What’s in my Makeup Bag? 

As a self labeled connoisseur of all things make-up related and a great big fat nosy Parker I am very interested in checking out the contents of other people’s makeup bags. You never know were you are going to come across the next holy grail product right? So when I saw Joanne Mallon author of Opposable Thumbs  looking to set up a blogger challenge doing just that I jumped at it.

My day-to-day make-up isn’t actually stored in a make-up bag. It sits in a set of acrylic organizers on my dressing table. Yes blogger cliché I know, but it works for me. I’m the type of person that likes to see everything sitting neatly in its place. There’s a reason why visual merchandising is one of my favourite tasks at work.

So enough waffle, what are my much loved day-to-day makeup items?

The Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation rrp £5.95. 

Cult Beauty seems to have the best availability across all shades at the moment.

This has been quite a hyped up product so of course I had to see what all the fuss was about. To be honest I had read some very mixed reviews. I wanted to try it out for myself though as it has such a budget price tag.

The negative reviews from other users complained about having problems with oxidising and caking, fortunately I have experienced neither.

I have the shade 1.1 Fair Neutral which is the perfect match for my skin tone during the current winter months. Crucially it doesn’t oxidize on me and stays the correct shade throughout the day.

It might be worth noting that I use a primer, topped with a light dusting of powder followed my a spritz of setting spray.

To apply I use my Real Techniques Miracle Sponge £4.49 currently on offer at Boots. I do have to go back in with my Real Techniques Expert face brush to buff around my nose otherwise it will shift. Using this method though It’s lasts well enough through an 8 hour shift at work so at this budget price this is my daily go to foundation.

Maybelline Age rewind Eye Concealer £8.99 (or 2 for £12) at Superdrug.

I have lost count of how many tubes of this concealer I have used. I love the application method, however I do admit the sponge can get messy. I love that the formula covers well, yet feels light and most importantly doesn’t settle into any of those tell-tale eye creases. Fellow 30 plus ladies will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Maybelline Brow define + fill duo rrp £6.99 best price £4.85 Feel Unique. 

This is such a handy product for those mornings when you are in a hurry. I’m that girl who will happily leave the house without foundation but just can’t be seen without groomed brows. It has a fine gel pencil for defining the brows at one end then a powder with a sponge applicator to fill the sparse areas.

This is actually a bit too dark for me so I won’t be repurchasing. Maybelline could do with bringing out a wider shade range as there are only four available.

E.L.F Expert liquid eyeliner £3 Superdrug. 

I have been using this product for years. It is really easy to use, stays in place all day and is ridiculously cheap. I’d be mad to buy another eyeliner.

NYX Proof it! waterproof mascara top coat £6.00

I get terrible hay fever during the summer months, during the winter the wind gives me watery eyes. You can imagine the mess my face can get in then. This top coat works with any mascara to make it waterproof meaning I can still experiment with different mascaras. It’s a must have for anyone who has similar issues.
Maybelline Color Tatoo’s £5.99 

I have an entire drawer in my set up dedicated to these. I use them either on their own for a super quick eye look or as a priming base.  I love them and will more than likely purchase again in the future.

MAC mineralize Skin finish in Stereo Rose

I went to great lengths to get my hands on this when it was released as a limited edition back in 2014. I had to take a trip to Selfridges in London to purchase it as this was the only place that had it left in stock. I have’nt linked it for that reason but felt it deserved a mention as it sits pride of place on my dressing table.

Originally I only used this when I was going out because I was worried about it running out. Daft I know! Common sense has since prevailed as I do not want it to expire before I have used it up. I am actually reaching for it most days now. I consider this to be a bit of a bronzing blush hybrid and is perfect for days I want some colour but am in a hurry.

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Palm Beach £26.50  John Lewis 

I treated myself to this when I got my promotion at work last year. (that and a BMW 5 series). It is has a gorgeous moisturising formula so I have been opting to wear this most days as it has been such a cold winter.

I have just been promoted again at work so I definitely deserve to purchase this in a different shade don’t I? 

I’m passing the baton on these these ladies. I’m sure they will be up for the challenge of sharing ‘What’s in their Makeup Bags’

Don’t forget to check out Joanne’s blog Opposable Thumbs

My first Pink parcel Experience 

Who else hates their period? I do, with a great big fat capital H! Saying that I do greet it each month with a ‘Halle-friggin-lujah’…I’ve dodged the pregnancy bullet. Those inevitable cramps and that not feeling truly clean experience are not welcome though! That’s why I decided I was going to give Pink Parcel a try. 

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service that promises to make those monthly visits ‘fuss free and fabulous’ The service combines treats, beauty products and those essential femcare products all delivered to you at home. This arrives in a discreet and well packaged parcel on a date of your choosing. 

