My Sunday Photo

This was my Friday evening… It was a very abnormal evening for me… I sat on the living room floor and played Lego with my 10 year old. 

Here’s the thing, I can’t remember the last time I sat and played with one of my children. It probably would have been a game of Monopoly though? 

Usually when asked my response can vary from, ‘Im too tired’ or ‘I have jobs to do’. Worst of all I can find myself panicking at my complete lack of imagination. I sometimes feel Ive actually forgotten how to play. What was different this time though? 

We had just sat and watched Channel 5’s Rich House, Poor House and It really struck a cord with me. 

In this particular episode the Rich family had a huge disposable income. They worked crazy hours to achieve that. This meant they could provide their Kids with a Big house, expensive golf lessons, money to spend on whatever material possessions they wanted. Guess what though? They rarely spent any time together. Sitting down for a meal at the same time was unheard of. 

Swapping their lives with the ‘poor’ family forced them to live in closer proximity to one another and actually spend time together. The kids described the experience as having ‘had fun’ that week. 

Our family live a fairly average but comfortable life. My Husband and I work full time. Any free time we get is precious. We do try to take them for days out as often as possible. 

The kids don’t get everything they want but money isn’t a worry. They have a warm roof over their heads, clean clothes on their backs and don’t go hungry. They don’t have to miss out on school trips because we can’t afford it. That is unless it’s the annual letter home  about the bloody £900 ski trip. Yeah…not happening! 

My point though is that kids aren’t any happier for all the material stuff. It’s the quality time spent with them that makes them happy. Watching rich house, poor house reminded me of this. 

So when Jed asked me to play Lego with him on Friday evening, I squashed the initial ‘ughhh I’m too tied’ reaction. Jed was thrilled. Two hours of Lego building fun later I realised that I had also actually had fun. I will definitely be saying ‘Yes’ to play more often. 

My Sunday Photo 

I’ve seen quite a few other bloggers share a Sunday photo each week. This is usually accompanied by a little explanation of what is happening in that photo and what it means to them. I loved this idea so have decided to introduce this as a regular feature on

Now my first photo is not a deep and meaningful family shot. Nope it basically demonstrates what a Plank I am. 

Yes Katy managed to set fire to the dinner this week! The downstairs of the house stank of smoke for about three days! 

In my defence I was knackered after a very busy day at work. I didn’t want to cook! I wanted a takeaway! Listening to the Husbands reasoning on why we really should be well behaved and cook, I got on with it. This is where it went very wrong!

Cooking pasta is piss easy. My ten year old can do it! Apparently my tired brain can’t though. I had put water on to boil, managed to switch on the wrong hob, of which I’d left a packet of pasta on. Queue the flames! Bang went my quiet five minutes to indulge in a cuppa. 

Did I get that much wanted takeaway? Nope. We now had a mess to clean up alongside trying to get something edible on the table. I’ve spent several days since trying to scrape melted plastic of the ceramic hob. Alas I think it’s probably ruined. Bugger! 

So moral of the story….I should shave got the Takeaway!!! 

When The Shit Hits The Fan! 

So you might have noticed I’ve been a wee bit AWOL recently. I had a lovely organised blog schedule all prepared for September, then real life happened. Yup there’s been a whole lot of ADULTing happening, and consequently anything else went temporally out the window. 

Some of what’s been happening in my life has been great, I started my new job with Joules, which I am loving. This however has involved working some seriously long hours with a long commute on top. Fortunately that is only temporary and it will settle down over the next week when we open our brand spanking new store. Exciting!!

I’ve had to juggle that with some major dramas in my personal life. My youngest broke his arms for the second time in six months. He had to have surgery earlier this week to have rods and pins put in place to secure the broken bones. This meant two days in hospital, trying to get some sleep on one of those horrible little fold out beds on the kids ward. Combine this with the noise and lets just say a good nights sleep was not to be had. 

I’m not going to lie, this was tough. As I was starting a new job I couldn’t take time off. I hated having to leave him in the hospital on the last day he was there to go back to work. Even though he had had his surgery by this point and I knew he was being discharged later that day I still felt like a sucky mum for leaving him. 

