Freedom Cosmetics Pro Blush & Highlight Palette Review 

Hot off the success of Make-up Revolutions launch a year ago It’s creators have brought out a sister brand Freedom Cosmetics London.

Focus is in providing professional quality cosmetics at affordable prices. Now I have to admit I was a bit meh about the original launch. Surely this is just Make-up revolution with a different name? So I didn’t rush out to try anything.

My interest was peeked though when I had the opportunity to try this pallette as one of beautycrowdpro’s member deals. Well it would be daft not to! I snapped one up pretty sharpish, and I’m so glad I did. My pre misconceptions about the brand  were proven to be quite unfair. This palette is pretty darn good!

The Pro Blush & Highlight Palette in bronze & baked is priced at a very purse friendly £6. It would make a great choice for someone that is looking to start experimenting with contouring or who is on a tight budget. 

The palette contains 2 matte bronzers and 6 shimmering highlights enabling you to experiment with different looks.

As you can see when swatched all shades are highly pigmented. Texture wise it doesn’t disappoint either with no hint of chalkiness.


I found that the matte shades are perfect for contouring as there is no hint of orange to them.

I’m so glad more budget brand make-up companies are moving away from only producing darker orange bronzers (well on my fair skin they looked orange). A few years ago you would have to look to the higher end brands for a bronzer that suited paler skin. Thankfully the budget make-up brands have all upped their game. Anyway I’ve digressed slightly.

Packaging wise this is actually very similar to what you would expect from Make-up Revolution. I would say though that with it’s simple white lettering against the glossy black Freedom is actually a bit more sleeker looking. Bonus points also for including a decent sized mirror!

Now I have tested the waters with Freedom Cosmetics I’m keen to see what else the brand has to offer. The pro melts lip glosses look very interesting.

If you wanted to check this palette out for yourself it is available from beautycrowd at the super value price of £6.

Have you tried anything from Freedom Cosmetics before? Feel free to recommend anything else from the brand I should be trying out.

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Bell Cosmetics – Hypoallergenic Make-up for sensitive skin

Make-up is great for boosting ones self-confidence but what do you do if you have sensitive skin? Go without? Well that’s Okay for everyday but what if you have a special occasion and want to look a little bit more glam? I may have the answer for you.

Bell cosmetics is an award-winning hypoallergenic makeup brand that is now available from Beauty Crowd. The range is designed so that it is suitable for anyone to use, even those with sensitive skin that can be easily irritated. The eye make-up is also suitable for contact lens wearers.

Fear not if you are concerned about animal cruelty, all products are certified cruelty free with some of the range extended to be suitable for vegans.

I have tried the BB Mouse Make-up £6.95 and Fixing Mat Powder £5.95.  Both of these I am highly impressed with.

The BB Mouse make-up gives a lovely light even coverage. It’s just enough to perk up my complexion without looking like I’m caked in make-up. It’s not great at covering prominent spots so you will still need to use a concealer but it evens out discolouration beautifully. Not only that it blends out easily with a brush and lasts all day.

 The picture below shows the level of coverage you can achieve without using concealer or before applying any other make-up.

The Fixing Mat Powder I am equally impressed with. It does a great job at setting make-up and reducing shine without looking cakey. Used around the eyes it’s perfect for setting under eye concealer without settling in fine lines, so great for us slightly older ladies. As the powder is white it also reflects the light so minimising the appearance of those pesky fine lines.

 I can honestly say I am hugely impressed with the products I have tried from Bell Cosmetics. The quality is high yet is at a very affordable price point ranging from £3.50-£8.95I am keen to try out some of the other products in the range. Notably their Mascara’s and eyeshadow bases. I have sensitive eyes that react to certain make-up so would be interested to see if these are suitable products.

Is sensitivity to certain make-up a problem for you? What Brands have you found are suitable for you?

Tutorial – Make-up tips for looking Freshfaced & Awake 

Do you sometimes wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and think, jeez I really could do with going back to bed?    You just know those dark circles will fade with some extra sleep. 

Life though isn’t going to let that happen as you’ve got to get your act to together fast and be looking bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for your busy day ahead. 

Well that is how I feel on a regular basis. All I can say is thank god there’s make-up in the world. I might not be feeling awake but I can fake it. This doesn’t have to mean looking like I’m wearing loads of make-up either. No, I have developed myself a little routine that is perfect for everyday. It’s quick and leaves me looking fresh faced, wide awake and like I’ve got my act together.  

Let me show you my little routine that takes me from this sleepy state to wide awake

Most importantly before I even begin to think about make-up I make sure I have cleansed, toned and moisturised properly. This gives me a good blank canvas to be working with. 

I like to use BB cream on an everyday basis as it provides me with a light natural looking complexion. I put this on before any concealer as otherwise the act of blending my BB cream in moves all that carefully applied concealer around my face and not where I wanted it to be. 


