sachet, and then apply the self heating serum. This is then left on for approximately 3 minutes. 

This included Keratin as one of the ingredients, it has left my hair feeling very smooth and soft. Usually the ends of my long hair can feel dry but after using this the ends feel very nourished. If you come across this in your local pound shop pick one up if your hair needs some TLC. I will be grabbing a couple next time I’m in town for my stash. 

Have you tried any of these masks, if so what did you think of them? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