My first concern was whether it would arrive in time. Fortunately it actually arrived roughly a week before my selected date. No problems there then.

Secondly, would I be sent the type of femcare product that I prefer to use? Thankfully you get to choose from a wide variety of brands and can pick, tampons, towels or even a combination of both. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this part of the box isn’t just an afterthought. You receive a good amount with a combination of items for both daytime and nighttime use. There is also even a little well filled ‘for now’ bag to keep in your handbag so you don’t ever get caught out. 

Also included in the box is a treat food item along with a healthy tea bag. I don’t know about you but I always crave chocolate around my time of the month. I also love a cup of tea!

January’s box theme is Positivity, so the beauty related products included reflect this. 

My favourite item included is the Made by Coopers Apothecary Happy Mist value £12. 

This can be used to spray in the air or onto fabrics. The lime, clementine and basil scent is very uplifting and definitely triggers the pleasure sensors. 

I was also pleased to see Browcote Waterproof Brow Gel. Value £6.99

Brow products are one of my favourite make-up items so I will definitely be trying this out. I’m that person that can happily leave the house with a bare face but I always have to have groomed brows. 

Laritzy is a makeup brand that I haven’t heard of before now. This eye pencil is what I consider to be a ‘safe’ introduction to the brand. This is the most expensive item in the box with an rrp of £18.00.

I have the shade shimmer which is a silver shade. I shall be trying this out in my waterline as an eye brightening product. The packaging states that it is free from Parabens and after checking their website I found out that they also do not test on animals. Both positives for me! 

The last item is a set of Bandzee Hair Ties value £5.95. 

I love this type of hair tie as they are strong yet don’t leave kinks in you hair. I do feel they are often very overpriced though, especially as I’m always loosing them. This was definitely a useful addition to this box. 
Over all I am really pleased with my first experience of Pink Parcel. The value of the contents far exceed the £12.95 price tag. I’m not going to lie sanitary towels are one of those essential items that I resent have to spend money on. This subscription service takes the pain out of it! I’m looking forward to seeing what February’s box brings. 

Nude by Nature Perfecting Concealer 

I’m always on the look out for a good Concealer. To be quite frank when it comes to Concealer I’m hard to please. 

I want something that provides high coverage, blends easily, doesn’t cake and  stays put, all without clogging my pores and aggravating any breakouts. Oh and I almost left out non creasing. 

As part of Feelunique’s pick & mix service I recently tried out this Concealer from Australian brand Nude by Nature. Though it’s not perfect, it does come very close. 

Nude by Nature produce Mineral Makeup using Australian native ingredients.The products do not contain any synthetic ingredients or preservatives, and are 100 % Cruelty Free and PETA certified 

The combination of ingredients offer Makeup with skincare benefits. 

Key Ingredients includes;

Kakadu Plum – An anti-oxidant and natural source of highly concentrated Vitamin C.

Ceramic Extract – Provides anti inflammation and hydration.

Avocado oil – Moisturisers, repairs and protects.

Jojoba Oil – An anti-oxidant and helps to restore skin elasticity.

Kaolin Clay – Purifys and helps to remove toxins. 

Shea Butter – Provides an intense hit of moisturisation. 

The packaging is Gorgeous. It looks and feels luxury with its rose gold caps and lids. 
I have tried this out as both an under eye and spot covering Concealer. 

The formula is very creamy and feels hydrating. As an under eye concealer it works great. It blends well and doesn’t crease or settle in fine lines. I like to use the pointed end of a beauty blender to tap it on.    With setting spray it lasts well enough throughout a full 8 hour shift at work. 

I found that it covered skin discolouration and imperfections well but didn’t fully cover major spots. A key pro for me though is that it didn’t aggravate or make spots any worse. 

As Concealers go this is teetering towards the more expensive end of the spectrum with an RRp of £20. Feelunique are currently selling it with 20% off at £16 

At this price I am definitely tempted to purchase a full size of this concealer. Fortunately for now I do have a second sample of this concealer that I am currently using. 

Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick With Avon

Now that we are into Autumn It seems only right to pull out some deeper lipstick shades. I love red lipstick but finding the perfect shade can be a little tricky.

Avon have made selecting the right shade so much easier with their latest launch. Perfect Reds features 8 shades of red created to compliment a range of skin tone and hair colour.

I am a Brunette with fair skin so the suggested shades for me are Scarlett Siren and Red 2000.

Scarlet siren (top) is a rich warm toned red.

Red 2000 (bottom)  is a cooler blue toned red.

Both shades have creamy texture and are comfortable to wear.