Next up I use a yellow concealer to color correct those dark circles. 

Why yellow? It is the opposite of purple on the colour spectrum so neutralises the discolouration. 

I like to use a small foundation brush in a patting motion rather than dragging. This ensures the concealer stays where Intended.

Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to take the concealer right into the corners of your eye and onto the  inner part of the eyelid. This area tends to be the darkest. 


As that yellow concealer can look a little bit strange I then reach for a lightweight skin toned concealer. This Wake me Up concealer by Rimmel does the job perfectly. It is so lightweight meaning that it doesn’t settle and crease in the fine lines around my eyes.  This is currently on offer in Superdrug at £4.49 instead of it’s usual £5.49. 

When applying I draw an upside down triangle under each eye. Yes I know I look like a clown, but once blended with a tapping motion it helps to reflect light upwards reducing the dark shadows further. 

Finally after going to such an effort I want it all to stay put. This is why I use an under eye setting powder. You can use a normal matte nude eyeshadow for this instead if you don’t have any setting powder. It does the job in the same way. Just use a soft fluffy brush to pat the powder across the eye socket.

The setting powder I have is from E.L.F Cosmetics. It has very fine light diffusing particles that help to reduce the appearance of any fine lines. Unfortunately there isn’t an actual E.L.F cosmetics stockist in the UK anymore, but I’ve checked and there are plenty of International E-bay sellers offering it ranging from £4.66 upwards. 

This next step is probably for me one one of the post important. I fill in my brows with a brow pencil. Groomed brows instantly lift the face and can take years off you. For me having defined my brows makes a huge differance to me looking fresh faced and put together. 

Lastly I like to use a nude eyeliner along my water line and a sweep of mascara and I’m done.

Apologies for the rubbish finished picture, I was battling fading light by this stage. 
As you can see the finished look is very natural, and fresh faced looking. If a very natural makeup look isn’t for you then carry on adding some colour cosmetics. For the purpose of this post though I’ve decided to leave it here. 

Have you any make-up tricks you like to use so that you look that bit more awake in the morning? Why not share them in the comments section below. 


Do you wear Make-Up to the Gym?

I have a question for my fellow ladies, mainly to settle my own curiosity. How many of you wear make-up when working out? If you do, do you wear a full face of make-up, or just a little? What are you reasons for doing so? 

Why am I asking this? Well, as I said before I’m curious and I do also have a bit of an ulterior motive. 

I attend the gym regularly and have to say I am a bit of a lazy moo when it comes to my appearance. Its usually timed so that I head out straight from the school run, so my preparations extend to making sure I’m not smelling and don’t resemble the appearance of being dragged through a hedge backwards. 

I also only feel like I have had a proper work out if I’m sweating buckets, sorry grim I know, but that’s how it it. It’s because of this I have developed the attitude of why bother with Make-up at the Gym. I’m going to get sweaty, it will clog my pores making my me even more spotty than I already am and come off anyway? 

What I have noticed at my gym anyway is that some ladies do Indeed work out fully made up and next to them I look like a hideous mess, my flaws are on display for all to see. So yes I have to admit that this does dent my self confidence a bit. 

The answer to this would be just to wear make-up and all self confidence would be restored. A little bit of Mascara and concealer won’t hurt? The more sensible side of my brain though tells me to not be so darn stupid and not give in to my insecurities. I’m there to work out not look glamorous, right? 

As you can see I’m in a bit of quandary with this one. Give in to those insecurities or carry on bare faced flaws on show for all to see. What are your thoughts on this? Are you are do or a don’t when it comes to Make-up and working out? What are you reasons for this?   

Create the illusion of big lashes with your eyeliner!


Do you dream of long fluttering eyelashes? C’mon hands up, I know I do.  Although there are loads of Mascara’s out there promising to give you such lashes, it’s never quite the same as using falsies.

Trouble is, I suck at applying them, it takes me blinking ages. I’ll get one eye right, then can’t do the other, so end up throwing a paddy and removing the one I have managed. There goes another pair waisted. Alas fluttery lashes just don’t seem to be for me!

Well, I do believe I have come up with a solution. With the use of carefully applied eyeliner tricks I can create the illusion of those lashes, without getting my knickers in a twist.

How you ask? Well it’s easy, when you are applying your liquid eyeliner, instead of creating a standard cat flick, create a feathered double flick. The feathered liner mimics the appearance of long curly lashes.



Check out the difference in the pictures below.

This is using the same mascara, I have just added the feathered eyeliner. The difference is amazing.

What do you think? Would you give this look a try?

Everyday Make-up – Five Minute FOTD

As much as I love my make-up it’s not always possible to indulge myself in lengthy periods of time to apply it.  Obviously if I got out of bed earlier then I could, but no I’m not a morning person, and inevitably run out of time.