The poor little man has really struggled with pain this time. He had reached a point yesterday where he had just had about all he could tolerate. Fingers crossed after a trip back to hospital we have that sorted now. He slept through the night for the first time in four days. Relieved?? You’ve got that right. 

Whilst this was all happening my husband had to rush off to France as he had an emergency on his side of the family. If doesn’t rain it pours! 

All I can say is thank the Lord my head is in a very good place right now. Two years ago I probably would have had a melt down. I’m a much stronger person now and can cope with whatever shit is thrown at me. I’ve learnt to duck, and most importantly accept help when it’s offered. There really is no point trying to be a martyr. Be strong yes, but if your not looking after yourself then you really are no good to anyone else. 

On that note I’m off to drink a gallon of caffeine (naughty me) and do some more ADULTing.

#MummyMonday – The one with the hide ‘n seek fail!

Yesterday was a lovely sunny Sunday, prompting us to take a family walk over the nearby woods and playing fields. All was going well, we had bought ice creams, taken customary Instagram shot and no one was squabbling. Yay happy times! 


Ice creams eaten, we went into the woods, the youngest then wanted to play a game of hide ‘n seek. Okay all sounds like a bit of harmless fun, right? Yup, that’s when it all when a bit wrong. 

Jed was going to hide first, so off he went. We could see he hadn’t gone far as Mummy and Daddy were cheating watching him in the reflection of each other’s sunglasses. My Husband had watched him go off behind some trees so we were loudly making a pretence of checking behind some of the bigger trees we knew he hadn’t gone behind, stupidly confident that we knew where he was hiding. 

Hang on a minute though, WHERE THE HELL IS HE? He was literally there a second ago but had vanished. 

Jed is 9, so he’s not a baby anymore, he is my baby though and I still struggle not to think of him as such. My baby had just vanished!

I kept saying to my husband,

“he was there, he can’t have got far”

so we carried on looking. After what felt like a very long ten minutes, but was probably only five, the panic started to set in. We literally had no clue where he was. 

Our eldest who is 14 was starting to get cranky and was unhelpfully shouting her head off. 

“Jed this isn’t funny anymore, come out”

Yes thanks for the help darling, that’s going to make him come out from his hiding place, NOT! 

At this point off we had set in various different directions (thank technology for mobile phones, no one else was going to get lost) calling his name and pleading with him to come out. Nope, still no sign of him. 

It was getting to the point my brain is starting to tell me he’s been kidnapped, yes I was really starting to panic. 

Thank god this was not the case though. 

The little Bugger can run! 

He had done a complete 180 on us and had run round the outside of the woods and across playing fields to the other entrance to the woods, Mummy and Daddy were looking in completely the wrong place.

It  was our other son, along with some school friends who found him in the end, after being dispatched to help find him. Thanks boys! 

Fortunately all was well, and Jed hadn’t even realised the panic he had caused. Mummy and Daddy though were very close to calling the police and reporting him missing. 

Just imagine that phone call! 

‘Um yes officer, we were playing hide and seek with our 9 year old, and now we’ve lost him’ 

Not my finest moment as a parent! 

At least I can see the funny side of it now. Though I’m not sure if I will agree to a game of hide ‘n seek in the woods again in a hurry. 


The Dalek Birthday Cake

My youngest is a HUGE Doctor Who fan. So when asked what cake he wanted for his birthday party he had set his heart on a Dalak cake. Not your average cake available from the supermarket no, he wanted a 3D sculpture. Bugger!

Okay, this called for a DIY job! A bit of research and some design work I came up with a plan. 

 With the help of some internal supports I built what resembled a wonky wedding cake. Yes right now it looks a bit of a mess but but this provided me with a good base to start shaping.


This is the final shape I ended up with. The base I cut so that it was the hexagonal shape of the bottom of the Dalek. I then created a sloped front. 

I covered the cake in a thin layer of butter cream  to even out the surface and to provide a a sticky surface to adhere the fondant Icing to. 