The lipsticks are currently priced at £7.50* each with a free makeup gift if you spend £10. The prices do tend to change each campaign with Avon though depending on special offers available


*disclaimer – link to my Avon Facebook page.

How I repress my powder make-up

There’s nothing more annoying than dropping you favourite blusher. It’s one of those ‘oh crap, how bad is the damage?’ moments. No one wants their favourite blush to end up a powdery mess all over the floor do they? 

 Best case scenario, and this is providing the packaging remains closed, it’s going to have broken into a few pieces. That’s okay though, we can salvage it still by doing a little bit of DIY repressing. 

Here’s how I repress my broken powder make-up. It’s very quick and simple and I actually find it kind of fun to do. I learnt this method from watching a girl called Ammie on YouTube a few months ago. I’ve linked her video for you to watch as it works so well. 

I have even have begun to use this method to repress nearly finished products that become awkward to use. You know the ones, you’ve hit pan, and all you have left is that little bit left at the side of the pan that you brush won’t pick up. 

All you need is a cheep bottle of rubbing alcohol (I use the brand haz which is available on eBay very cheaply) , an orange stick and a cotton pad.

Step 1 – Using the orange stick, crush the remaining product into a fine powder. 

Step 2 – Measure out half a capful of rubbing alcohol. Gradually add this to your powder mixing to create a smooth paste. Spread the paste across the pan as evenly as possible.

Step 3 – Take your clean cotton pad and press this firmly on top of your smoothed out paste. The rubbing alcohol will be absorbed by the cotton pad. Repeat process until you have removed as much of the alcohol as possible. 

Ta dah! You now have your repressed and much easier to use powder product. 

Please note this method does change the formula of the original product slightly. I find though that it’s not enough to effect the performance of the product.?
If you try this out for yourself at home let me know how you get on. 

My Top 3 Beauty Subscription boxes 

What can I say? I’m a bit of a beauty subscription box tart. I’ve tried most of them over the past couple of years. It stands to reason then that I will have recieved my fair share of the good and not so good  subscription boxes. 

With experience the not so good boxes have been cancelled, but I’ve remained loyal to my favourites. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what I consider to be my top 3 beauty subscription boxes. 

So let’s begin the count down. 

In 3rd place is the You Beauty Box. This is the cheapest subscription boxes you will find in the UK. Priced at just £6.95 including P&P you are able to choose two items from a menu on the 1st of each month, plus you then recieve some extra little treats. 

I have discovered some fantastic products through this subscription service. There are often full size products available making this box a steal. 

There are often mini’s of high end products to choose from which I love as They would normally be outside of my beauty budget. 

This hasn’t rated higher because it is one of the slowest shipping services. It can take a week from placing you monthly order to then recieving it.

Coming in 2nd is the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. These are usually themed boxes, with June’s box being the #LFJETSETTER box. 

Some of the brands can tend to be a little bit repetitive, Korres, Caudalie and Murad feature regularly. However there is usually a good variety of products in each box. It is rare that I recieve a product that I wouldn’t actually use. 

Focus tends to be on skincare and body care though there is usually at least one make-up item in each box. 

All the products featured are available to purchase at Lookfantastic.com.

Prices for the subscription service start at £11.25, billed per month depending on the length of subscription you sign up for. This is the price for a 12 month subscription and increased slightly if you sign up for a shorter subscription. 

Lastly my Number 1 beauty subscription box is from Love Me Beauty.

If you like to recieve a lot of make-up items in your box then this could be your perfect subscription service. 

It also works differently to most other subscription boxes, as you have complete control over what products you recieve. This includes selecting your own make-up shades, so no more recieving shades you don’t like. 

Brands that have featured in the past include Rodial, Nuxe, Too Faced, Cailyn. That is just a tiny selection and as you can see they are all high end brands. 

It works on a credit based system, that you spend in the boutique. You can also buy extra credit if you want to add more to your box than your monthly allowance. 

A monthly rolling subscription costs £10 plus p&p which is £2.95.

Every 3 months you also recieve some bonus loyalty credit. 

I have a reveral code for Love Me Beauty that offers 30 extra credits on joining. (Worth approx £21) *

Code: KATY6849
So those are my Top 3 Beauty Subscription boxes. Let me know if you think there are any new subscription services you think I should be trying out. 

* I recieve referral credit also if my offer code is used. 

Saturated Colour’s #eSCexmeetup 

Yesterday I was one of several Essex based bloggers who had the opportunity to attend the #eSCexbbmeetup. The event was hosted by Essex’s very own independent cosmetic brand Saturated Colour

Specialising in innovative lip products Sarurated Colour was launched in 2015, previously under the name of Kiss Cosmetics. 