Here’s where my handy fail safe kit comes in handy, ready for those mornings I’m in rush. All it takes is five minutes max and I’m done, looking somewhat presentable and ready for the day ahead.

So what’s in that kit?

Monu Illuminating Primer – £25.15

Monu Illuminating Primer  Seventeen on the spot foundation fair – £6.99

 Revlon Age Defying DNA translucent powder – £6.95

Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick – Matte Rush £5


Makeup revolution the one blush stick - rush

MUA Sweetsheen Lipbalm – Coral Reef  £2

MUA sweetsheen balm - coral reef


Benefit Rollerlash Mascara – £19.50

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara I choose this particular foundation as it is full coverage, meaning I can skip concealer. To perk my skin up a bit more though I mix in a drop of Monu Illuminating primer. This gives my skin a nice healthy glow. I just dab this combination on my face, in evenly spread out dots, then blend with my Real Techniques buffing brush.

IMG_5019The next step it to set those areas with powder that are prone to shine, such as my chin, nose and forehead. As this particular powder is translucent I also dab a bit under my eyes, it just helps to set the foundation here better aswell.

All I do then is dab my cheeks with the stick blusher, blending with my fingers, pop on a slick of colour to my lips with the MUA balm  and finally apply a bit of benefit rollerlash mascara. This is perfect as it provides great lift, curl and separation. meaning no worrying about eyelash curlers or clumping.

IMG_5046Oh and I almost forgot my trusty Rimmel Brow This Way in medium £3.99. This is perfect to quickly fill in my brows and give them tidy up in one step.

IMG_5031So that’s my quick 5 minute makeup, it’s a fairly natural look with minimal fuss. Ideal though if I’m running a bit late but still want to look put together.

What do you do with your make up when your in a hurry? Have you tried any of these products before?Processed with Moldiv

L.A. Colors 3d blush contour kit – Bargain!! 

So, I have to confess to having a little bit of an obsession with contour kits. I seem to have gathered quite a few over the past couple of months.

The latest addition to my collection is this little kit by L.A. Colors priced at a crazy low price of £3. I purchased mine from Beauty Crowd.

I have to say I am really pleased with my purchase, and have been reaching for this over other contour blush kits that I own.


L.A Colors 3d contour blushAs you can see the kit contains a contour and highlight shade and a blusher. As a nice touch each is embossed with it’s function if you needed an extra guidance. It is available in twelve different shades. The shade I have is Hottie.

I’ve swatched the kit for you below, it really is very pretty. The contour shade is very unique, it has an almost red brick type quality.

As these are very pigmented a gentle hand is need with application, fortunately though they blend out nicely with a good blusher brush.


L.A colors 3d contour blush kit - Hottie

L.A. Colors HottieThis is the make-up look I have been creating using this kit. I really do like the warmth the pinky red tones give to my face.


These little kits really are worth a look,  they are such a handy all in one kit, ideal for travel. At £3 I wouldn’t be stressing about it getting lost or damaged.

Have you tried anything from L.A Colors? I have my eye on glazed lip paints Here.

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Good bye E.L.F UK! What were my favourites?

A few days ago, whilst looking for a link for another blog post, I discovered that the E.L.F UK franchise is closing it’s business. Distribeauty who where an exclusive distributer of E.L.F products have decided to go in a different direction. 

With that in mind, I have placed a wee order, before products become difficult to get hold of. I may share that here when that arrives. In the mean time though I thought it would be fun to share my favourite product discoveries from the E.L.F brand. 



1. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder.  This stuff is just great, it sets my undereye concealer brilliantly, whilst illuminating at the same time. A perfect pick me up for when I’ve had too many late nights.


2. Liquid Eyeliner – black. I consider this to be a very good dupe for Benefits Magic Ink, it’s so easy to use and glides on easily. Pigmentation is good for the price and as long as I don’t rub my eyes it stays put.


3. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. This is such a good eyeprimer and is so cheap.  I will miss this, boo!  

4. Compressed Powder Eyeshadow duo in Berry. As you can see this has been well used, this used to be my go to for work. It’s a little bit chalky but blends out well and lasts a workday with the use of primer. Not sure why it was called berry though as to me that is not a berry shade. 


5. Mineral Eyeshadows. These mineral pigments are just fab, as you can see I’ve collected quite a few. My recent order will contain more shades that I haven’t got yet oooops! 


So there you go, these are my favourite E.L.F products. I will miss having easy access, good job I’m off to the US in October, I can stock up then. 

Distribeauty are taking their business in a different direction, they promise some exciting international products, and I’m excited to see what they will have to offer us beauty junkies.

Will you miss E.L.F? I love to hear what are you favourite products. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