 I like to use Renshaw Decor-ice ready to role icing when making my cakes. It comes in a wide range of colours and is very soft and mailable. 

For the Dalak I used 4 packets of teddy bear brown, 1 black and 1 grey.

For the rivets I used Galaxy Minstrels as they are the perfect size and shape. 

The eye stork and guns provided a challenge. After trying a few different things I opted for using a wooden skewer as the base and just shaped icing around it. 

An electric whisk paddle provided the perfect gun. The original Daleks had very similar looking guns. 

I’m so pleased with how the cake turned out. It passed Jed’s critique well so I consider it a success.  



September Favourites – snail gel, city love and superheroes!

Its that time again, another month has passed, so it’s time for a round up of  the things I have been loving in September. 

Setember has been a busy one with back to school and the re starting of all those kids clubs. It also has meant more time for me for things like heading to the gym and out for the odd lunch. This is how I stay sane! 

Not that I wish time to pass quickly but I am excited for what October has to offer. I have a couple of blog related Events coming up, my next module for Uni starts oh and did I mention the Husband and I are off to Las Vegas. Yes I did about a thousand times as I’m freeking excited! 

Any way babble over, what have I been loving this month? 


The stand out skincare product for me this month has to be Dr Organics Snail Gel £19.99


Yes I know it sounds grim, but this stuff is amazing. I use if as an extra step before my usual moisturiser. The difference in my skin since I have started using it is enough to put this up there in holy grail status. 

I have mentioned here on the blog several times my struggle with spotty skin and the scaring it leaves behind. I still get the odd pimple, yes I can call them pimples now rather than mountains, but they clear up more quickly. Oh and that scaring, has greatly reduced. 

I feel for the first time in a long time that I have skin confidence and can leave the house with a naked face. Yes this definately deserves a Holy Grail status!  

These sparkling bath tablets from Kneipp also deserve a special mention. If you like a bath bomb then these are an alternative worth trying out. The smell of this arnica variety is fab and is great for soothing tired aching muscles. For a full review check out the this previous post here



We visited Edinburgh to see the FooFighters and to celebrate my Husbands birthday early in September. I feel I left a little bit of my heart in that city, it is beautiful, rich in history and home to some fab people. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will return there one day as there is so much to see in the city.  

I took loads of pictures that you can see in this post here, but here’s one for now. 


I say T.V very loosely. I tend to rely on streaming a lot of what I watch now. Yes I’m one of those that will box set marathon something untill I’ve finished it. 

My top picks for September are;

DC’s Arrow, big words as I’m usually a Marvel girl, and Orange is The new Black. 

 This may have just been an excuse to include this pic, man older Oliver Queen is hot! 

Image courtesy of DC Comics

So that’s what I have been loving in September. 

Before I sign off I just want to say a big hello to my new followers, be it WordPress, Bloglovin, Twitter or my Facebook page, your support is appriciated. 

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#MummyMonday Win a mini satchel & stationary bundle from Smiggle 

I have something pretty exciting to announce today. I am pleased to say that I am hosting a giveaway for the fab stationary brand Smiggle.

Smiggle create colourful, fun and innovative stationary and accessories that are of suburb quality.   If you want to see more from Smiggle then check out their website to see the full range. There is  currently a sale on and of you sign up for their newsletter you can also get 20% of your order.

Meanwhile you could win some Smiggle goodies for yourself or the little one in your life.

This bundle includes the mini Lucy satchel £26

a set of colour change markers  £10 and a funny face pencil £2.50. Lastly a set of 24 colouring pencils is included. These are super quality and shaped for comfort grip £7.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is visit like and share schoolrunbeauty facebook page. If you have already liked the page before now then leave a comment saying you would like to enter, please still share this post though. Processed with Moldiv

One winner will be picked at random and announced on the 30th of september.

Let’s talk about that taboo topic Headlice 

I’ve gone back and forth over whether to right this post, mainly because of the stigma that can surround the subject. Then I thought don’t be daft, it’s not talking about such things that create that stigma.

So in going to start with saying;

“My names Katy and my kids have had Nits”.

