Face Mask Friday – Montagne Jeunesse Crystallised Honey & Passion Flower Review


Hi guys! 

So it’s Friday again, so that means it’s time to bust out another Face mask from my stash. 

This week I reached for a softening and conditioning crystallised Honey &Passion  flower mask, from Montagne Jeunese. This is part of their crystal masque range. 

First up I want to get the negativity out of the way, by addressing the slight issue I have with this particular face mask.

 The Mask  looks nothing like it does on the packaging. The picture displays a creamy based mask, this isn’t like that at all. It actually has a very jelly like and clear consistency. This I find rather misrepresenting and just a tad annoying. C’mon guys I really think products should be represented correctly on the packaging, it’s very misleading other wise. 

Negativity behind, I’m am happy to say that I did actually really enjoy using this mask. 

The scent is just amazing, it’s fruity yet very sweet at the same time. It actually reminds me of candy floss or jam doughnuts.

The mask contains honey and sugar cane crystals, which provide mild exfoliation. This is encased a slightly pink but clear mask containing Passion flower, Dead Sea salt  and Argan Oil. 

As you can see from the picture below I looked like I had been slimed. It felt very soothing, comfortable and nourishing on my skin. Amusingly I had applied this rather closely to my mouth, I could taste the sugar and the honey. Like when eating a doughnut I had great difficulty not licking my lips. I’m sure your not supposed to do this, and don’t recommend it, whoops!

After sitting back and relaxing in a bath for 15 minutes I removed  the mask with a warm flannel. My skin was left feeling very soft and conditioned, it was also glowing quite impressively. 


So overall verdict? Not bad actually, this is a lovely indulgent, moisturising mask. A day after using it my skin hasn’t broken out, I would actually say the redness from previous outbreaks has been reduced. My skin also still feels very smooth and soft. 

Considering the price point of this mask, I would recommend this as a great little affordable pampering treat. I know I would pick this one up again. 

What face masks have you used lately? Do you have any recommendations? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