NOTD – Barry M jelly shine, Models own Hypergel


My technique, when it comes to nail art is basic. Still with practice I feel I am improving. What I have come to realise is that I find the thicker Gel based formulas easy to work with. I also use thin paint brushes over dotting tools, as there is less chance of me scraping the background colour.

A little cheat I have found that helps speed up the drying time between coats is to use Elegant Touch Rapid dry for Nails £3.05 from Superdrug. This is an aerosol spray formula with added vitamin E. Elegant touch claims that nails will be touch within 1 minute. For this purpose it works well, I still wouldn’t risk doing the washing up after 1 minute though, once I’d finished my manicure.

The nail polishes I used today were;
•Barry M’s Gelly Hi Shine in Blueberry £3.99.
•Models own Hypergel effect polish in Naked Glow £4.99. (Little money saving tip, models own will be realising a 50% of code on Instagram on or around 29th Jan).
•Models Own Artstix Nail art pen – Black.
I also used some mini pearl decals as the centre of the flowers.


With more practice, hopefully I will be able to share something a bit more pro.

Bye for now, Katy.

Weekend pamper time – OPI’s Coca-Cola Red

So weekdays are busy, but it’s the weekend, which for me equals pamper time.
This weekend I decided to treat myself to a DIY pedicure. This was made super easy as I picked up a Macadamia oil extract foot pack from my local Poundshop. All I had to do was give my feet a quick wash and dry, then pop on these booties for 20 minutes. This particular pack is infused with macadamia and peppermint oil. I found this to be very soothing after a hard days christmas shopping, my feet were complaining big time.

The outer side of the booties are made from plastic with a gauze lining. You do look like a crazy person with a couple of plastic bags on your feet (see pic) but fortunately it doesn’t feel like it. There is enough oils within the pack to avoid this.

I then treated my feet to some cuticle oil which I massaged in. I am currently using Nevo Dead Sea spa cuticle oil. I have had this particular bottle for a while so the packaging has changed. It is available from their website though, priced £8.99. here

An essential item for me whenever I’m giving myself a fresh pedicure or manicure is Rimmel London’s Nail Nurse Perfectionail. Priced £4.49 from boots hereThis helps to refill any ridges and improve the surface of the nail ready for nail polish.

For today’s nail polish, I am using OPI’s CocaCola Red. This is a gorgeous true red from OPI’s June released CocoCola collection. All the shades are inspired by classic Cola drinks. I received my bottle in my latest birchbox subscription. It retails at £11.99 rrp which is quite expensive. However I have found the duo set available from Beautybay priced at a very reasonable £13.97. here

I absolutely love this shade, particularly for toes. I also consider it very seasonal appropriate. The coca-cola ‘holidays are coming’ advert is out and that means the start of the countdown to christmas for me. Quality wise it meets the quality I have come to expect from OPI, I find they apply smoothly and are opaque within two coats. I don’t feel they offer any outstanding qualities though in terms of chipping. This is a problem for me whatever polish I wear so I may not be the best judge for this. Overall though I am glad to have this particular nail polish in my collection, it is one I will be reaching for often.

So what do you like to use when pampering yourself? Or do you have a go to Red nail shade. I’d love to here suggestions in comment section below.

Bye for now