Not just once either, I’d say between them one of them have come home from nursery or school with unwanted visitors about once a year.

Considering my kids have been in some form of schooling for ten years now I consider myself at bit of a pro at getting rid of the little blighters (that’s the Nits not the kids)!

Now that the kids have started back at school it’s time to be on high alert again for those little visitors. I thought that now would be a good time to dispel some of the myths surrounding Headlice and share how I have successfully treated my kids hair.

  • Only dirty children get Nits. This is not the case at all. A Nit doesn’t care whether you child is clean or dirty. All they are interested in the warm cosy climate and source of food your child’s scalp and barnet provides.
  • Only girls with long hair get Nits. Nope sorry mums of boy’s this is not true. It’s just a lot easier when it comes to treating a boy’s head than a girl with loads of hair.
  • Only kids get Nit’s Oh if only this were true! Think about it though all thoughs cuddles with your kiddies mean contact and the perfect oportunity for passing on an infestation. Yup I’ve had em as an adult thanks to being a mum. Glamorous!! So don’t forget to check your hair also.
  • Nits can jump – Thankfully this is not true, could you imagine though if it was? Headlines can only actually be passed on by direct contact.

Some of those myths dispelled, here’s how I have learnt to deal with headlice.

  • I have got in to the habit of checking my kids hair once a week for any signs of a Nit problem. Spotting a potential case early is half the battle.
  • There are loads of different formulas available for treating nits. I have found what works best though for us is the traditional old school style leave in lotion. I have always used Hedrin 4% Lotion £11.50.


image credit

This is what Hedrin say about the product and how it’s active ingredient Dimeticone works.

Head lice have a unique strategy of water management. Instead of producing urine they eliminate excess water via tiny passages in their exoskeleton called spiracles. The active ingredient Dimeticone, a silicone oil, disrupts this process of water management by coating the lice, causing them to become permanently immobile, and blocking the spiracles preventing them from getting rid of excess water. As a result, any lice that have recently fed suffer from death by gut rupture and, the ones that haven’t, die of starvation.

The reasons that I like this lotion, apart from the fact that it works are that it has no horrible smell and is kind to the skin.

It is worth bearing in mind that you MUST repeat the treatment 7 days after the first application so that you break the Headlice life cycle. This treatment will not kill the eggs.

  • I like to also go through the kids hair with a comb. I use the Nitty Gritty comb. Priced at £8.99 it is more expense than other combs but it is the best comb available.  

This was developed by mums who know how hard it is to treat headlice. The comb has been lazer cut from durable metal so that it removed all lice and eggs. Even those live eggs I talked about earlier.

I find it helps to use the comb after washing the hair and using a detangling spray.

  • Use a tea trea oil shampoo and conditioner. Vosene Kids £2.49 is  developed especially for kids and contains natural Headlice repellents tea tree oil and lemon eucalyptus,  sometimes prevention is better than cure.
  • Wash bedding on a hotwash as eggs can survive on pillows etc. if hatched this means they could find there way back.
  • Tell the school if you do find you have an outbreak at home. They will let other parents know so that they can check their kids hair. If your worried about the stigma attached don’t worry the school don’t name who has it.

So that is how I have learnt to effectively treat headlice after having had to deal with it my fair share of times.

Personally I think we would have less of a problem in our schools if the Nit nurse was brought back to school for regular checks, this is what happened when I was a child and I don’t recall cases of headlice being so common. That is a whole debate for another occasion though.

Have you any tips or tricks for treating headlice?
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Mummy Monday – Parental advisory recommended 

I had one of those moments the other day when I didn’t know quite what to say. What do you say when you child comes out with something they really shouldn’t?

My 11 year old son was happily playing on the Xbox when he came out with “I’ve just tea bagged you”.

What??? my husband and I just looked at each other with a “did I just hear that right?” 

We calmly asked him to repeat what he had said, er yes that is exactly what he said. 
Oh dear me, what do you say to that? I know for a fact we certainly have never come out with that around him, where did he get it from from? 