Creator Danielle Fenwick has focused on creating high quality lip products that remain at affordable prices. The brand is also 100% cruelty free with some products even being suitable for vegans. 

During the Event we had the opportunity to take part in a lip art competition. Alas I didn’t win But it did mean we had the chance to have a good old play with many of the products. 

The products I used to create my ombré lip look are listed in the picture below. 

So far I am really impressed with all the products  I have tried. Everything is comfortable to wear, even the Make Me Matte, an ingenious product that will transform any lipstick into a matte finish. 
We also had the chance to chat with other bloggers whislt enjoying some buffet and mocktails. Yum!

We all went home with a goody bag of personally selected products to try out at home, including some coconut oil from vita coco, who sponsored the event. 

I’m promised a sweep of sheerstick is perfect for busy mums like myself. 

Off course I also did a tiny little bit of shopping whilst I was there. Well with a 3 for 2 offer I couldn’t not! I shall do a post later on with swatches and I depth review. 

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Saturated colour for inviting me, it was a very fun afternoon. 

Bye for now, Katy x

Spring Make-up Trend | Shades of Blue

   I’m not usually one to follow makeup trends. However the various blue makeup looks that popped up all over the spring/summer 2016 catwalks are a trend I will be taking inspiration from. 

My favourite looks came from Jonathon Saunders, it had the right balance of natural make-up offset with heavy blue liner.  It’s a look that is wearable and doesn’t require too many makeup application skills other than a steady hand. 

image source: imaxtree

Of course this called for a rifle through my stash before I went dashing of to Boots to buy a blue eyeliner. Good thing as I already have some options perfect for this look. 

See I’m growing as a person, the shopaholic in me is subsiding.


As you can see when swatched They are all vivid blues of various tones. 

 1. No7 Metalic Eyes Pencil – 03 Blue £7.50

2. Rimmel Eyeshadow Stick – Electric Sapphire £4.49 (note the shade names are wrong on boots.com)

3. Kiko Cosmetics Long lasting Stick – 31 Iris Blue £6.90

When dried these are all pretty excellent quality and don’t budge. 


I am wearing the Kiko long lasting stick in the picture below. I love it as it brings out the blue in my eyes. 


Will you be wearing some blue this spring? 

Do you follow Make-up trends?


Make-up Challenge – The £5 Face 

I don’t know about you but January usually means I’m feeling a bit on the broke side. Queue one glum face, dreaming of being able to go on a shopping trip again in what seems like the very distant future. 

Actually this was the best pic I could capture showing the simple make-up look I created using just £5 worth of make-up. Yes I’m serious!  

How? Well, I turned to budget brand MUA and also used my products in not quite their traditional manner as a multi tasking products. 

The products, I used included;

MUA Matte Foundation – £2 (mine is old packaging/formula)

MUA Lipstick in shade Nectar – £1

This doubled up as lipstick and blusher. I just blended out a couple of dots of it on each cheek for a natural peachy flush. 


MUA Brow Pencil in shade Brunette – £1 As a brow pencil this is great! I didn’t stop there though and used it to tight line and blended in my crease to define my eyes. Yup there was no room in the budget for eyeshadow.  A girl can make do though! 


Lastly I finished up with a spot of MUA’s £1 mascara. 

What do you think of my little budgeting experiment? Could you get by on £5 worth of make-up? Processed with Moldiv

Makeup Revolution Newt-rals vs Neutrals Palette 

Now that autumn is well and truely upon us I’m feeling the need to switch up my makeup.

The changing colours of autumn from summer tones to deeper rich berries gold and burnt oranges filter into my makeup choices.

The recently released New-trails vs Neutrals eyeshadow palette £6.99 from Makeup Revolution has nailed Autumn.

It contains a beautiful selection of burnt orange and berry tones in a selection of 16 matte and shimmer shades. All of which have a buttery texture that blend well and are easy to work with. Bonus marks also go to Makeup revolution for including a pretty decent double ended eyeshadow brush.


In order as they appear inside palette


I don’t think my swatches actually do the the pigmentation of the palette justice. These were actually swatched very lightly but still show the shades off beautifully.

For me the palettes strength lies in it’s versitilty. You could use this all through out autumn and winter and create a multitude of different looks from natural to high impact without having to reach for anything else, unless you fancy some green that is.

I have included some pictures of some of the different ways I have used this palette.


For me my relationship with this palette has been love at first use. It has made it’s way to my upcoming holiday packing list as I know I won’t be need anything else with me.

Priced at £6.99 it really is great value for money. If you we’re to purchase just make-up item this Autumn I highly recommend it be this, you won’t be left disappointed.

Thanks for stopping by Schoolrunbeauty.com, don’t forget you can follow me on bloglovin to keep up to date with my latest posts.

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