We explained to him that he really shouldn’t be saying that phrase without explaining what it actually meant (we asked him if he new what it meant and he said no). There was no way I was expaibing that one. 

Where do you draw the line though? When I was a kid that would have been a standard bar of soap in the mouth moment. I have to confess aswell that even though it shocked us we couldn’t help laughing out of earshot. That is the last thing I expected my child to come out with. 

The question the whole incident has raised though is how do you deal with indesirable language? I don’t want to draw attention to it, but in the same breath I don’t want to run the risk of him coming out with it at school. 

For now we have explained to him that what he said refers to something very rude, but I really don’t want to explain to him what it actually means. My thoughts are drawn between should we explaining to him why it is something he shouldn’t be coming out with i.e. Do you explain what it actually means, or just tell him don’t say that it’s rude? 

My instinct tells me I want to keep him as innocent for as long as possible, however he is starting secondary school in a few days and I know that innocence is limited. 

For now I feel I have a set standard that I can enforce but how do I extend that beyond the home? Is it naive of me to think that I can? I don’t know? I would like to think that I could encourage my children to refrain from such language but who knows  what they get up to when you are not around. 

I don’t think it helps that the boundaries with which films are  rated are no where near as strict as they used to be. What is now a 12 certainly wouldn’t have passed as that when I was a kid. 

Right now I’m settling for setting clear boundaries of what language is exceptable in the home and what isn’t. I know there is going to come a time when that won’t be so easy. 

How do you deal with bad language? Do you ignore it or would you explain to your child why they shouldn’t be saying it? Help a shocked mummy out here, please! 

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Your Never too Old to Learn something new

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day and came across a picture of a lady in her 80’s having a go at throwing a pot. I didn’t look to closely at first but just noticed that the lady  in the photograph really looked like my Nan. Only on closer inspection I realised it was indeed my Nan. My auntie had shared the picture and captioned it ‘never too old to try something new’. Everything about that picture had me going ‘wow’, It was inspiring. 

There have been so many times when I have doubted my capabilities and thought that I had missed my chance in life. 

I think we look back at our days at school and think that what we achieved there is set in stone and cannot be improved upon. I didn’t go to university but straight out into the world of work. It wasn’t a great Job either, I took a waitressing job as a temporary position, till something better came along. Shortly after this though I fell pregnant with my Daughter so any career hopes were put on hold. I was to have 3 children by the time I was 25, my life was dedicated to being a Mum and just taking Jobs that fitted around the kids and my husbands career. 

I’d be lieing if I said I was completely happy with how my life had panned out. There were times when I absolutely resented my husband for the fact that he had achieved  what he wanted out of life. I often felt that I was the one making the sacrifices and he was living his dreams. Actually though he just had the get up and go to push himself to achieve his goals. He said he was going to complete a Triathlon, and guess what he did it not just once but so far he has completed four. 

Really the only person holding me back was myself. It was about breaking that mentality that I had missed out on opportunities. I have   done a lot of soul searching in the past few years and finally realised this. 

So far I have enrolled with Open University to study for a BA in Business Studies. My grades so far are good. I’ve surprised myself by actually how good. 

Starting this blog has also been a huge learning curve. Who new I could build a whole website all by myself?  With that has come new skills in the form of learning about SEO and coding. A year ago I couldn’t have imagined myself doing this, but I am, and learning new things every day. 

I’m also teaching myself to knit, that’s coming along slowly but I’m improving all the time. 

Next year I hope to complete a mini triathlon, providing I keep on top of my leg/hip injury. 

The moral of the story though, it’s never too late to learn new things. Life may throw the odd curve ball at us but ultimately if we push ourself we can achieve those dreams and goals. My new attitude is Dream, Plan, Do! 

If my Nan is still learning new skills then I can too. That picture on Facebook has reminded me of this. The only thing that is going to hold me back is my negative attitude, I’m just going to have to keeping batting that away. 

Don’t ever tell yourself that you are too old to learn a new skill. That desire to learn is the first building block in achieving your goals. Age is irrelevant and that saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” it’s wrong because this bitch is owning it right now! 

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